Oprah, and her shallow fans who unfortunately happen to be even more naïve than she is as well as the system of  naïve idealism that she promotes without knowledge or with knowledge  will drive our world even deeper into a hell; the famous advocates of idealism in our era mystic Chopra and Oprah seem like some sort of love birds lost in a state of delirious idealism fooling themselves with impractical theories of mysticism; it does not really matter what label they put on it on this  modern day they can call it ‘the law of attraction’, or ‘Biocentrism’, these are modern version of ancient defunct branches of idealism like Christianity and Islam; they are idealism reinvigorated and reconfigured; but still rubbish.  They share the same abhorrence for reason, nature and analytics. It is really unfortunate to witness people with so much potential to fall as victims to the cult of idealism; they are really on the wrong side of evolution. It is really sad to observe that the most wealthy and famous could be; the naive and the unsophisticated. Reason as the best gift for humanity has been given to him with a tiny amount to the extent that he can reason somewhat; but still not so much that it makes him suffer; man is a stupidly engineered embodiment of nature.  It really saddens me to observe that the forces of nature with all their might couldn’t finish making man a super intelligent rational being. Science and rationalism have always been reserved for real men with high intelligent quotients; those― whose brain is too flimsy to handle reality; they go ahead to abuse, deride and act out in what I called the god tap out. The reason for the derision of reality  and escape to idealism is as said so many times  the pathetic weak human brain power to deal and manipulate nature mathematically as he wishes to reduce and eliminate all his sufferings. Thus, as a thesis let me say three things—Idealism emanates from human limitations; therefore it will be mandatory to follow the ideas of tranhumanist people; self-enhancement will bring an end to irrational escapism and toy mania.



What could be the difference between placebos and highly advanced placebos for screaming out loud?! The limitations of the human brain as said many times is most of the time as a half-baked byproduct from the factory of nature shows us limitless and a barrage of irrational and nonsensical concepts and arguments . Our ancestor H. naledi had a brain which had the size of an orange and our brains are about 1400gram in size and much bigger; but still not big enough at least to help us distinguish between silly and stupid ideas of placebos and highly advanced placebos or to calculate and figure out the technology for interstellar travel.  The most ridiculous versions of superstition and pseudoscience saturate our societies due to our capacity of our brain; which is about 10 quadrillion calculations per second; this can be seen as advanced in a sense because; our brain is so efficient that it does all these calculation as a miniature organ; without needing that much space and most importantly not that much energy; which is really amazing and we can give nature a credit for it; but, still it is not good enough. Evolution of the human brain has stopped; it cannot get any bigger; if it gets bigger people will stop being born naturally.



I believe that— it is extremely necessary to follow the teachings of transhumanist people; who advocate the enhancement of our rational brain capacity to higher degree; because now I have realized that I am conscious nature with a limitation; I have comprehended the inextinguishable nature of the natural world; which has existed and will exist for all eternity either as a multiverse or a quantum fluctuation; which, could only mean one thing—the universe has woken up! In mythology we are bombarded as children by fairytales of the rise of Jesus Pandira and so forth; but I reckon the real rise is the rise of nature. I hope I live long enough to see and witness what the future holds for conscious matter and hope I will live to see the invention of artificial brain; which may be―will manifest in around 2045 according to some estimates; when machines become parallelwith human intelligence. I can’t wait for that great moment where people stop dying and instead are integrated into a far superior intelligence pool to become something even superior; then I believe all these barrage arguments of nonsensical pseudoscience of alternative medicine will come to a halt. But, of course all this is a dream; I do not have the blueprints or the formulas to invent an artificial brain; but I hope some brilliant engineer with a super high IQ does somewhere on the planet.



Therefore, self-enhancement will be not just be a luxury or a whim of a mad scientist; but, a necessity; in order to bring about the manifestation of Homo Deus. God by definition is a super intelligence; if we can somehow create a more intelligent machine than man; why wouldn’t that be god? It would have brought an end to irrational escapism like idealism and all its branches as well as what I called toy mania in the first paragraph i.e. the invention of statues of several gods and goddesses from Jupiter& Juno to modern day Jesus and Mary. Our human ancestors in the past had so many gods, they were polytheists; the level of  Intelagnos  was extremely high;therefore, they lived a very miserable life than the current human; because today’s man has a higher understanding of nature than our unfortunate ancestors. The peasants of the past lived a very uncomfortable life without antibiotics; internet, and human rights.  If we are really lucky to invent this artificial brain; which is really a neglected research in a sense that no major country has really gave reverse engineering the brain a serious attention; despite all human solutions lies on it as well as all human challenges emanate from its limitations;which is really a very sad scenario on the behalf of politician; they need to give the agenda of artificial brain serious attention.



Finally, the reason why we see the famous and the rich as well as those ‘esteemed’ people of public figure in gaucherie is because they are not that different from any of us they are just animals like us with a limited brain power; I imagine that when Home Deus in future inherits the universe he will look back at the skull of Homo-sapiens with pity; just like we are looking at the skull of Homo naledi’s orange size brain with a smirk. I think he will look at the human civilization as a primitive animal cult of wars and conflicts; filled with discontent of its occupants; but of course what I have said hitherto is still science fiction as long as what has been called the Singularity or Homo Deus does not exist physically right now. But, anyways I am optimistic due to the evidence provided about human evolution until now that we possess; the acceleration of intelligence and the buildup of natural cognition as well as data about the natural world that there must be something on the horizon; and that something has to be Homo-Deus or some superiorly intelligent being; but still all these is a hypothesis; that we can never be sure about; but I hope that will be the case.Why I am talking about a super intelligence rather than placebos which happen to be the title of this essay well that is because; this super intelligence seems to be the solution; our tiny chimpanzee brains need an overhaul in order to distinguish between inane idealism and love for impractical placebos in ‘alternative medicine’ which cajoles people psychologically rather than cure them physically. I think it will stop people from becoming victims to idealism, act out irrationally, embrace irrational systems and most importantly prevent them from exhibiting nihilistic attitudes.It is only prolific realism which can give us real drugs that work; but it needs higher I.Q;  even if  sometimes science can be criticized for  the side effects  of its drugs despite its efficacy; these ‘side effects’ are still the results of limited research and our limited capability which need an upgrade. Thus, as the last thesis above defined it―augmentation will bring an end to naïve idealism and all its branches of irrational pseudoscience.

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