The three fatal errors: anthromorphism, supernaturalism and collectivism

Humans basically commit three grave errors in their metaphysics and ethics: first is personalization of the elements (anthromorphism), second the escape from elements (supernaturalism) and third the abuse of the individual (collectivism). All these three errors hinder the progress of humanity in general and of the individual in particular. What should have been the right approach was that first people must see the world for exactly for what it is: understanding the forces of nature or the elements without inserting human essence into them; second the attempt to escape the elements must be have been proscribed and finally the liberty of the individual or individualism must be guaranteed; he should not be a victim to the imposition of the psychological, emotional, physical, social or economic will of others.He should be left alone to think, contemplate and comprehend the secrets of the Cosmos not be a slave to the caprice of others. Collectivism is not that different from totalitarianism like socialism is no different from communism. I think the above three factors must be respected in order for mankind to triumph.What should have been done was that people first need to embrace the elements and, see all the elements of nature for what they are; and second understand their essence and third utilize this understanding to manipulate them for their interest and wellbeing.Every natural force has its own essence and a manner of behavior. For example there is a natural force of wind; instead of personalizing and calling it Aeolus and start a conversation of supplication with it and sacrifice some goats as a gift; or dismissing it as a mindless force who takes his cues from some ‘super’ natural puppeteer; a wise rational man will apply the law of identity.He will earnestly attempt to understand its unique non-human essence; he will study it and finally manipulate it to his benefit; either to create electricity or some other purpose.Another example can be a microorganism pathogen which can be HIV; again the rational man will observe this force of nature; see exactly for what it is; without inserting human essence into it; understand its essence and use it for the benefit of man; he will remove the DNA from this virus and insert another DNA that he wants to deliver to the tissues of his patient.By the way the case for supernaturalism may seem convincing than natural anthromorphism but it is equally erroneous; because the term super means beyond and naturalmeans human and so we will have a term―beyond human (beyond observation). So something beyond human observation is non-extant; what cannot be observed does not exist. Thus, supernaturalism’s literal meaning is absence.It is just a theory concocted to escape the demanding nature of analytics in natural investigation and engagement.


Therefore, consider the following rules of engagement with nature in order to rectify your understanding of reality and save yourself from floundering and injury.




Free the individual as an investigator and student of nature from psychological, emotional, physical, social and economic coercion as well as pressure. The individual is sacred and free thought sacrosanct.


Be objective and apply reason to see the elements for exactly what they are through the third law of thought. Do not either personalize the elements like ancient Greeks or escape them all together as is the case with ‘super’ naturalism. See a photon as a photon, electron as electron, human as a human, wind as wind, fire as fire, a virus as a virus and so forth.


Effectively understand their unique essence and modus operandi.


Use this understanding to alleviate human unhappiness.


Liberate the man to apply these rules; free from fear and you will observe that the individual will get somewhere. He will not receive salvation from personification, escapism or totalitarianism. His mental, emotional, physical, social and economic issues will get worse.Embrace the forces of nature as firstprinciples and manipulate them for your interest. Natural mystics are observed to personify natural forces; but supernaturalists are seen attempting to surpass nature and cherish absence. The error of natural mystics is less severe compared to supernatural mystics because they are not delusion and their gods are natural; they can see them in the face but the ridiculous and grave error is of those super naturalists or escapists; who cherish absence.

Let me give some practical examples of how the above rules can be used to alleviate and resolve humanities challenges: people may have social hedonism problems and have a tumultuous relationships either in marriage or family and the solution for this is to understand the natural elements in action; in this case the nature of the humans; understanding that their nature itself is responsible for their own experiences; they should be thought to watch their tone, emotions and words carefullythen the response from the other partners in the relationship will likely be positive; reducing conflict and acrimony in the relationship. Because anger creates more anger, hate creates more hate, partiality and racism creates more partiality and racism. Further on,people may complain about physical hedonism or physical health issues and as usual using the above four rules the solution to physical disease could only be understanding the natural source of the pathology and taming it through a remedy; people may complain about economic issues and the solution is either work or ingenuity; poverty can never be solved by anthromorphism or ‘super’naturalism. Here, in this discourse what I am presenting is an attempt to solve all human issues purely on rational and objective natural grounds using the above rules to reinforce all branches of hedonism in the society.


Understanding the elements objectively is the only salvation for mankind using reason and mathematics. If you engage nature via anthromorphism it will never work because a wind does not have human essence. The ancient Greeks uselessly used to sacrifice white lambs for beneficial winds seen as personal gods and black lambs for the destructive ones called Typhoeus. If you deride and attempt to escape these forces; it will also not work again because there is nothing beyond nature. So your option will be limited to objectivity and masterdom of the elements. Understanding the elements is really the only option mankind has in order to make himself happy. The three fatal errors mentioned above will never assist in the development of the individual or his fellow men and their understanding of their surroundings reducing their quality of life. Thus, what could be more sensible than to embrace realism—which informs you to observe things exactly how they are; natural absolutism which protects you from psychosis; and individualism which encourages you to entertain free thought in order to develop new ideas and products from your quest of natural of natural understanding that could help you and your fellow humans; because remember all great ideas always came from individuals not the collective?

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