An Invitation to salvation and divinity

I know that the title of this article sounds mystical and spiritual but what I mean by the terms salvation and divinity as old terminologies is nothing but rescue and self-existence by the means of natural understanding respectively. Our ancestors used these terms in a mystical sense but we will translate them by using their synonyms and use them in a strictly materialistic sense.  As I have said elsewhere rescue from all our challenges whether it is disease or poverty comes from understanding nature i.e.  Drugs are developed from the understanding we get from patho-physiology and industries which create jobs are established based on inventions and serendipity discoveries of devices like the telephone or an application like Facebook which grows into a company to hire many jobless people eliminating poverty in the process and maximizing happiness.


Intelgnos has no limitations it might even enable us to reach the stage of self-existence; the automatic domino effect that could occur after masterdom.  I cannot place a limitation on what intelgnos can do for us; what could be the limitations of pansophy? Is there a limit to natural phenomenon? There may be a limitation on what we are able to know but how could there be a limit on the modulus of natural process?  I think intelgnos is infinite just like numbers in mathematics or the level of melodies that one is able to compose from a keyboard. The manner on how nature could operate can only be infinite and to understand this infinity means to master nature and render ourselves free from any challenge. If you look in any direction and into any time-span in history what has created and is creating wealth and health is intelgnos.


The discovery of fire as a great invention by our ancestors lead to better health and nutrition; the discovery of iron and bronze smelting techniques from their ores lead to a better tools to manage the natural world and render it tamable to reduce the level of distress and low quality of life associated with intelagnos. This understanding gave higher yields in agriculture by the utilization of better tools; better yields meant better nutrition and better nutrition meant longevity. The discovery of microbes as causes of malady gave people a blissful and longer life spans. The discovery of anesthesia provided painless surgery and relief to patients and families alike. All these happiness came from the understanding of nature or what is called intelgnos in amystology. There continues several challenges in our times today which deserve remedies like epidemics, anti-ageing cures, space travel and successful cryonics.  These challenges need solutions; they will be the homework of our generation just like epidemic disease was the home work of Louis Pasteur and celestial mechanics was the homework of Isaac Newton who effectively solved their homework.


Some of today’s generation is indolent and more ignorant as well as ragingly superstitious than ancient peasants; which makes you think that the concept of tabula rassa stated by John Locke is absolutely right; people are born ignorant it does not matter at what time in history unless otherwise they work hard to empower themselves; but there still is hope that the current generation will come back to the righteous path of natural investigation and understanding with a strong conviction on natural absolutism.


Saving humanity from itself demands fortitude and great wisdom. If there was an idiocy-meter to measure the level of naivety and ignorance including my own on the planet to quantify our level of immaturity and ignorance about nature and overall general wisdom the meter will explode on our face. We already have the statue of liberty, and other monumental symbols on the planet. Even though, we do not have it physically but theoretically we have the statue of ignorance in the middle of the North Pole with a huge red bulb flashing and a sign which reads welcome to the indolent planet where mysticism reigns and naturalists fight for cover. There are several threats that endanger the survival of humanity including our unstable mood, bestial nature, competition for resources, nationalism, racism, idealism, imperialism, sexism, morbid selfishness, and even science which can be used for evil purposes like what happened when Japan went on its nihilistic rampage in Asia and the world using hi-tech research to make superbugs and other weapons to attack its victims.


Despite the odds and impossibility of our nature we must manage the salvation of the human race and other sentient beings— save them from suffering, self-extinction and death. One of the reasons that I started this blog was to combat one of the sources of suffering and self-extinction which is idealism and all its branches from antiquity till today. Mythology can be one of the threats to happiness, longevity and immortality. Now days, people are so naïvely superstitious that if there was a holy dirt they will  wear it; if there was a holy under garment on eBay they will buy it. They do not understand the dangers posed by idealism and its branches to the happiness of humanity.


All systems i.e. cultures, political systems, social systems which promote totalitarianism, suffering, and death of the individual are immoral and unethical ―systems which promote individual choice, happiness and longevity are ethical and commendable. Starting from the days of Plato’s times of mystical and superstitious systems like that of the religion of Apollo and so on till today that saturate  our 21st century with different labels like Scientology, and Biocentrism are all identical bottles with the same content called mysticism. Apollo’s religion is no different from Christianity’s mysticism and Buddhist mysticism is no different from Islamic mythology; they are all the same branches that extend from the tree of idealism planted in naivety, vagary and delusion.  They all symbolize spiritual escapism: an attempt to shun the natural world— because it is hard to fathom and manipulate. The major problem with idealism and which makes it a major threat for extinction is that it makes people irrational, and delusional as well as dismissive about the natural world and this very fact makes it a threat to self-existence and one of the possible threats for the extinction of the human race among several others mentioned above— this is why I choose to combat it using amystology to empower humanity and liberate them from the shackles of myth― that they have embraced by custom and naively defend rabidly; thinking that all systems of idealism have some benefit to mankind; which is absolutely wrong.  Therefore, this blog i.e. CAMIDRCS stands in combatting one of the threats to human progress, happiness and longevity. At least I am combatting one and it is up to you to combat the rest to ensure the endurance of man in nature in order to reach self-existence.



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