I know that the title sounds lugubrious; but, unfortunately that is the reality. All my observation of reality leads me to believe this conclusion. The world is made to be a stage of misery; that is why a Lion is not designed to be a best friend with a deer or an antelope; and a human not to be clement towards similar herbivores; actually human DNA itself is bestial it needs Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin in order to divide and function properly and this vitamin can only be acquired from animals and their products; now, what does that tell you about your nature? Doesn’t this indicate that you are a blood thirsty beast? Even though you hate to hear this kind of fact? If you observe reality diligently you will observe that the Universe or whatever natural force is responsible for all of reality does not care about earth and its siblings. It either does not know that it created life or it does not care.


So,some Physicists have said that the first thing we should do is to figure out the complete theory of life first then we can plan whatever, objectives and goals we have for ourselves; but, this complete theory of life has become so elusive that it is making life hard for all sentient beings. If we figure it out then we will move on to manipulate it in order to create a non-Darwinian world of intelligently designed ecosystem; perhaps we can reconfigure the nature of its occupants in order to make it mirthful. Perhaps, this is just a futile dream; may be the complete theory of life is not mutable by human effort and intelligence in that case we seem to be doomed we will have no option but to live in a pandemonium; in a green hell called earth; which is unfortunate for us.


Now, if the complete theory of life is something mutable; then, the question will arise how can we make life bearable and blissful for all sentient beings that were created without their wish? What could possibly make this hell hole a better place because as can be witnessed life seems to be harsh; there seems to be a law which states that life must be miserable for everybody or something; the Universe is not a paradise of any sort; what you think of as a fortune for you is a misfortune for others; the fish that you hunt in the wild to devour and nourish your body may be seen as a providence from your perspective; but, an ineffable horror to the fish. The eggs that you eat for breakfast this morning are actually the babies of a sentient being; imagine if there was some higher being on top of humans eating human babies as a delicacy—wouldn’t that be a scene of horror for human beings? This is exactly what is happening for other sentient beings below us in the food chain. But, do not get depressed at all; there is hope―once Cosmologists discover the complete theory of life then, I think there will be a chance to change this cannibalistic biosphere that we live in.


In order, to augment human happiness and wellbeing mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, economically—we need to defend all branches of science form reactionary forces; whether idealists, charlatans or mystics; in order to make life habitable and bearable science must be defended and allowed to flourish. In order to change this Darwinian order of Universal pandemonium—we either need to defend all branches of natural studies or launch brand new ones based on our ignorance and number of challenges. Cosmology for example, will provide us with our true origin—if funded properly and if the natural philosophers are patronized and encouraged to go further, pathology will identify the processes of malady and point to the problem so that pharmacology could go ahead and develop the drug of remedy; we can even invent brand new branches of science like for example ‘augeology’ which comes from the Latin word ‘augeo’ and logy which oversees the augmentation and redesigning of the human organism to solve ethical and morality issues; as long as it follows the scientific method it will be one of the branches of natural science and it will have its own journal and so on. Science can provide all solutions; from ethics to economics; we just need to either create brand new branches of natural studies based on the problems that we observe or strengthen the existing ones. The invention of brand new branches of science is not something outlandish there are new branches of natural studies that did not even exist in the past for example evolutionary biology which is a new kind of science based on new developments and designed to solve our ignorance that we seem to have about the origin of species in nature. Cryonics which is a branch of science which is still on experimental stages also can be mentioned; some opponents of this experimental science when asked why they express there discontent they say “Idon’t believe that cryonics is impossible; but, we do not have the technology for it today.” Well, if this is so, then why not support it until it becomes possible; if you think it is not impossible? Any branch of natural science—neophyte or fully developed must be sheltered until it flowers effectively and provide the solutions that it was meant to solve―in our case cryonics will address the issue of death. Thus, science has all the solutions from perpetual life, ethics to economics; we just need to make sure that all its branches strictly follow the scientific method; so that they can be successful and benefit society.This rational interdependency and interconnectedness between several branches of natural science is what is going to make the universe a place closer to paradise than to a pandemonium. No other discipline will provide the solution to humanity’s distress other than natural science.


Therefore, humanity analogically seems to be like a biologist lost in a thick jungle who seems to revolve in circles in search for rescue and salvation; they complain and lament about their discontent in life in all five spectrums; but again they lash out on natural scienceas if it is the source of all evil; but, in reality it is their only way of remedy to their challenges.How can dejecting natural studies and want for a remedy go hand in hand; can people have their cake and eat it to?If there seems to be a deficiency of science branches―then we must create ones as said above; if the research and solution is time consuming then we must be patient until the investigators get things right and solve the challenges. But, cutting funding and other hindrances to natural studies will sustain the status quo of Darwinianism in place exacerbating the suffering of humanity.The reason that people suffer is because either overall science is weak or the branch of natural science for that specific field that people complain about does not exist. It may be ethical issues, economics or death. So our ‘wise’ leaders go ahead and cut funding to science making human condition even worse. So we can say that people bury themselves deeper in misery in an attempt to dig themselves out. How could this be a wise approach? Can cutting interest and funding to the solution be solution by itself? Governments should not be influenced by mystical fanatics they should know better they are supposed to be sapient that is the reason they have assumed power to make living conditions for the society better and nothing makes the society better than secularism and all branches of natural science to provide solutions for ethical to other issues. In short,all solutions dwell inside it.If people reject natural science—then the naturaldesign of pandemonium will persist for eternity. Should we allow that to be; when we can create a better natural order through intelgnos and masterdom?I stand in defense of reason and all the branches of science that are created today and that will perhaps be created in the future in accordance with the problems of mankind. That is the right route and attitude we ought to take; a route of pure reason and natural science in order to redesign the Universe from a scene of horrorand discontenttoa mirthful abodement.

pdf available


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