I personally think that there is nothing impossible in the natural world as long as you have the right formula or in ancient mystical terminology “the right spell” to accomplish it. The problem lies with man’s capability and ingenuity in producing this formula. In ancient time witches and sorcerers as primordial scientists attempted to manipulate nature by their potions, concoctions, trepanations, and spells. This crude and irrational manner of engaging with nature has been refined today in the modern world to include check and balances, mathematics, peer review and other methods to make our approach in engaging nature and the material world effective.


The natural world is fascinating but complicated. The job of unraveling this intricacy is achieved by rationalism. I have called rationalism the forbidding mountain that no one likes to climb especially idealists and mystics even though all rewards await anyone who can accomplish the journey. The people who chicken out are called idealist and super naturalists whereas; the people who accomplish are called realists and naturalists.



World leaders trouble themselves with the never ending questions of solutions for world hunger, violence, climate change, ethics and morality, as well as epidemics and ailments. Now, we must inquire the questions whether food aid can solve world hunger? Can more militarization and security which violates people’s privacy solve the threat of violence and terrorism on the planet? Can cascades of seminars one after the other solve climate change? Can spiritual or secular scriptures or documents solve morality issues contradicting the natural coding of human nature? Can pandemonium and wailing before empty space solve epidemics and pestilence? We must understand that all these approaches are wrong and are attempts to run away from the fording mountain. All that we ever wanted lies at the top of this mountain we just need to have the fortitude to climb it.


Once, man digresses away from rationalism he establishes societies, states, and mysticism to compensate for the deficit of pure reason that would have made him self-sufficient; he diverts in behavior to become obscurant to anyone who wants to the climb the mountain, by being totalitarian, and a sadist as well as death loving. Pure reason has been pointed out as a solution for man’s problems it is up to us to embrace it to reach masterdom or digress from it to live in a world of limitations and unhappiness in a society. The worst enemies of pure reason are mysticism, idealism, dualism, statism, and etc. In mysticism, idealism and dualism man herded away from the mountain and is forced to be totally detached from reality. In statism or socialism instead of eliminating his weakness― man is forced by the state to depend on other equally weak members of the society to compensate for his limitations that he is incapable of eradicating by climbing the forbidding mountain to develop effective technologies.


People inquire how in the world they would solve their issues like polluted environment and other issues just by pure reason, a blackboard and a chalk. We as rational people must answer develop a technique to degrade plastics and neutralize nuclear waste using your black board.  They might continue their criticism by asking: how can I solve global violence? Develop creatures that are not naturally coded to be violent in the first place. How do I solve world hunger? Develop a replicator. How do I cure global diseases? Develop the molecule responsible as a remedy. As a bottom line I would say: don’t run away from pure reason and the blackboard― because you will never be able to find any solution outside it and you will be compelled to return.


I challenge any one on the planet even in history to come up with a genuine and permanent solution than pure reason, the blackboard and the formula that they yield. Nobody can step up to this challenge with a genuine and permanent solution because any solution provided will either be temporary, even worse or claptrap. Alternative medicine for example may provide emotional cajole and solace for its victims as a placebo effect —but never cure the underlying disease. Carbon dioxide or nuclear waste trapping under earth’s crusts to solve environmental pollution may avoid temporary poisoning or damage ―but can never solve environmental pollution permanently because currently people do not have the formula to pacify radioactive uranium and will be a threat to our decedents as long they stay biological. Militarization and more security might keep the peace on the ground but cannot change the natural coding of bestial man.


Immanuel Kant’s book “The critic of pure reason” is the gravest mistake in history placing him and anyone who thinks his proposal is right on the wrong side of history. Because by writing a book as a critique of the only effective remedy for all of humanities issues he advertised his shallowness and some would say idiocy to the world. He should have written a book as a critique of idealistic escapism in order to push and encourage people to climb the forbidding mountain to claim their solutions and mirth. Saving himself the embarrassment on history as well as saving mankind from extinction instead of floundering in  delirium in his so called” transcendental idealism”


Finally, to conclude the article I would like to encourage people to embrace as well as exercise pure reason, engage the blackboard as much as possible even though our intelligence and nature might not allow it —because it is in our interest to do so in order to reach self-existence and usher in a new era of natural masterdom rather than natural thralldom i.e. slavery to the forces of nature.



“The more man understands nature and is able to develop “spells” or equations to manipulate it ―the more godly and blissful he becomes— he can feed himself, heal self and change himself; he will never have a need for socialism, capitalism or mysticism; he will basically become what mystics call divine; he will render himself omnipotent. But, in order to accomplish all these tasks—first he must develop a strong bond for pure reason and the blackboard where he will develop the necessary “spells” or the equations.”


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