What could be more divine than a force which determines your breathing and even thoughts? A force which could not go away even if you wished to? A force which is immortal and infinite? In one of my articles I said that the universe had a beginning and according to current estimates it will have an end in a heat death; but when I said that— I thought the reader will place under consideration the infinite number of universes that exist in nature; I assumed that the reader will have an acquaintance with the theory of multiverse (see quotation below from Prof. Kaku); where one universe gets created out of nothing[1] as well as one dies out into nothing again; the finding of gravitational waves on the cosmic wave background in recent times  have pointed to the fact of other universes just like ours living and dying in nature; many physicists are taking the idea of infinite universes very seriously in their books like Prof. Krauss and Prof. Kaku as well as others. Thus, it seems like we are living inside an eternal entity of parallel worlds. Our universe may have a beginning which came out of quantum instability and fluctuations to explode into a universe full of matter and energy; but, it is just one out of many.



“The quantum theory is based on the idea that there is a probability that all possible events, no matter how fantastic or silly, might occur. This, in turn, lies at the heart of the inflationary universe theory—when the original big bang took place, there was a quantum transition to a new state in which the universe suddenly inflated by an enormous amount. Our entire universe, it appears, may have sprung out of a highly unlikely quantum leap………We physicists realize that if we could somehow control these probabilities, one could perform feats that would be indistinguishable from magic. But for the present time, altering the probabilities of events is far beyond our technology.

I sometimes ask our Ph.D. students at the university simpler questions, such as, calculate the probability that they will suddenly dissolve and rematerialize on the other side of a brick wall. According to the quantum theory, there is a small but calculable probability that this could take place. Or, for that matter, that we will dissolve in our living room and wind up on Mars. According to the quantum theory, one could in principle suddenly rematerialize on the red planet. Of course, the probability is so small that we would have to wait longer than the lifetime of the universe. As a result, in our everyday life, we can dismiss such improbable events. But at the subatomic level, such probabilities are crucial for the functioning of electronics, computers, and lasers.

Electrons, in fact, regularly dematerialize and find themselves rematerialized on the other side of walls inside the components of your PC and CD. Modern civilization would collapse, in fact, if electrons were not allowed to be in two places at the same time………..But if electrons can exist in parallel states hovering between existence and nonexistence, then why can’t the universe?After all, at one point the universe was smaller than an electron. Once we introduce the possibility of applying the quantum principle to the universe, we are forced to consider parallel universes.”

―Kaku; Parallel worlds; 2005: 147



Thus, when we analyze all these data and information we are forced to come to the conclusion of the divinity of matter.People might immediately react by saying: wait a minute you are saying nature is conscious? Now, I have probably said this so many times but I will repeat again; that when people ask the question: Is an atom conscious? They are attempting to insert a mind into an atom in the process personifying it. In order to make it legitimate for them to make sense; because,we are humans and  humans arewired that understand that something works; if and only if it has a mind. Humans are obsessed byanthropomorphism; they assume that nothing works out there—unlessit has a human personality. They love to project their own nature into every single natural object.Should we abandon atoms despite them being determining and eternal; because, they do not have human personalities? Should we choose mysticism which we have physical evidence for it being a form of delusional disorder? Should we choose a force which is different from human natureand which is efficient or choose a proven delusional disorder? Atoms and the natural world are different forms of forces apart fromhumans; it is possible to function without a mind as well as a face likea human being; but still be efficacious.We need to understand there are other very different forms of forces in nature; we need to put through our heads that creation and dissolution could occur without the need for human characteristics.It does not matter whether nature is determined by eternal laws and follows mathematical formulas to do what it does; nature does what it does because it is the only force inexistenceand something that is self-existent has to be divine end of story.The theory of infinite universe or commonly called the multiverse is being solidified by various evidence as stated above. Thus, natural absolutism is becoming more and more serious and a fact. If there is nothing outside nature; then, nature must be the divinity in mystical terminology. Conduct the following experiment at home right now—inquire into a metaphysical question and ask yourself: where is god in nature? It is like you standing in front of a mirror and asking the question: where is John in this mirror? This inquiry will give you a headache the more you persist into it and ask yourself the question‘where is John?’It is the same thing with ourquestion of the divinity; we are staring at the divinity―when we gaze into nature and asking where is god?  I think this is the problem which creates so much confusion.



I also have repeatedly said that to the boredom of the reader that man could only understand material energy; even if there was ‘something’ outside nature he can never detect or understand it—epistemological and metaphysical facts are sealed and dead. Thus, I believe with full confidencejust like my pantheist friends that nature is the divinity; matter which youbreathe in right now as you read this articleto keep you alive is the divinity. The divinity of matter composed of atoms and energy as determining forces may seem silly; but, it is this seemingly ugly and sillything which you possibly deride that is keeping you alive right now.It does not need to be conscious or be a glamorous knock out to be your god. Silly does not mean wrong; the periodic table for quantum physics for example which holds in it quarks, bosons, and leptons looks very weird and perplexing; but, the fact that they are there inside this list is not because they are beautiful and dazzling; but, because they work.  Reality is not a beauty contest; if something is infinite, immortal, and most importantly determining; then, I think these criteria will be good enough to designate it as divine; it does not need to have a face, body, or mind.



