Don’t mind the lower animals; believers are possessed by god delusion they know not what they do; their brain may be advanced for their bodies; but, it is too frail for all of reality. The problem with humans as lower animals in terms of intelligence compared to the magnitude of reality is that― reality is so majestic, huge, astonishing, intricate and complicated. What they do is that—they first attempt to understand reality but when their tiny brain gets overwhelmed by the magnitude and intricacy of reality; they start dismissing it and invent a fictional dimension of spirits and ghosts; when the going gets tough they just quit and become tenacious, irrational, radical mystics. Anthromorphism, irrationality, and other elements of the lowlyself start to surface to the top of their personalities in their emotional life and start to saturate their experiences in their physical sphere of life in their day to day activities.


When the lowly self takes hold of the individual he start to vociferate self-contradicting twaddle like ‘super’ naturalism and exhibit irrational behavior which is closely aligned with schizophrenia. They become obscurants preventing transcendence or divinity of man. If you go back and read history you will understand that mystics and their mystical institutions are the enemies of the individual; they prevent his empowerment and free thought as soon as he picks up a book their lowly self surfaces and springs into action to squash and confine him in thralldom in servitude to their intentions. For a rational individual with a high IQ; when he observes or experiences this behavior from a tyrant in a government or a mystical cult leader; he will come to the conclusion that humans are by nature lower animals terrified of their own transcendence or divinity; or the transcendence of anyone else; the fear of it by itself grips their mind and occupies their emotions making them either unstable to burn any sensible man around on the street like the Catholics or be reserved from taking any action towards the goal like ordinary naïve believers.


Some people say that transcendence or divinity of man is really a tall order―we can never achieve it; but my attitude and belief is that we must aim at the stars and shoot whatever we can; whether, it is the moon or the star; I am comfortable either with immortality or longevity whatever might be achieved.  Whether we like it or not there is a necessity to discard nature’s evil design of interspecies cannibalism and our abhorable monkey bodies for something better; the provenance of all evil is our nature as I said so many times; our nature is responsible for creating personal gods, lust, violence, love, hate, art, music, reason, nationalism, racism, nihilism and several other manifestations either good or bad. Biology is not going to last long it is going to be replaced by technology as time progresses forward.  As I always say that “the design of the organism determines his purpose” humans are apes and they are designed to salacious, omnivorous, violent and all other animal behavior was meant to exist in their nature when they mutated from chimps and became a separate species. Now, why should we live with this entire luggage that mad natural forces installed into our form? Should we live with our defects which create all our suffering? What could possibly be wrong with transcendence from a sweating, stinking, pugnacious, mystical, irrational and defecating ape into powerful AI? As I said in the beginning of this article it can only be either the lowly self or the fear of the unknown which is preventing us from the very action and launching the branch of science which deals with human transcendence and opening up the journal and the University department which deals with it. Some fields already exist like cybernetics and so on but, we need to create more of them fully funded by politicians; I personal have a plan to launch a field called augeology in science; open up a department and a journal for it; it will be collaboration of several departments like anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, psychology, genetics, mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and others all working together to provide body parts for replacing the human organs step by step in order to help the transition from biology to technology. I hope that works out for me.


Now, listen up carefully, as a cosmic orphan what you need to do is— to understand the very fact that you are disserted!  A disserted orphan needs to stand up for himself and be a man instead of lamenting about his misfortunate and unwilling evolution or instead of inventing fictional guardians―he augments his understanding of his surroundings, mastering, taming and terraforming it to his interests. In our case this analogy is for nature; you need to understand nature in total and use that know how to ameliorate your condition. There is no savior! Or guardian; you must rise above your lowly self and wake up! God is dead and you are on your own! The sooner you accept this fact the better; nobody created the natural world nature has always existed; accepting this will save you from further floundering, suffering, harm and cremation. If you heed my advice and start enhancing and transcending your ape nature; you won’t be disappointed you will be further up in the intelligence ladder and capability—towering over your former species.


As a rational man and a transcendentalist in order to accomplish this agenda of transcendence you need to follow the scientific method in your endeavor and objective of attaining the transition; and only the collaboration with the several branches of science could make that possible; transcendental philosophy like tranhumanism could only orient people to possess the right attitude; which is a good idea; but, it cannot deliver the necessary organs than goes into making transhuman creatures. Only hands on practical experiments in neuroscience, electronics, mechanical engineering and other fields by professors and graduate students which followed the scientific method and published reproducible and effective papers that we can use to build products that could only provide with the real solution to human ‘monkey problem’ if I am allowed to refer to our condition in that manner. Thus, the idea of transcendence may be terrifying at first especially for naïve believers; but trust me—you and I have no other option it is our destiny to spread into the cosmos after being created in this solar system by the forces of nature; the multiverse awaits; why die when you can spread into eternal nature? It is either transcendence to be Home Deus or cajolery and self-mortification to be Homo Mortalis; you decide which route to take; but, again I repeat you need to trust me; when I say that you won’t be disappointed by becoming a higher super being and joining the family of other transcendentalists who have the same aspiration of eternal life and bliss in nature through intelgnos and intelligent design. Be wise enough not to be possessed by ‘super’ natural delusion and zealotry; keep a cool a head and rational mind; stay away from mystics and tyrannical governments who are either unwise or as crazy as idealists who attempt to proscribe the divinity of man.


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