Christianity and neo-delusionalism

Christianity as yet another “supernatural” ideology and delusion kingdom stems from ancient mythology similar to its own kind. Its system built from borrowed and stolen concepts from its predecessor religions of ancient Egypt and the Middle East. First, we must remember that all and any branch of mysticism is unhealthy and deadly for natural man; whether, it is supernatural mysticism like Christianity or a natural mysticism like the law of attraction. All branches of Idealism are intimately related with suffering and death—it will be a justice to call all of them as death cults. The engagement with the natural world must be purely based on reason and mathematics. As a parenthesis I would like to point out that amystology is not the only system out there promoting reason and immortality but there are other sister movements also—but amystology is well organized and articulated in a philosophical system; divided into epistemology, metaphysics and ethics promoting reason and self-sufficiency. Some people believe that teleportation, and interstellar transportation is possible. While, in my turn I believe that divinity is possible―I don’t see anything preventing it except the ignorance of nature. The history and idea of immortality can be traced to the Philosopher’s stone or (elixir of life) mentioned by Zosimos of panopolis in his book Chirokmeta―who was an alchemist―the predecessor of current reason based chemistry―before the term transhumanism was even coined. Thus, nobody can claim the idea as if it is their own. Now, before digressing too much from the topic of this essay—we must remember in philosophy there are two directions that the individual can go: mysticism, mortification and extinction or materialism, preservation and existence. In all branches of Idealism where Christianity is included the direction is towards extinction; in all branches of realism where all objective sciences are included the direction is towards immortality. All branches of mysticism must be discarded as puerile and toxic to the health of man. Thus, as a thesis I would say 1st Christianity was fabricated and molded from other mythologies and even from pagan concepts that they attempt to elevate themselves above from.  2nd Man is not a spirit; and 3rd abandoning nature will only lead to damage and disaster―respecting nature and studying it will bring about bliss, health and relief for all sentient beings.




Christianity is not the first supernatural mythology to promote mortification, morbidity and delusions. The concept of supernaturalism stretches back in time. In order to understand todays myths one must understand what is called comparative mythology.  This means seeing the borrowed and stolen concepts between mythologies in history.  The most problematic thing today in literature is that even Wikipedia and other “encyclopedias” are obsessed with  guarding myth-mania in an attempt to guard the Jesus mythology and fiction rabidly—flip flapping around in their writings afraid to call Christianity flatly as it is: a bed time story jumbled history and story. Visit Wikipedia and search Jesus mythology or something like it and you will see for yourself. To discuss the mythical nature of Christianity as a borrowed and jumbled up mythological system from other global mythologies we need an entire book. This essay just only discusses highlights and important similarities. The dying and rising myth for example is borrowed from other systems like Greek i.e. Dionysus, & Egyptian i.e. Osiris mythology. The “virgin birth” mythology on the other hand is similar to the birth of Assyrian and Babylonian mythology of the birth of god Marduk born from father Ea and his mother Damkina. As well as similarities between the Egyptian God mother Isis who gave birth to Horus. The idea of trinity also is not unique to Christian mythology it is very similar to the trinity of Oannes, Bil and Anu in Babylon.  The cross a famous logo of Christianity bears similarity with its predecessor the Ankh in Egyptian religion. The Ankh also known as crux ansata Latin for “cross with a handle” was an Egyptian ideograph with a meaning of life. This cross symbol was very prevalent it was even a seal to the Biblical king Hezekiah. Coptic Christians inherited this cross with a minor modification known today as the Coptic ankh.  Therefore, one thing we can understand from the behavior of human beings throughout history starting from ancient mythology over all cultures in the ancient times till today is that humans are like little children obsessed and tenacious with fiction; terrified with the idea of rationalism and naturalism—which is really unfortunate and dangerous.




The world is in error into thinking that man is a spirit from “another” dimension. Man must discard these childish notions of mythology and irrationality―to grow up into a self-sufficient fully developed omnipotent natural divinity. Man can never be a spirit. How can there be a salacious spirit? How could there be a pugnacious spirit? How could there be a defecating spirit? All these human characteristics as abhorable as they sound are animal characteristics. This will force us to the conclusion that man is an animal. He is a mutant monkey. The problem with mythology as the title of this essay may have indicated already:  is that it plunges man into mental and physical injury. It does not matter whether it is Babylonian, Egyptian, Christian or Islamic mythology they divert people from reality into psychosis.



Abandoning nature as I have said repeatedly in several of my essays will only exacerbate suffering and unhappiness ushering in primitivism and the Stone Age. It creates a mystical, infirmed and indigent society. In reverse preoccupation with nature will create world cures, faster communication, longevity, futuristic society and happiness. The act of inflating on self in order to soar beyond nature will only end in a catastrophic finale of madness because nature cannot comprehend anything outside itself. When, I see into the world I see a cajoled society by false hope and erroneous doctrines propagated by mad charlatans like the propagators of Christianism and other extinction cults. To save mankind from harm and extinction one must abandon everything except nature. Every man on the planet must be wise enough to pass the challenges of mental tricks and games imposed on him by mystical charlatans. He must be wise enough to discern and discard all ideologies of “supernaturalism” in order to embrace his determiner i.e. nature so as to facilitate his journey towards divinity.



Therefore, if you have thought that Christianism was something special that you must obstinately hold on too—before reading this essay then you probably will understand that it is a branch of ancient mythological roots buried deep in history going back to the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Roman religions, compiled from concepts what Christians like to deride as Pagan religion—refashioned into a seemly “genuine” system of mysticism in order to spread neo- delusionalism. I really wonder when all mysticism will ever cease to be fabricated?   I anxiously wait for the day when man grows up into a completely rational and more powerful creature to abandon his mystical digressions. May be this dream might only be possible if he transcends his current flawed design into a better designed and built super creature―may be when he becomes a totally rational omniscient and powerful Artificial intelligence rather than a biological ape.



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