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Non-profit Educational establishment


The spread of secularism and the reinstatement of the age of reason


CAMIDRCS plans to work towards the goal of secularization of the entire macrocosm through two steps; namely teaching and services; in the teaching dichotomy it promotes, teaches  and practices its secular philosophy called amystology and its eight important values divided in three sections; which, it believes can bring about a better future for humanity than idealism and mysticism. In the first section it teaches epistemological realism, rationalism and objectivity; in the second section it teaches metaphysical naturalism or materialism, in the last third section it teaches ethical self-preservation, self-enhancement, self-sufficiency and self-existence. The concept of hedonism can be further elaborated into mental hedonism or mental health, emotional hedonism or emotional health, physical hedonism or physical health, social hedonism or social health, economical hedonism or economic health.  In addition, to these teachings other courses may also be included like behavioral ethics, ancient and current mythology, philanthropy, life and works of ancient and present scientists and so forth.

In the services arena CAMIDRCS as a secular organization strives to maintain the society’s needs of hedonism in five spectrums practically; by providing services of mental, emotional, physical, social, and economic health assistance free from idealistic and mystical contamination purely on secular grounds in an attempt to combat and thwart the menace posed by the spread of idealistic and mystical systems throughout the world in the name of ethics and philanthropy. These systems create more mental, emotional, physical, social and economic infirmity than they aspire to solve. Thus, the need for secularly oriented teachings and philanthropy came as a necessity in order to save humanity from futile floundering and CAMIDRCS aspires to provide this secular discourse and service to all segments of the society.


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