Spiritualism is an occupation for lower animals whose reason is not fully developed. Modern day advocates of this antique terminology of ‘spiritualism’ like Mr. Deepak Chopra and others are really achieving nothing other than error and psychosis. They are dragging a dead horse on the stage in front of the global community as if it is presentable and insisting that it must be cherished. It is really a waste of their energy, precious health and the attention of their audiences. It would have been better and wise for them if they embraced reason and advocated transcendence which are really the only solutions and options available to the human race; because, nature is not going anywhere; thus, it would have been sagacious if they advocated masterdom so that we can defend ourselves against the elements of nature—making life livable and mirthful.


Our ancestors of the past who came up with these theories and terminologies lived in the age of darkness; in a time where there was little knowledge about nature. Our unfortunate ancestors had no option but to denominate the manifestations around them with the best theories that they had in their era and by available resources of spirits, ghosts and devils. Spiritualism was the best concept of its time for the age of peasants and absolute monarchs of the Iron Age and beyond. They did not know what the universe was made up of; they thought the earth was the center of the universe as believed by Ptolemy and people were animated by spirits; diseases were punishments from gods not caused by biological organisms; the liver pumped blood not the heart; mental illnesses were caused by demons and genies not by chemical imbalances and misfiring of neurons; the blue sky the we behold was really a real ceiling of seven storey building not the atmosphere of the earth. The leaders of these  mystical cults; who like to call themselves ‘prophets’ and  ‘messengers’ were more equally clueless as the peasants that they hoped to enlighten and cajole to be their minions and followers.  But, with all fairness to our ancestors they lived a miserable life without intelgnos without good health care, security, human rights, and political rights and so on. If I lived in that era I would probably have believed in the same theories they believed and done whatever they did; because I will be limited by level of intelgnos of the time. The future is like a black hole we cannot see into it; it is an impenetrable mystery; we can only know about the present and the past. Thus, the advancement that we enjoy today  in our understanding of nature is really a blessing and a privilege that our ancestors either in the Mesopotamia, ancient Greece or Egypt  did not have; but, we still are ignorant about so many portion of  the natural world; we are in the same position as  those clueless ‘super’ naturalists of the  middle ages who starred into  the future as a black hole; they had no clue about the data explosion that would ensue in the 21st century shinning more light on the nature of reality; we stand today in the 21st century and stare at a similar black hole of the future— where  the complete theory of life resides; which will be discovered by future generations and they will look back at us and assume our ignorance just like we are assuming the ignorance of ancient people before common era.  The good thing about life is that intelgnos or masterdom gets closer as time moves on; we are more intelligent than the Babylonians and our descendants will be even be more intelligent than we are today because they will probably figure out everything about nature.


Here in this paradigm we see the increase of understanding of the natural world and the accumulation of huge data about nature and this will continue forward and the future is going to be probably something magical; but, of course I am staring in the black hole; I cannot be certain about anything in the future; because I live in the present. Now, coming back to the main point of this article; I want to criticize those 21st century people who live among us today who pick up the dead theories of our ancestors, try to sprinkle some dust and present it as thought; it is something legitimate a treasure which needs to be esteemed. The concept of ‘spirits’ and ‘seven storey sky buildings where angels reside’ are really not theories worth resurrecting; they are dead;  the progress of intelgnos has surpassed them and made them relics and monumental mistakes made by either clueless charlatans. Natural understanding has to lead towards masterdom and that is exactly what is happening on the planet. To observe the progress of mankind from ignorance to wisdom we do not have to go back to the times of King Gilgamesh in Uruk. In the 20th century at the time of Einstein the belief about the cosmos was that there was only one galaxy and the Universe was static and eternal before Hubble’s discovery of an inflating universe. So our understanding of nature is getting better and better as time moves on forward.


But, the problem lies with individuals who tenaciously adhere to dead theories and futile speculations as if they are invaluable;  natural theories and concepts are not like wine which get better through time; they are mutable, discard able and alterable with new discoveries and evidence. Just because ‘spiritualism’ is more than 2000 years old it does not make it true or legitimate. The most important thing to accept is that we always need to follow the evidence presented before us without error and with bonafide. That is how we establish our civilization firmly into the future; we should never be naïve enough to fall into the snares of mystics; erected either by their naivety or spite for the human race and fall to their defunct theory spiritualism; consider the following: can we really trust these institutions who placed Galileo on trial for being smarter than the so called Bible? Can we trust an institution which used to preach that the earth was flat?  But now they say that the earth is round with the information borrowed from science; which they are scrambling to kill. It really makes you wonder what these people really are. They are just organized lower animals established into a system. Further on, Can we really trust these perplexed assumers? Remember, that these institutions of spiritualism are based on assumption and pure speculations than evidence and investigation. These institutions lead our ancestors astray into believing the earth was flat and  that they were made up of spirits rather than atoms and energy and they are attempting to delude us with that same chicanery to believe that―nature has a beginning. I bet that their current claim is no different from their previous claims that they proclaimed to our ancestors; it will not be anything further than an absolute bunk― that the future generation will destroy.


Therefore, my main idea and message is that we must always surrender to advancement in our progress of intelgnos we must not be arrogantly dogmatic about dead theories; we must always be wise enough to follow the evidence and continue our understanding of nature until we reach masterdom. We must stop beating dead horses and become like medieval peasants whose mind and body was the slave of fiction and inane speculations of ghosts, spirits and devils. Whether we like it or not natural understand will move forward and it seems like nature is becoming more aware of itself as time goes on; which will make life better for millions of sentient beings on the planet.; because without natural understanding nothing could possibly be achieved . The only benefit that one could achieve for being tenaciously adherent to a dead theory is to be left behind in the darkness of ignorance and confinement of disquietude because most of the time old theories/ beliefs/ concepts do not get better with time; they get eroded, rectified, reconfigured or replaced totally by something else because our investigation of nature is still on going.


Finally, I would say that we have come a long way from the profound ignorance that clouded the minds and the fear that saturated  the emotions of our ancestors about the  natural world; we have come a long way from spirits and devils to energy and dark matter today; but, still as has been said above the quest for the complete theory of life is not complete; even though we have already established the absolutism of nature though our investigation; there still seems to be a void in our curious minds. But, the good thing about natural absolutism is that it directs us to the abodement of this complete theory of life—which is nature.

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