One of the most concerning issues as long as there is a society is the issue of morality or what needs to be the norm of a particular society? How should people behave in a society? What should be moral and immoral? This is a very contentious issue. But the solution is so simple and it lies in materialism; which is behavioral design. Considering the unshakable truth of natural absolutism; what else could ever be a solution except natural understanding even to ethics and morality? Yes, the completeness of nature compels us to only seek solutions exclusively inside it and morality is not an exception. Human behavior is the result of complex natural physiology and this physiology and natural process can only be altered or modified by natural science through technology.


Some people might raise the issue that once we start alerting and modifying human nature, then it will be a slippery slope towards nihilism; but I beg to differ because it does not matter how complete our understanding of nature is; the choice that we make to either do good or evil using this understanding is solely on our conscience. It is possible that evil people could use science and natural understanding to create evil events like for example soldiers can be designed to be merciless killers without any conscience or microbes can be altered to be extremely deadly; nuclear fission technology can be used to create pandemonium and so on. Here, intelgnos can be used to do evil or good—so people advised that they must always use their freaking conscience to always do well for the benefit of all sentient beings.


Therefore, ethics and morality are the business of natural science not social sciences. Large voluminous and rosy mystical texts of regulations may look very appealing at face value but are utterly futile on the ground in regulating human nature. “Thou shall not fornicate” may look very colorful on paper but cannot restraint the forces of hormones that rage in our blood streams and the lustful genes that we are born with. The laws and wishes of man can never prevail over the dictums of natural forces. The act of promulgating ethical and moral codes cannot be anything other than symbolic gestures because these laws are going to be broken by the human design.


We are nature; hence, we are. If this so what could be the solution to human behavior and society regulation except a natural formula? The most astonishing thing about the natural world and our experiences― is that even our mood is chemical! I mean how totalitarian and complete do you want nature to be? How much evidence does it take to convince people that they are completely material starting from their thoughts to their physical body? The reason as I said elsewhere why people divert to superstitious madness searching for “supernatural morality” is due to either naivety, intelagnos or fear of the unknown. Ignorance most commonly triggers fear which triggers systems of reverie and irrationality. Whether, we like or not we are completely material; at this very moment you might state a rebuttal by saying— is the material world conscious does it feel happiness, ire, and joy? And I will be straight forward to your face and say that the organized material world can think, feel and ponder! And that organized material object is you and other sentient beings.You might continue with your rebuttal by stating— who is organizer of the organized? I will say the laws of nature.


Theology can never be a source of morality; god as an expression of human weakness and natural ignorance is always invoked when human intelligence and capability run out.If Theo-mythology was really credible in enforcing any benefit for the society; it would have made people mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and economically healthy. But its contributions are in reverse―just like other branches of idealism it isa totalitarian cult of self-destruction; which upsets the balance of nature. The flawed perception that it is invaluable for morality comes from the ignorance that human behavior is not natural; which is horribly wrong because nature is complete; human behavior cannot be anything else but natural. Therefore, in order to deal with ethics people either need to be thought to understand their nature or alter it in accordance to their preference and expected outcome. They are advised to understand their nature in order to exhibit a behavioral change just by rationally managing their attitudes as in the case of behavioral therapy which is just solved by discussion or by altering the human organism through chemicals and physical extensions which may be invasive but is a solution to create a harmonious society.


Behavioral design is not somethingexotic it is already happening for example psychiatrist prescribe anti-mania drugs inorder to regulate human behavior to bring it to what is considered normal; what is normal? Well, that is up for discussion by the individuals that make up the society. But, any ways chemical alteration or bio hacking as it is called today of the human organism aiming for the good is not outlandish.In short, there may be some ethical issues which can be solved just by cultural training and dialogue but others may demand physical and chemical alterations of the human body in order to create a civil society without a need to digress to mystical morality.