The proliferation of dictatorships and pseudosciences on the planet is an indicator that the level of sapience of people has plummeted. When peoples wisdom plummets including the wisdom of the so called leaders of the society it contributes to human unhappiness and challenges; it facilitates the spread of nihilism rather than naturalism; but, when people are empowered including this things called leaders of societies the quality of life increases and the society despite its diversity in opinions and beliefs will work just fine like a machine.  When people are naïve, and do not conduct the beautiful pursuit of wisdom which is so rewarding and contributes to societies development and prosperity; then, they become victims to any charlatan, tyrant or mystic who are so selfish and become satisfied with the doctrination of their subjects rather than their empowerment.

So, the best cure to all social ills is to be a savant; whether you are a man or a women, teenager or adult you must conduct the amazing pursuit of wisdom; the more wise you are the less you will be convinced by poetry and fairytales or the propaganda of the state.Therefore, a wise man is a free a man.The sad thing about ignorance and suffering is that they go hand in hand; the more ignorant people are the more they suffer and their culture will be inundated with superstition, mysticism and authoritarianism, the best example for it is the Dark ages of Europe in the middle ages; where superstition, misery and nihilism flourished; but, when people are intelligent then they are less likely to suffer, and their culture will be secular, naturalistic and liberal; the best example is the age of reason in western Europe which came after the renaissance.

So, there seems to be a struggle between good and evil ignorance and wisdom, liberalism and totalitarianism, science and superstitionthroughout time; but, in all of this the terrifying thing is that; the gloomy dark ages will to return to any time in history as long as the intellect of the people living in that era is not strong enough to detect and dismiss it. So the people living in that era must struggle with the forces of evil to maintain the status quo of reason, science and individual liberty.This is a privilege struggle for anyone who defends the invaluable virtue of the above mentioned statements. CAMIDRCS was established placing this idea into consideration; it is the very reason it was launched and will continue into the future defending reason and science as wellas transcendence.

A wise man does not need directions; he will direct himself; he does not need tutelage from a guardian state or redemption from a charlatan.Individual dignity, respect, care, liberty, empowerment are the most important values to solve so many issues of the society; if people are wise enough to tell apart mythology form reality they will not sign up for mystical death cults like ISIS and others. The will not be willing to sacrifice themselves to impostors who prepare a snare ideology to trap fellow humans to utilize them as tinder for their evil agenda.  Idiots are like tinder for the state and cult leaders; clueless charlatans and poets like Muhammad and othersamassed this much following due the enormous level of doting people on the planet in history; in doing so; they the instilled a posioness doctrine in the societywhich it wails from; instead of fostering the individual andcelebrating nature giving the world an understanding of reality and maybe even a book on mathematics which could benefit all humanity like Principiamathematica of Newton; they choose the promotion of the lower self; abusing the individual, ranting poetry and mythology.

Authoritarianismand ignorance are like perpetual cycle of destruction as I said somewhere else; just like a saw; one feeds on another. People are simpletons today because they have been proscribed from empowerment and wisdom so that they can be a perfect subject either to the state or cult leaders. In becoming so they became rowdy and do not know how to act and how to conduct themselves and their misbehavior triggers more authoritarianism from the so called leaders to create a hellish society; so as I said above the individual must be seen as sacred and his empowerment must come before anything else. Society is built fromthe ground up not from the top down and the buildingblock of any society is the individual.If he is empowered and understands his nature; then, he will know fact from fiction; chicanery from sincerity; propaganda from truth; morality from libertinism;he will thus self-regulate and a society of self-regulatingindividuals will create a harmonies and prosperous community. If people are not intelligent atindividuallevel then what could we possibly except than a tumultuous society of pandemonium? That could only be the possible outcome. The so called ‘collectivism’ could only work if wise people who share similar or identical interests are collected together; but if it is a collection of idiots; who do not have anything in common or even if they have something in common they are more likely to destroy each other disintegrating the society in the process.

Today people are preoccupied with survival than empowerment; it is hard for them to sit around and contemplate on metaphysics; besides budgeting time for philosophy is seen as some sort of leisure than a necessity; which is a very wrong idea. Understanding reality and all of nature’s truth is not something that you perform for leisure and sport; but a necessity; our current life and future depends on our exclusive understanding of the forces of nature. Struggle for survival maybe a law of nature that needs attendance but in this struggle for survival we need to insert another occupation which is natural philosophy; we need to philosophize about our origin , the cosmos and the future of humanity in addition to our struggle for survival in ordinary life. When I was in elementary school I used to have a school bag called ‘DINO’ as a trade mark and on it I do not remember very well so I will paraphrase: it said “Be careful of a civilization that puts too much stock on science.” At that time I had no idea what it meant because I was a child but now I very much do. Natural understanding is really the only way forward; I know I repeat it so many times perhaps I should be excused due to its invaluable asset as a virtue.


Thus, to conclude matters I believe that the pursuit of knowledge on the behalf of every single man on the planet is a necessity; all types of knowledge form A to Z. It must be like an obligation! Every man must possess some sort of study in his home of office or work place; he needs to amass as much as knowledge as he can; he should not tap out or give upon the demanding journey of the pursuit of knowledge. He must be addicted to the pursuit of wisdom; this helps him in laying down some sort of barrier from being a victim to cult leaders and mad state men. It is only when every man is empowered for the ground up that we can have a harmonious, secular, naturalistic, wise and self-regulating society free from mysticism, authoritarianism and pseudoscience.

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