I have probably mentioned this topic somewhere else but I think it will be necessary to repeat it again because it is the source of confusion in many people. The question of “beginning” is meaningless because to inquire why there is nature? Is to inquire why there is a god; to inquire what makes nature go? Is to inquire what makes god go? Now, you cannot possibly find any answers to these questions―they are nonsensical.  Current experiments have proved that the material world is self-existent. So, instead of asking dead end questions which never bear fruit; we must inquire how does nature go?


So, for those people who are dreaming an eternal life beyond this one—it will never be because they are already living in one. Those people who think that this world is tentative and there awaits another dimension that is eternal and blissful are misguided. It is the uncomfortable nature of the material world that makes people to yearn for another world— which is ideal and mirthful because they failed in making this world better and mirthful. This uncomfortabililty is created due to the ignorance of the material world.

So basically there are two reasons why the question of priori is raised:

  • An error in logical thinking as stated above in the first paragraph.
  • The uncomfortable circumstances of life on earth due to natural ignorance as stated in the second paragraph.


There is a possibility that if we complete the understanding of nature which seems to be infinite we have a chance of creating a blissful utopia world right here in nature. I have said this so many times but I can’t get enough of repeating the statement that― the ignorance of nature is the culprit in all our suffering and unhappiness.


Instead of yearning for another world we need to rebuild this one into a possible utopia. Terraforming the universe to fit in with our needs and aspirations must be our preoccupation rather than composing threnodies and lamenting about our awful experiences in nature. This can only be performed through natural understanding. Hence, we must be engaged in all science subjects in order to figure out how to manipulate nature. This is the only way to create heaven on earth. If there is an issue with human nature then we can redesign it; if there is a problem with the Cosmos like an incoming asteroid disaster or pollution then we can figure out an equation on the white board as a remedy. Everything can be reduced to formulas even happiness which is considered by mystics as an “abstract” concept can be broken down into a simple chemical formula on the black board.


In order to create heaven on earth we need a huge work force of enthusiastic naturalists with huge brains to unravel and inscribe the formulas that could make this possible. We need children to be interested in naturalism rather spiritual escapism and schizophrenia. Thus, in general the problem which causes the question of “priori” to be raised in the first place is the distressing nature of life here on earth and in order to change this we need to comprehend that fact that understanding nature is the only salvation for mankind. Instead of imaging an ideal dimension we can terraform and placate the material world into a livable heaven for all sentient beings. Thus, as a terminal statement I would like to say: stop escaping and start understanding nature in order to augment the quality of life that you complain about due your ignorance of matter. You might say where do I start? Or how do I start solving all my issues? I will say start with a chalk and a blackboard. If you want to solve the challenging nature of life on earth by eradicating poverty; then, design a replicator which can give you food and attire. If you want to solve cancer; devise the molecular cure and so forth. By successfully accomplishing these tasks― you will eradicate the useless need to raise the questions of priori, supernatural god and “another dimension” because you are comfortable and successful right here on earth. This success will motivate you to value life and preserve it —rather than be in a self-mortifying rampage. This success will also help you to stop creating imaginary dimensions and illogical propositions like the priori argument.



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