Mystical systems for example have petrifying and stunning attention to beauty. Their books are decorated by golden petals and written in exquisite form; their worshipping centers are so majestic they paralyze you with awe. They have a very rosy system built in the air without any substance; so magnificent but still glamorously inane and rubbish; this is the difference between truth and fiction; in search for the glamorous—mystics abandoned determination; in search for the ideal mystics abandoned the real. This is where matter comes in; it looks silly and insignificant—but it is the real divinity; it has a capability to transform into the energy―which keeps us going holding a strangle hold on our very survival; I do not see it as silly―what is silly to me is to inquire;whether, it can determine us all or not notwithstanding witnessing that it does already. That is the silly question.You should not make an error in logical thinking where you weaken materialism or naturalism—because it is not glamorous enough and abandon your existence all together. Just embrace nature as the divinity; because that is where all of objective investigation is leading to; and I believe it is due to the several reason that where mentioned elsewhere like immortality of nature and man’s tranducting (changing of various forms of energy into electricity by the brain that it can understand) capability; that Einstein ended up becoming a pantheist.



All the so called ‘spiritualists’ and ‘idealists’ can be forgiven if they can come back to their senses—leaving their puerile child play of fiction, love of superstitious toys, irrational tenacity and totalitarian attitudes  of disregard for the individual aside; to embrace nature as the divinity. What have spiritual people ever contribute to the world except schizophrenia and the god delusion and pushing rational people around as well as agitating them as irritant flies?No human is perfect; we are all animals; people make mistakes, reason is not the strength of human nature; humans are prone to error, bias and ignorance. Our brains are not really that exceptionally advanced than our ancestors like H. Naledi. If it was advanced enough; then, there wouldn’t have been any mysticism, bestiality and irrationality on the face of the earth. Humans would have reached the stage of super higher beings. It will be better for them and for us; if they accept all the evidence presented before them with bonafide and without error for their evolution and creation to save themselves from peril.



Anyways, even if we test the idea of ‘supernatural’ just to be sure; we will discover it to be another form of delusional disorder that people suffer from just like delusional parasitosis. Thus, we as believers in intranaturalism have a physical evidence to discredit the so called ‘supernatural’ concept with absolute certainty. We can observe people suffering from the Jesus delusion in Christian mysticism locked up in psychiatricwards as well as other similar cults in all mystical branches. Thus, whether we like it or not the divinity of matter in becoming more and more certain especially after discrediting the ‘super’ concept. People are thrilled by questions: how can a DNA molecule replicate itself by itself into mRNA? But the main gist here is the confutation of the ‘super’ concept. If we have established that by physical evidence; then, nature has to be the divinity—it does not matter what, why or how it does what it does. We can figure that out latter. I think it is easier to prove what is wrong i.e. supernaturalism than to prove what is right i.e. nature. If there is nothing outside nature or if nature is absolute; then, I think we have a candidate for the first principle. Do not make the same mistake and error that mystics made; by searching for glamour and the ideal. Always look for infinity, determination and immortality as the criteria.



On my behalf I am a believer in the divinity of nature due to the reasons I mentioned above already; I except nature as a determinant and engage it through rationalism. I would not shy away from calling my determining force as divine matter. If it is immortal, infinite, and determining; then, why wouldn’t it be called divine?These three definitions are the terms used to define gods in ancient or current mythologies; why would matter be any different?  Was it a necessity for it to possess a  human name;body, a face, a mind, a long beard, human characteristics and a golden chair on an asteroid to sit on as well as a magic wand in order to be a god?Should we commit the same error that ancient Greeks did with their Olympian gods; personifying every natural force in order for it to be acceptable?  Should the divine be embodied into a glamorous toy like that of Jesus and Apollo decorated by gold and silver in order for it to be recognized as divine?―It is not glamour and idealism that we are seeking as a criteria here―in order to call something divine; but, it is the three important reasons that I mentioned above in order to designate an entity divine.If an entity has these three qualities; then, I think it will be legitimate to denominate it as divine. Thus, what could be wrong with calling nature; which has these qualities―a divine matter?



[1] By the term ‘nothing’ physicists mean empty space with unstable virtual particles which give birth to matter and atoms not the conventional definition of zero or non-entity that we understand in common language. But in the beginning of the cosmos there was not even any space. Space, time, sound and matter, everything came into existence out of zero. So we have two definitions of ‘nothing’ first―a space filled with quantum potential and second —a non-entity without any space, matter, time and sound. Now, I want the reader to pay close attention to this argument I am about to make: The universe came out of zero; but, isn’t this exactly how the Universe ought to behave in order to solve the problem of infinite regress? Isn’t this how it needs to be in order to make sense? It has to evolve from absolute zero not from the quantum world. This,I think is how a Universe needs to be created in order to save ourselves from infinite regress. Thus, if this is so; then, the priori force has to be absolute nothing. If there was something before the Universe; which compelled it into existence then who compelled the existence of this force? Most of the time this force is termed as supernatural god; but, if god created the Cosmos then; who created god? This is what I mean by infinite regress. Thus, I think in order to solve this problem―nature works in this manner of creating several universes including our own from absolute zero.

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