For any observer who observes the attitude of mystics and superstitious people and seeks the reason for the creation of various gods and source of superstition in history starting from ancient Greeks until today— he will reach to three conclusions. Idealism in general and religion in particular are the products or creations of man’s fear of nature i.e. the fact that man is  isolated in a gigantic cosmos without any compact or terse explanation on what to make of his surrounding and give meaning to it. Ignorance of nature i.e. the fact that he lacks the understanding on how it works and finally the lack of control over nature i.e. the incapability on how to control nature. Finally, all these things contribute to emotional instability and physical suffering. Now, let us see the three reasons for the creation of gods and spiritual heresy in detail.


The fear of nature comes from the fact that mankind is isolated in a huge cosmos just like an orphan without any notes to explain to him where he is and what he is living in. The weirdness of the cosmos and fact that he is the only conscious creature always bewilders him—which trigger his insecurity. Instead of alleviating his fear of natural forces by trying to understand what they are; his limited brain power proscribes his journey from going that far and divert it into mystical mummery and instill the most poisoness and corrupt idea of “supernaturalism”. He just lays back and states that nature is work of an ideal character more powerful than himself. Hence, instead of solving his practical insecurity of figuring out what nature is; he solves his emotional insecurity by creating an imaginary ideal character.


What comes next is the ignorance of nature because in the first step he has made himself oblivious on what nature is by dismissing it and creating his several mysterious gods and this obliviousness creates more ignorance of the natural world which triggers more unhappiness and suffering. His ignorance is exacerbated by the fraudulent doctrine of natural negligence and a hatred for the material world. He makes himself nescient about his dimension by the means of moving mystical descants, poems, ranting and irrational attitudes ―which kill his reason and turn him into a perfect idiot; or in a mystical reference a perfect “spiritualist”— the more stupid, and negligent he is about nature and the more discourteous as well as smirkful he is towards reason the more holier he is considered by his fellow mystics. This process will limit the amount of life expectancy and quality of life of all human beings. Thus, the ignorance of nature becomes the source of all suffering on earth.


Finally, what comes after the fear of nature, and ignorance of nature is lack of control over nature. As discussed above the individual has no idea of his surrounding― he is surrounded by mindless natural forces, hungry predators who are designed to eat him, a very harsh climate of summer and winter; and not a single written document to remind and empower him where he is; and what he is surrounded with; which, leads him to superstitious escapism.  Just like a little girl who needs to hug a teddy bear and requests a bed time story from her guardians to relieve her anxiety of her dark bedroom in order to have relief; grownups also hold on to  superstitious toys, demand folklore as emotional stabilizers and cradle songs from their “holy” fathers to keep them going in an uncertain world. When man acquires experiences in alignment with his expectations― he becomes grateful and is filled with tears of joy; when he acquires experiences in opposite to his interests he laments and curses in agony.  Hence, the anxiety as well as his paradoxical behavior is evidence which suggest that man is not in control of nature. The limitation of man renders him to have no control over natural forces and make his daily experience uncertain; which exacerbates his trepidation and emotional uncertainty this uncertainty creates superstitious rituals. And consequentially physical suffering which in turn create religious threnody targeted at space where nothing exists.


Therefore, as a conclusion fear of nature, ignorance of nature and lack of control over nature become a domino effect which stray humanity into extinction—rather than longevity and may be even immortality. If man understands what nature is, how it works and finally has a control over it —he will not have a need for rituals or mysticism. His self-inferiority to an imaginary god that he created will be replaced by relief, security and self-esteem. He will become the master of his destiny. Therefore, instead of creating imaginary ideal characters humanity needs to solve the three things mentioned in the thesis of this essay in order to make him happy and prosperous.



Note:  Remember that, when I am critical about superstition I do not intend to reject the existence of a determining fore or a creator because there is a creator which is nature. What I am critical about is two things: 1st “supernaturalism” because it is an oxymoron and 2nd any mystical engagement with nature i.e. natural mysticism which includes all branches of idealism. Therefore, as an important general reminder people must stay away from “supernatural” as well as natural mysticism. Rationalism is the only viable means of engagement with the only determining force which is nature.


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