The cold war between the west and soviet bloc since the establishment of USSR till its disintegration in 1991 has been the most notable competition between two ideologies in history capitalism and socialism/communism. None of these concepts are perfect they are not the ultimate truths they have advantages and disadvantages —especially communism which totally failed in creating a better society. Communism instead of eliminating monarchism that it considered the source of problem and evil which it vehemently opposed and overthrew ―it created the monarchy of the proletariat. On the other hand, the triumph and euphoria moment of capitalism seems to be at brink of desinence. The evolution of societies, social theories and ideologies seems to be heading towards transhumanism. This new concept brings the prospect of human nature transformation and self-sufficiency; which is the core idea to consider here. Which some consider as a treat to business, trade and even the society. In a social setting that we all live in today as frail humans there are facts that can never be dismissed —for example I need security from a fellow member of the society who can be my neighbor; but, is a police man in the airport as his official social duty because I am self- insufficient and cannot look after by safety all the time and in reverse  I can be a physician who provide health care to this man; therefore, a cycle of goods and services is established creating a society. But this concept of socialism where one member of the society is dependent and is the solution as well as the problem of the other member of the society has a possibility of becoming history when man enhances himself to become competent in intellect as well as in body.


The age of innovation and progress brings with it a change to how a society is structured and functions. The idealistic dream of communism which forgot to put under consideration epistemological realism and naturalism as well as consequentialism failed terribly in the eyes of global audience. The publication of the communist manifesto in 1848 which created so much hype to overwhelm the rational mind into delirium only created famine and schizophrenia where ever it was experimented on. Capitalism also with its side effect of pollution, worker rights abuse and exploitation seems to be on the brink of redundancy. The level of intelgnos is augmenting which is enabling people to envision a future where they will just ask for what they want they need not work anymore. For example, people do not need to buy wheat form a farmer to make dough and feed themselves for acquire their calories survive while in the process establishing trade with others. If they are built with a technology that can directly capture energy from the sun or dissipated forms of energy from the atmosphere here on earth they will be energy self-sufficient; this will be the end of famine and trade. This is currently science fiction but the equipment’s are already evolving like 3D printers which create objects that people want specifically designed to their needs. They are inchoate gadgets but we must understand that in evolutionary history nature has not created anything all at once. These gadgets will get better and better as time moves forward. I surmise that in the future people will draw a bread in their computer software and the replicator as an accessory just like a printer or scanner will 3D print the bread out of thin air by gathering carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the atmosphere to create a carbohydrate in real time just like atmospheric water vapor gatherer which creates potable water form thin air― which actually in fact exists today in the market and you can buy one.



This innovation will not be limited to pabulum but people’s attire, shoes, cars, organs and every necessity might be printed into order by the replicator.  Now, consider the consequence of this for a moment or two….there is a huge possibility that there would be a world which is close to a utopia; this will occur as human understanding of nature augments rapidly.  In hospitals people unfortunately, waiting for organs can print their organs at home using their stems cells in their own personal computer under the supervision of a health technician to ensure hygiene and efficacy and bring it to the hospital for transplant and surgery. They can do this without spending a dime in medical bills other than their surgery.  Technology is a very powerful disruptor of social order to the benefit of the society and sometimes to its damage. If people start printing everything they want and just asking for it; then it will be the end of the society as we know it. Now one will go to work anymore or has to work anymore.



Now if we consider that most advanced probability that technology can bestow other than just printing objects into order and assume that if people evolve into transformers; then, they do not need transportation, or medication from other society members they can fly to any destination as well as treat themselves by evolving into new disease resistant creatures just like bacteria and viruses in order to save themselves room ailments. Who needs Doctors if you can evolve just like bacteria to heal yourself? If this Sci-fi dream becomes a reality then what could possibly happen to the economy? There will be no economy! Everybody will be self-sufficient. Some people especially socialists say that people can never live in isolation or  be self-sufficient— they will be go insane; but, this argument only refers to humans and their current design; it is absolutely possible to create beings who are totally comfortable in isolation; the main determining factor is the design of that creature. So, socialism is not something written on stone it can be over turned. What is written on stone is the divinity of nature.



Profit has always been the means of survival for humanity; people without profit cannot survive. Eliminating profit has created famine and misery in every country it has been tested on with communist sensationalism. The hype of ideal communist society instead of creating a utopia as its founders surmised created a dystopia hell. In the reverse capitalism in order to create progress and growth has sucked the blood of workers and destroyed the environment to the extent it has become a treat to human existence.  We should always remember that any theory can only be judged by its benefit, sensibility, demonstrability and most of all consequences on the ground. Even though capitalism is a source of survival; the success and pavilion it built is founded on the corpse of workers and dead environment.



Therefore, as a conclusion the evolution of any society is inevitable. The society in general from ancient times till today has gone along the path from communal existence, capitalist individualism and now it is transcending into a transhumanist self-existence― even though no man on the planet today is self-sufficient and still lives in a society. But, there is ample evidence to suggest that the transformation of the human organism is already underway slowly by the increasing number of cyborgs that live among us today. If this progress continues then there is a huge possibility that capitalism and socialism as social theories have to eventually leave their place to transhumanism.



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