Nothing is designed and life exists due to chance and necessity

Life exists due to accident and necessity. When Democritus said that “everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity” he was spot on ―because even though quantum physics did not exist at his time he was pointing to the fact that: there were two worlds at existence— the quantum world (microscopic) were all the physical, chemical, and mathematical laws of nature break down to create some sort of madness were uncertainty reigns. And the physical (macroscopic) world which is predictable due to the physical, chemical, and mathematical laws that determines celestial bodies as well as biological organisms. Thus, Democritus was right― manifestations in nature occur due to probability and necessity not due to a “design.” The universe exists due to probability (chance) i.e. big bang and life exists due to necessity i.e. evolution end of story. But the funny thing is that people as well as governments do not like to hear this; due to the fact that they lack control over their destinies or experiences. This lack of control or uncertainty on which the universe operates as I said somewhere else will create a sense of insecurity—which triggers vagary rather than reason. This is where all belief systems and mystical organizations come into existence. If man had a total control over his destiny― there would never have been a need for rituals and a single belief system or irrational cult on earth. Thus, unfortunately for us the universe is both governed by probability and necessity. There is noting we can do for probability but we can manage the macroscopic world of order and laws if we have the motivation and the ample intelligence to make it happen.


At the time of our infancy and even at teenage years when we were shallow and immature we were dragged by our naïve parents and guardians (Note: I do not have anything against parents and guardians I am just pointing out their error in embracing mysticism I love my  both parents very much! There is no currency in the world that I could use to repay my debt to my parents who looked after me when I couldn’t and raised me with love that nature instilled upon them) to mystical institutions either to church or the mosque in order to swallow the erroneous doctrines and propaganda of mystics that life is a design, we are from “another dimension” and we are not from this world and so on. But when we grow up, get more matured and sophisticated we start to question these irrational and fallacious propositions which contradict with our daily experiences and our observations as well as commonsense by asking apt questions like: if our origin is really form another dimension why can’t anybody remember anything about the dimension that he supposedly came from? Why can’t we remember the length, width, color and overall nature of this supposedly “another dimension”?  Nobody in the world even in all of history including the Pope himself have any memories of another dimension. If this is the case how can we say that life is a “creation” and we are from another dimension? Mystics will be quick to respond by saying “You have the idea of god; which proves you are form another dimension.” Well, I will reply by saying that I have an idea of vampires too— so, does that mean that vampires also exist in heaven? Does the existence of subjects necessitate the existence of objects? Do subjects like vampires, unicorns, dragon, etc. have representative objects in objective reality? Just because I have an idea of them ―so does this means that they must be real? Subjects do not necessitate the existence of objects! Therefore, the argument that life is a design and we came from another dimension is in conflict with reason, commonsense and daily observations. Go on an experiment today in your life and observe your experiences and objective reality —observe the lives of humans as well as other creatures see how they make a living; observe their struggle to survive and finally you will come to the conclusion that life exists due to necessity not due to a gift from a beneficent master. All creatures need to be fit to exist; there exists a struggle for survival on earth which kills the very idea of beneficence or providence. In your experiment you will continue to observe that only the powerful and advanced creatures get to high positions or in other words get to survive and live longer. The strongest or the wisest always sit at the top and the rest are eliminated. Now, ask yourself the question if only the fittest survive in any mammalian colony including humans where the rich and gifted always take their place at the highest order of society; which is also true for other animals in the animal kingdom; then, where is the providence in all of this? Where is your loving father who designed the world for you to live without any strain? How can he set a system of competition and brutality as the natural order in life if he is supposed to be “merciful” and “beneficent”? If life is designed why is there a competition to survive?


Finally, you will come to the conclusion that our existence on this tiny blue speck is marred by selfishness and competition because you are not designed but adapted and evolved due to necessity in  an enabling environment due to the existence of all necessary elements for  life like a molten core which enables earth to have a magnetic shield to foster life; a perfect mass to create enough gravity to hold on to atmosphere; a perfect distance from its perfect star to possess a large volume of liquid water as an incubator for life.


So the last question after all your observation that might come to your mind might be: should we take advantage of the rise of life by promoting life extension, self-enhancement, and self-sufficiency or should we continue on our path of self-deception and mummery thinking that life is a design and we just need to be embrace one of the belief systems on the planet and go extinct? A wise man will always choose the former; because it is sapient to always follow your commonsense, verifiable as well as verified data rather than cajole yourself with a system of hope ―it does not matter whether it is supernatural or natural because systems of hope cannot solve practical issues and explain practical observations. They just suspend people in a state of delirium.


I therefore, think that we need not be afraid of nature and our evolution we need to take advantage of probability that created the universe and positioned our planet in the perfect spot for us to evolve. Our anxiety over lack of control over our experiences should not depress and motivate us to establish mystical systems. We can at least manage the macroscopic world governed by mathematical and physicals laws by understanding how it works. As the wise saying states—understanding nature is the beginning of all wisdom. And true salvation could only come from the utilization of this wisdom to ameliorate our conditions on earth to relieve ourselves from any challenge posed by blind nature. which we can  apply to maximize our quality of life and make ourselves live longer, travel faster and further in space-time, develop other worlds,  and most importantly change our nature to evolve in to a higher form  to  create  blissful experiences in objective reality anywhere in the multiverse.


