Do you really believe that immortality is impossible with appropriate technology? Take your time and think about it. Now, probably your answer after your moment of cogitation will be a no. If so why in the world wouldn’t you be an advocate for immortality?Isn’t immortality life’s end goal and promise? Because life without eternity is meaningless.I challenge anyone to tell me to my face that immortality is impossible. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t find anyone who is certain enough to tell me it can’t be done. Death is a natural process therefore; it must have a natural solution. If you are a realist then the next logical consequence or step in your ideological vantage point that you ought to take is immortality. Death is the most unfortunate event in human life. The emotional distress it causes to families in history is ineffable. It really breaks my heart.


Changing the attitude of an obscurant, nihilistic and death obsessed society to bringing about the end of death is an endeavor which requires extreme determination and philanthropy.The human race has been poisoned by various erroneous doctrines throughout history; the mind of men has been hijacked and made to be nescient of nature.Instead of understanding their nature, maintaining its wellbeing and enhancing it; the human race is seen to flounder in empty promises which cannot and do not provide permanent solution and happiness. Humanity is seen to indulge in a self-deception by consoling himself that he is a “chosen animal” in mysticism and part of the whole whether he likes it or not is socialism and a selfish animal in capitalism―when in fact if he manipulated his nature he wouldn’t have a need for socialism, mysticism or capitalism.


Implementing socialism, capitalism and mysticism is not the ultimate solution for humanity and its problems because the solution lies in practically altering human nature for the better. The reason for example that the issues of human rights are neglected in communist states like China is due to the very fact of human bestiality and his negative traits that he inherited like rage, nihilism, turpitude as well as selfishness from his animal ancestors which is becoming problematic in a modern world. Now who is to blame for his evil design and what must be the solution? Can socialism, capitalism and mysticism edit human nature? Are all these three doctrines antidotes for a disordered design?  Is there any country including the Scandinavians like Sweden and others which are seen as role models of utopia by the so called “scientific socialists” as material mystics and their cult―a paradise where everything is perfect? If so can “scientific socialism” alter the human genome, eradicate selfishness,and make man a happy public animal? They say that man cannot live in isolation; therefore, he must be forced to join the public. He must be “collectivized” in order to create a utopia. But we are compelled to state that: man cannot live in a public square and share everything as a “collective” including razors and wives. Can man live in a public square sharing everything to the so called“collective”? Is that healthy? Extreme Isolation as in individualistic capitalism on the other hand turns people paranoid and suicidal. Capitalism destroys the environment to the extent of threatening human existence that is supposedly was meant to help. Thus, both socialism and capitalism are defunct doctrines which must leave the throne to transhumanism.


Death is not a destiny but slowly is becoming a choice thanks to the advancement of technology and human intellect.  All idealists including supernaturalists and mystics are life extensionist but they don’t even know it; they oppose something that they already support. Consider their policies for example if suicide and abortion are “sins” as they like to call it or immoral in an attempt to preserve life then how in the world could life extension be immoral? The life extension movement is also trying to achieve the same goal of life preservation.


The culture of the present 21stcentury man has been hijacked as I said elsewhere by ancient peasant’s folklore revered into “holy doctrines” that can never be questioned let alone rescinded. This is due to the fact that mystical theories have enjoyed thousands of years of propaganda and promotion despite their mythical nature. It is hard for current philosophies and new visions for humanity like transhumanism to actually take root in the society and get wider acceptance. Even if this is the case transhumanism in just a couple of decades has gained millions of supporters and followers starting from teenagers to mature adults. This progress will continue as time moves forward.


When we get into the pragmatic details of the idea of immortality; we come to realize that there are several routes —the biological life extension or the electro-mechanical amalgamation. Biology has definitely a higher role to play until the electro-mechanical technology takes off in a significant stride. But, unfortunately biology is not sustainable for the long run mechanics is much better. Preserving and maintaining electronics is much easier than complicated and fragile biology. The idea of preserving biological organisms for example in cryonics has only been successful only for single cells like eggs, sperm cells and DNA samples. All cryonics organizations in the world are still in experimental stages.  No full mammalian i.e.human has been frozen and resurrected i.e. thawed back to life.  Even if this is the case― I think what cryonics institutions are trying to accomplish is the greatest gift to humanity if it becomes successful. Nobody will lose their loved ones to ailments and accidents. People will be happier and less gloomy.


In short, what could possibly be wrong with this idea of maximizing human happiness by accepting the possibility of immortality?What is wrong with liberating man from the unfortunate event of death?  What could be wrong with research into life extension and the joy that it bestows on families? Isn’t bliss the end that we seek by various means? No one in the world could definitely say that cryonics or other methods of preserving an entire organism will never work; because as long the concept stays material and sticks to exclusively on pure reason then, it is absolutely possible; we must encourage Cryobiologists and other researchers to make this endeavor a reality. It does not matter how long it takes; a decade, century or millennia. Because considering the argument that some ailments like HIV still even after almost more than 50 years of research do not have a cure— but that didn’t deter scientist from sedulity and industriousness  to find a cure for the disease. The same also goes to cryonics,and other methods of acquiring immortality; it does not matter how long it takes —the investigation and research must go on to make immortality a reality. Supernaturalists in particular and idealists in general are in a state of the denial of immortality; they are in a state of delirium and arrogance; we hope they recuperate from their misanthropy, obscurancy and the morbid desire of death.


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