Extreme believers are more dangerous than normal believers because they will be the ones experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia i.e. images and voices just like Abraham; which makes them think that there is another dimension. Hence, they are more “convinced” about their beliefs than ordinary believers―who are just naïve into thinking that there is another world. Extreme believers are a huge treat for the wellbeing of any society; hence, they must be closely watched and monitored not to inflict violence on themselves or on others.These individuals will be experiencing one of the delusions called the god delusion which is not yet incorporated into the DSM-5 manual but which should be―because it is the source of irrationality, terrorism, child abuse and other societal ills that we behold today.The other problem with a belief system which is concocted by shallow charlatans and imperialists is that it opens the door for the exploitation of naïve individuals who do not understand the corrupt nature of allbelief systems in general as I have said elsewhere. A belief system and force always go hand in hand or in tandem as Ayn rand stated in her book Faith and force: The destroyers of the modern world; because, in order to gain acceptance by the public formulators of belief systems always use emotional and physical force in order to propagate their unreasonable and unverified or sometimes unverifiable claims. The only way to promote claptrap is by sensationalism and physical force because their claims do not and will not exist in reality. Therefore, as a thesis I would say belief systems make people delirious,emotional, belligerent, psychotic and death loving; there would be no need for belief systems, violence, threnodies, and death craving—if men understood their weak nature i.e. self-realize, self-enhance and became self-sufficient.


I should ask the question: Should we ever lament why our world today is inundated in so much violence and nihilism? Absolutely not, because the source of all violence is belief and the vagary which follows it rather than fact and reason―even though there are other reasons which can be sources of violence as well.I absolutely understand that thecurrent stage of evolution on the planet is temporary as time moves forward the next creatures that will inherit earth and the Cosmos are expected to be more rational and more powerful i.e. intellectually and physically than puny man who possesses afrail mental and physical power; which are his sources of suffering; consequentially, extensive suffering on earth brings about his abhorrence for the material world and trigger a wish for death and an imaginary escape into “another dimension”. The problem with mankind comes in sequence first man’s rational power is limited; this limitation reduces his quality of life; reduced quality of life creates hatred for the material world; a hatred for the material world creates the fabrication of another dimension beyond the grave i.e. belief systems to make himself feel better about the present. Thus, if we go back through the sequence we will understand the fact that the source of irrationality, violence and death is man’s self-insufficiency and limitations.


Coming to the second point in the thesis: If you have observed closely just having the feeling of a racist attitude will trigger the attitude of racism on the other side of the fence. Having the feeling of imperialism will alarm others into becoming imperialists themselves; hatred creates more hatred; vindictiveness creates more revenge; love and compassion creates harmony; extreme communism creates radical capitalism; radical capitalism creates radical socialism; maleficence pushes people away and beneficence attracts people. Now, if people’s attitudes, their thoughts and feelings are responsible for their practical experiences then where does the so called supernatural god come into action?  If nature is self-automated; how is it possible for anything “super” to exist? Isn’t the above example enough evidence to suggest that nature itself is god?   Go out on an experiment to test the idea that nature is complete and human nature itself is responsible for all manifestations on earth rather than a “supernatural god”. God lies in nature― your feelings, thoughts, attitude, mood and over all physiology influences reality not in an idealistic manner— but in an objective manner and is also influenced by the outside world. Hence, we can say that nature as a whole is a self-determining and self-directing force. I think this is the reason that Aristotle made self-realization or self-development the correct path towards creating a better society. Here, we must take an important note that when Aristotle said self-realization he meant reaching your maximum potential which has a similar definition with self-enhancement or Transhumanism but in order to reach self-enhancement first one has to understand his nature; thus, when I use the term self-realization I do not mean self-development but self-understandinghaving an insight into how your mind and body works i.e. your physiology. So that it will easy for you to enhance it— if you have the technology or manage it. Because, if people understand their nature; then, they can self-regulate their behavior to create a harmonious society. If they understand that they are animals! With selfishness, belligerence and other animal characters; then, it will be easy to solve all social issues— because accepting the problem is part of the solution.


Therefore, as a conclusion—belief systems in the first place manifest due to thelimited brain capacity of human beingswhich restricts them from solving their disease, cleaning their environment and defeating death. In addition, theobliviousness aboutself-realization or understanding ones nature as a determining force―which should have compelled people to upgrade it― intellectually and physicallyin order to become self-sufficientare the major causes forthe creation of belief systemsin history and the danger that they present for mankind. In order to eliminate this danger presented by belief systems to mental, emotional, physical, social and economic wellbeing of the individual and society as a whole first we need to eliminate the creator of belief systems which is man’s limited brain capacity and his lack of self-understanding.



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