Q: Do you have a religion?

No, I do not have a religion. Religion is a branch of idealism. I do not think that my mind is a “spirit” because I know that my mind is material. It is electricity made up of electrons— because I can see it on an EEG monitor and record its frequency. I can literally measure my consciousness. The consciousness is not a mystery. It is through electrons that I store and make memories similar with a computer.  I do not believe that by closing my eyes and dreaming a better world or praying as it is normally called will give me better experiences in objective reality. In this very process of “praying” you are attempting to influence the material world with your mind just like a little girl. This will automatically make religion a branch of idealism. It is natural understanding and the technology that comes out of it that will give you a better experience in the natural world. It is only natural understanding that will save you from a plane crash, ailment, poverty, asteroid impact, global warming, environmental pollution, predator, Cosmic radiation, accidents and just about any issue you can think of―this is the reason why amystology places a huge emphasis on self-enhancement as an ethical principle which entails omniscience or pansophy— omniscience will automatically bestow omnipotence and self-existence bring desinence to all suffering and unhappiness. This is the right direction forward.

Q: Do you think it is necessary that people should believe?

Absolutely not! The overall concept of having a belief comes from idealism. Your beliefs can never influence the outcomes of objective reality. It is only natural understanding that can influence and manipulate nature. Amazingly there are people who still believe that the earth is flat.  In a hope that when they open their eyes they will discover a flat earth. They want to show a brave face for the world in a time where their defunct theories that they inherited from ancient shepherds have been already dead and buried.

Q: Okay, What about ethics and morality a society needs regulation in order to function and not to descend into nihilism. What is your proposal?

All legal, moral and ethical issues are debatable. This includes political systems, economical systems and social systems i.e. cultures, norms, social codes, ethics and morality. These regulations must be up for discussion by the individuals who make up the society in a referendum to promulgate or rescind what they think is in alignment with their interest and their wellbeing. What is not debatable is the issue of epistemology and metaphysics.

Q: So you are saying that all “systems of idealism” as you like to call them are futile? Some people think you are arrogantly realistic?

I do not have an option but to be arrogantly realistic because that is what my nature dictates as a material animal; any digression from materialism is bane and ―yes, I do not just think they are futile but extremely dangerous because they derail people from reality. They are cults of obscurancy and thralldom. They do not want you to be inquisitive, empower yourself, choose what is best for your interest and reach your maximum potential. They are created by people who are obsessed with the font size of their names and the modulus of their subjects to their dreams rather than the success and triumph of humanity.

Q: But you cannot prove the non-existence of all claims made by idealists and mystics. So how could you possibly be right?

First of all we should always be very careful not to fall in the traps of semantics and word tricks. I cannot even prove the existence of immaterial objects even if they were right in front of my face due the issue of ammactivity [1]. Can you prove the non-existence of vampires? Can you prove the non-existence of fairies? Can you prove the non-existence of unicorns?  Can you the non-existence of ghosts?  We cannot even prove the existence of these things let alone their non-existence. All are fictive! I think most people fall for these type of word tricks. They do not understand their design and what they are capable of comprehending. These types of tricks hinder the rational mind and make it a subject for cult leaders. But if people look closely and analyze them carefully they will find them to be full of fallacies.

Q: Some people say that even if idealism is bogus it gives them meaning and emotional stability. So why do you want to eliminate a system that makes people stable?

True meaning only comes from truth. Placebos do not work but fool people that they work. Where, in fact their illness spreads its root in their frames. It is the same thing with idealism and spiritualism. It may console people by its descants and opulent visage to condone the fact that they are in a drowning ship by forcing them to stare into space rather than to the ground to admire the beauty of night stars and just admit death. Which is more dangerous than beneficial; people must figure out how to save their ship from drowning by rational means; their ship is earth and the passengers are all sentient beings rather than fool themselves that the world is a blissful gift from a higher being which will be revealed after death. We need to figure out how to survive a natural calamity and dying star by getting our metaphysics right and strengthening our technology to usher in longevity and even immortality to the triumph of humanity in nature. There is no meaning is death. Life after death is the bestselling subterfuge of all times. If you fall for this trick you will fall for anything.

Q: How do you know that there is no after life?

First of all I will ignore the naivety of your question but I will answer it by saying that the reality of all extant entities are measured by man’s observation and understanding. If you cannot observe then you can never know. How can a dead man with a decomposing brain observe life after death?

Q: So you are saying that whether we like it or not nature is the only dimension? And there is no escaping through it and a need to believe in anything; but, there is a need to understand nature in order to make people happy?


Q: Any last remarks?

I am nature. Hence, I am



[1] Ammactivity in amystology defines a phenomenon where an immaterial object as long as it is immaterial can never interact with a material object. Hence, can never be known.