First and foremost the term ‘spirit’ itself is invalid; because it does not have an objective representer on the ground.  It is hogwash; even if there was an objective evidence for ‘spirit’ that evidence is still going to be natural or nothing at all. In step one a spiritualist provides evidence stolen from nature disguised as immaterial to sooth the egos and inquires of rational people; when this evidence itself fails to convince sage individuals; then he resorts to step number two; which is mystification and imposition. The genesis of the term spirit has always been linked with the ignorance of the natural world. It is when people lose the ability and evidence to describe objective reality that they always revert to spirit. Yes, our understanding of nature is not complete; we are fabulously ignorant about our reality and all of its forces; actually, I believe that our ability to detect every aspect of reality as wide as it is—is severely limited; we for example cannot detect infrared and ultraviolet spectrums  of light as well as dark matter and even understand other possible extra dimensions other than the four dimensions that we know of according to the String theorists;but, this does not mean that we need deny reality all together and invent immaterial dimensions that we can never detect at all. Just, because our cognition is either in able or incomplete that does not mean we should call everything we do not understand a spirit; it may sound fancy but still is nonsense. We should be patient until new discoveries about the natural world are made that will alleviate our ignorance of nature.  The absence of evidence for this so called spirit’s identity confounds any observer; and this is what spiritualism is good at as said above following two steps i.e.plagiary and confoundment. Plagiary and mystification are the hallmarks of spiritualism rather than authenticity and enlightenment.If this is so, then what could spiritualism ever be except a disordered theory concocted to label unknown natural phenomena by a naive mind? A plagiary of nature and the abuse of the individual?



In addition,from being aplagiary and confoundment; spiritualism has also been proven as a form of schizophrenia as I may have said so many times; thus, you will be doing yourself and your family a favor if you stay away from spiritualism and embrace naturalism completely. On the other hand you wouldn’t find an elegant concept in nature; than naturalism; it is amagnificent idea with lots and lots of solutions for mankind; but, be warned that it really demands higher I.Q of rationalism, a passion for mathematics and an incredulous personality; that primates are struggling to accomplish.Overwhelmed and nauseated by the intricacy of great nature―spiritualists always deviate into embracing, and advocating inane undetectable dimensions in the god tapout. There may exist other dimensions other than our four dimensions; but, remember these dimensions need to be natural in order to be detected; that, is the reason natural absolutism is incessantly extolled and is a core foundation in amystology.Theirunwillingness, inability or incapability to understand all of nature cannot invalidate the natural world where the theory of everything resides. It is necessary that peopleunderstand the natural world is like a one way tunnel; that people need to travel only forward into that tiny shimmering light at the end of the tunnel; if you go back then you will return to the primitive  state at the beginning of the tunnel; if you go ahead and travel deeper you will reach that light at the end of the tunnel to a verdant panoramic view of beauty; this metaphor is similar with our investigation of nature; if you deride and abandon it you will return to the dark ages; but, if you think that there must be more to nature than we know and dig deepthen you will reach triumph.



Plagiary, mystification, and imposition concocted with ethical values in a set called spiritualism can never stand as a benefit to humanity. First as I said elsewhere, ethical values must be in concert with metaphysical truths; if you think that you have a better moral systemwhichyou think could benefit humanity; then, this moral system first needs to embrace nature as the exclusive domain; then, it must encourage people to delve deeper into nature; than attempt to discard it.Whenever spiritualists run out of convincing evidence; they will initiate their mystification or confoundment process performed through utilizing mythology to mesmerize the rational brain;which, is eager for evidence and enlightenment; this technique employed by mystics will turn their audience delirious and irrational. In addition, they also use terror and imposition on people when their tiny brain gets overwhelmed by the voluminous nature of the natural world. They then slowly develop this impulse to destroy the individual mentally,emotionally, and physically; when, he becomes too inquisitive for their taste.



Spiritualists are obsessed with how people think rather than how nature or reality works; when nature becomes toooverwhelming then theyhide back to the shell of their imagination and thought processes. Inventing chimeras and incompatible senseless ideas; which triggers disgust than fulfillment. This is why they tend to be totalitarian in their personalities; if you have something which works and which is true then; there is no need for imposition; people can either embrace your presentation or they can vanish on their own selection. Their insecurity always bothers them; they do not like incessant inquisitions; because they know that their system is either a deception that they know it is with little evidence or nothing at all which they cover up by terrorism and autocracy an aggregation of hotchpotch concepts that do not concert with each other. This is why they tend to be emotional and physical predators imposing their nonsense on others.



Go ahead and test your religion; go ahead and see what your religion has to offer to our metaphysics; study it thoroughly, scrutinize its epistemological, metaphysical and ethical build; you will understand that it is as I said above a perplexed system of irrationality, confusion and morbidity reinforced by autocracy rather than evidence. A hodgepodge system driven by both shallow, and confounded men. A system of no substance; a castle in the air as Jean meslier called it.Therefore, we need to expose this so called spiritualism for what it truly is; before it does more damage than it already has done to our societies. The society needs to be individualized in order to be enlightened and empowered about great nature. People need to understand their nature in order to self-regulate so as to create an ethical society that they live in as well as understand other natural forces which lie unexplored; indolence and neglect of the natural world must be banned; because that is the source of all confusion and suffering.All perplexed systems of nebeism (non-evidence existence) who do not offer evidence with sincerity i.e. branches of idealism which are obsessed in confounding and incarcerating people rather than enlighten and empower must be banned; because the system of perplexed and tenacious charlatans is always destined to cause more morbidity, discord and unhappiness in the society. Spiritualism has always been toxic to the rational mind and hedonism of the individual in all five spectrums; transforming humans into smiling delirious zombies with a disgust for their only creator—nature and an irresistible adoration for death. Thus, to conclude my writing if I am asked to state the best four words to describe spiritualism;I would answer plagiary, mystification, imposition, and hogwash.

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