I am seriously exhausted about writing another criticism on mythology and defunct concepts of antiquity. But for the sake of convenience in order to finish this article I would like to point out that supernaturalism as a bestselling traditional oxymoron propagated by sensationalism is still the source of global hype and dogma. By forwarding their pillar argument “because nobody created themselves; therefore, there must be a creator.” They aspire to rule the world. First of all nobody denied the existence of a determining force which is nature and second just because nature is not a person with face just like you have hoped ― it that does not mean that you are not totally determined by nature. Your yearning for a personal god that will stick its head out of the clouds to call your name and rub your head in clemency will never exist just because you want it to be so.


Nature is not a personal god. It is a force that we know little about and still is under investigation. The reason why mystics and their dupes think there is another dimension is either due to naivety or schizophrenia. The voices and images that believers hear and see makes them think that there is another dimension and makes them feel they are on the right direction. They provide as evidence these delusions as proofs for the existence of “supernatural” entity. We should also note that what ancient and current mystics call revelations are symptoms of schizophrenia i.e. voices and images. So holy books are diaries of mad men who inscribe what their voices in their heads dictate to them. Who would in the right mind wants to slaughter his son as was the case with Abraham?


Anyways, our ancestors thought that their experiences of delusion where a great discovery that emanated from a “holy” dimension; they promoted the manner of being delusional to other fellow humans thinking that― it is an indispensible virtue that any man must embrace; they merged some moral values with delusional spiritualism to create what we call a system of faith. A great mental illness was conjugated with moral values, social systems and the yearly calendar to create several branches of faith in history. Thanks to natural studies and investigation most of our ignorance about the natural world has been solved —propelling us into the era of natural absolutism and the end of mysticism. We today have established that the material world is not made up of “spirits” but various atomic particles which determine us all; we have established thanks to logic that two opposite qualities create an absence; thanks to several fallacies identified we now know how to distinguish and purge our language from erroneous patterns of thinking that could lead us to extinction. All these discoveries have driven us out from dark superstition to bright rationalism. Dispelling any attempt to mystify and spiritualize reality in the process.


Dualism has ended up becoming a form delusion called the god delusion just like delusional parasitosis which is impairment where people think that they are infected by parasites crawling under their skin. Its epistemology has failed terribly as well as its metaphysics. It can be true that we cannot expect people or our ancestors at the time of Abraham to have an understanding of the natural world that we in 21st century have in order for them to become atheists and even immoralists it was absolutely natural for people at ancient times to be mystical and spiritual as well as super natural because of technological ignorance and lack of experimentation.


Today, we have so much intelgnos we are bragging to be immortal ―this is how far we have come from superstition to naturalism. Thus, we can see the progress of humanity from polytheism to pending selftheism. This is a progress and should never be hindered by past dead theories and concepts; the evolution of human understanding of nature must proceed in a linear pathway in to infinity. Thus, all antique theories including the god theory and supernaturalism must surrender and succumb to new developments and advances in natural understanding and discovery this is the right direction. This is how humanity can reach its maximum potential and become happy.


The reason that the number of atheists and immortalists is increasing globally is a sign of the evolution of the society into great stages. It is not the success of natural science but the failure of supernaturalism to either make sense or be evident which made it a dead antique rudimentary theory which can only convince our ancestors and some shallow 21st people. Even if it was the success of science that creates more naturalists; it can only be said that at least naturalists are sensible enough to follow the evidence and support realism unlike spiritualists who are in a state of delirium. In another perspective I cannot totally blame antique philosophies for being puerile and brutal with their childish fables and brutal punishments; because, this exactly reflects the mental structure and character of the dwellers in ancient times— they were shallow and rowdy; therefore, the formulators of Christianity and Islam needed to be as simple as kindergarten teachers and as brutal as pirates in order to set peace and order in the society.

There is no need for puerility or brutality in order to manage the society today; 21st century man is more sophisticated in certain aspects than ancient peasants he does not need hype about another dimension, fables, or reprimand of afterlife to reach his maximum potential and behave in a society; he just needs to be dignified, liberated, empowered enough to understand his nature and enhanced with technologies to reach self-existence. A better society could only be created when man becomes preoccupied only with nature as his source of challenge as well as happiness. The emotional hype of afterlife is an outdated method of creating a better society— it has expired to the extent that it has become toxic  to the health of the individual and the society as we can witness from the current world events of supernatural nihilism happening in Middle East and all over the world by mystical terrorist.  It is those people that are inebriated by expired toxic ideology that are becoming nuisance to world peace, stability, growth and happiness. Let us dispose of old defunct theories of supernaturalism driven by sensationalism and irrationality that do not fit in with our age in order to create new ones― that will facilitate and welcome the coming of a bright future for mankind; a future of science and technology; let us create new ethical and moral values in a referendum putting under consideration the character and maturity of 21st century man; which can benefit every segment of the society; as well as which supports futurism and naturalism rather than be a hindrance.


Progress is inevitable the society will evolve whether we like it or not. Thus, there is a need to surrender to new evidence and developments in epistemology, metaphysics and ethics.   People today are more attracted towards realism and rationalism than mythologies and sensationalism. The systems of mythology and sensationalism of yesterday are inapplicable today— due to the rapid evolution of societies.


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  1. Great, rational thinking comes around to this view again and again but all individuals do not follow the same reasoning and often avoid reasoning. All the religious and mystical beliefs and practices have a free run where reasoning has no value or need.


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