Q: What are the branches of mysticism?

A: It basically has two branches supernatural mysticism and natural mysticism.

Q: What creates mysticism?

A: The abhorable design of man who is a mixture of mediocre intelligence and savage beast. This fact will create the limitations of the human brain capacity which is responsible for all complains. This in this process most often even if people get their metaphysics right they will get their epistemology wrong. As an example we can see supernatural mysticism which is both terribly wrong in metaphysics as well as epistemology but natural mysticism is at least metaphysically right because they embrace natural absolutism; but their method engaging with nature is wrong. Hence, natural mysticism can be tolerated but should never be encouraged.

Q: What is the right metaphysical and epistemological direction?

A: Pure reason (manner of engaging with nature) and naturalism (the manner of reality)

Q: What fosters mysticism?

A: Naivety, ignorance and the limited human cortex.

Q: What is the long term and short term threats of mysticism?

A: In general, mysticism is a degrading force; it destroys all branches of hedonism leading to self-extinction rather than self-existence.

Q:What is the solution for eradicating all branches of mysticism?

A: I think on solution can be redesigning the human species purely on rational grounds without any emotive and bestial nature with a higher cognitive capability which reduces the need for metaphysical as well as epistemological digressions.

Q: Do you think there is a free will?

A: All creatures behave in accordance with their design. Their design determines their behavior; thus, free will is does not exist. All creatures are determined by their physio-chemistry.

Q: Many mystics nowadays think that mysticism is necessary either to establish order, morality, and consolation in a society. What do you say to that argument?

A: The only thing mysticism is good at establishing is nothing but disorder in people’s mental, emotional, physical, social and economic wellbeing.I have already mention why mysticism can never be the source of morality —a creature with canines and balls is not designed to be ethical he is designed to a beast thus clothing him with opulent spiritual attire can never make him moral or the model of the ideal character.Consolation comes after calamity and all calamities occur due to man’s limitations― that mysticism sustains and obstructs from been purged. So mysticism sustains the perpetual cycle between limitation and calamity.

Q: If this is so what is the cure for humanity is general?

A: Self-existence by means of pure reason.







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