As is the case with many propositions, inventions, claims and products —there must be a method to distinguish between proposals and effective proposals; claims and effective claims. The only thing that differentiates facts from fiction; practicals from theories is pragmatism and efficacy.There are several claims in history and our only manner of declaring them as true is their sensibility and demonstrability. Thedevil is always in the details as the saying goes.I think what distinguishes a hypothesis, belief, and opinion from asolidfact is evidence. Basically,evidence can be divided into three things according to my understanding:

  • formula
  • blueprint
  • fossil

I have already said that human nature is not fully rational and the reason for digressing into mysticism is our limited rational faculty. Ithink we all should be slapped back to our senses once in a while when our lower self takes over our mind to turn us capricious and mystical animals to derail us from reason.Therefore, in order for any concept to pass the test and be a solid fact it must have a formula explaining in a terse manner its physiology and operations without error or bias. The difference between philosophy andscience is established by this very method.

In order to develop any product that could improve the lives of many in the society whether it is an electric car or a nootropic drug it must have an equation and a detail specification. Now, this is real science. If you have the intellect to come up with a design for any global issue; then your wish will be nature’s command; you will accomplish anything as long as you have the right formula. The main idea is that you must love the blackboard as a tool to formulate your designs and blueprints of an innovative product instead of running away from it into mystical mummery.

Some claimspropose“upcoming evidence” but upcoming evidence is not evidence until you see it but a system of hope.It may be probable or improbable as long as it stays material. It has a chance of being true as long as it is material. So you will be in a gambling situation waiting for “upcoming evidence” to show itself.  Other claims are non-material at all and here you just can dismiss it completely you don’t have to label as a theory or experimental concept because you will never be able to understand it. I think the challenge is with figuring out the nuts and bolts of your claim, product or theory and making it work and demonstrable for the entire world to see and most claimants have failed this procedure including “super naturalists” and other mystics with their perplexed proposals and arguments.

A real scientist or claimant has nothing to hide or has a need for chicanery― he provides his theory backed up by a working and sensible formula or blueprint for the benefit of all beings. Those cozeners who attempt to deceive people like magicians and imperialists are the biggest enemies of the rational mind as well as the wellbeing of the human race.The “forbidding mountain” as I like to call it which is organizing your concept, theory or product into something which works is avoided by many arguers in history instead of proving their claims they divert into totalitarianism, obscurancy, vagary and nihilism in order to subordinate the audience that has not been convinced by their “upcoming evidence” and heart melting emotional melodies and  speeches. If you have observed people who have a hard time convincing people through reason and evidence always digress into emotional techniques to convince people using terrorism, hope, and other similar techniques; but, unfortunately sensationalism can never be a foundation to any claim which has to be tested and work effectively.The “forbidding mountain” i.e. rationalism is always avoided by charlatans and dictators because it demands higher intelligence that they do not have; and their rational mind is dead. This is the root cause and foundation of all pseudosciences and authoritarian belief systems that exist today. In short, any claim should be dismissed promptly if it is immaterial, labeled hypothetical or experimental if it is material and in the process of research and finally, a fact if it is demonstrable in objective reality.




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