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“Oh! Believer thou moste take advantage of evolution in order to save thyself from extinction.”



The Dialogue-IV

Q: What are the branches of mysticism?

A: It basically has two branches supernatural mysticism and natural mysticism.

Q: What creates mysticism?

A: The abhorable design of man who is a mixture of mediocre intelligence and savage beast. This fact will create the limitations of the human brain capacity which is responsible for all complains. This in this process most often even if people get their metaphysics right they will get their epistemology wrong. As an example we can see supernatural mysticism which is both terribly wrong in metaphysics as well as epistemology but natural mysticism is at least metaphysically right because they embrace natural absolutism; but their method engaging with nature is wrong. Hence, natural mysticism can be tolerated but should never be encouraged.

Q: What is the right metaphysical and epistemological direction?

A: Pure reason (manner of engaging with nature) and naturalism (the manner of reality)

Q: What fosters mysticism?

A: Naivety, ignorance and the limited human cortex.

Q: What is the long term and short term threats of mysticism?

A: In general, mysticism is a degrading force; it destroys all branches of hedonism leading to self-extinction rather than self-existence.

Q:What is the solution for eradicating all branches of mysticism?

A: I think on solution can be redesigning the human species purely on rational grounds without any emotive and bestial nature with a higher cognitive capability which reduces the need for metaphysical as well as epistemological digressions.

Q: Do you think there is a free will?

A: All creatures behave in accordance with their design. Their design determines their behavior; thus, free will is does not exist. All creatures are determined by their physio-chemistry.

Q: Many mystics nowadays think that mysticism is necessary either to establish order, morality, and consolation in a society. What do you say to that argument?

A: The only thing mysticism is good at establishing is nothing but disorder in people’s mental, emotional, physical, social and economic wellbeing.I have already mention why mysticism can never be the source of morality —a creature with canines and balls is not designed to be ethical he is designed to a beast thus clothing him with opulent spiritual attire can never make him moral or the model of the ideal character.Consolation comes after calamity and all calamities occur due to man’s limitations― that mysticism sustains and obstructs from been purged. So mysticism sustains the perpetual cycle between limitation and calamity.

Q: If this is so what is the cure for humanity is general?

A: Self-existence by means of pure reason.






A Call To Pure Reason

I personally think that there is nothing impossible in the natural world as long as you have the right formula or in ancient mystical terminology “the right spell” to accomplish it. The problem lies with man’s capability and ingenuity in producing this formula. In ancient time witches and sorcerers as primordial scientists attempted to manipulate nature by their potions, concoctions, trepanations, and spells. This crude and irrational manner of engaging with nature has been refined today in the modern world to include check and balances, mathematics, peer review and other methods to make our approach in engaging nature and the material world effective.


The natural world is fascinating but complicated. The job of unraveling this intricacy is achieved by rationalism. I have called rationalism the forbidding mountain that no one likes to climb especially idealists and mystics even though all rewards await anyone who can accomplish the journey. The people who chicken out are called idealist and super naturalists whereas; the people who accomplish are called realists and naturalists.



World leaders trouble themselves with the never ending questions of solutions for world hunger, violence, climate change, ethics and morality, as well as epidemics and ailments. Now, we must inquire the questions whether food aid can solve world hunger? Can more militarization and security which violates people’s privacy solve the threat of violence and terrorism on the planet? Can cascades of seminars one after the other solve climate change? Can spiritual or secular scriptures or documents solve morality issues contradicting the natural coding of human nature? Can pandemonium and wailing before empty space solve epidemics and pestilence? We must understand that all these approaches are wrong and are attempts to run away from the fording mountain. All that we ever wanted lies at the top of this mountain we just need to have the fortitude to climb it.


Once, man digresses away from rationalism he establishes societies, states, and mysticism to compensate for the deficit of pure reason that would have made him self-sufficient; he diverts in behavior to become obscurant to anyone who wants to the climb the mountain, by being totalitarian, and a sadist as well as death loving. Pure reason has been pointed out as a solution for man’s problems it is up to us to embrace it to reach masterdom or digress from it to live in a world of limitations and unhappiness in a society. The worst enemies of pure reason are mysticism, idealism, dualism, statism, and etc. In mysticism, idealism and dualism man herded away from the mountain and is forced to be totally detached from reality. In statism or socialism instead of eliminating his weakness― man is forced by the state to depend on other equally weak members of the society to compensate for his limitations that he is incapable of eradicating by climbing the forbidding mountain to develop effective technologies.


People inquire how in the world they would solve their issues like polluted environment and other issues just by pure reason, a blackboard and a chalk. We as rational people must answer develop a technique to degrade plastics and neutralize nuclear waste using your black board.  They might continue their criticism by asking: how can I solve global violence? Develop creatures that are not naturally coded to be violent in the first place. How do I solve world hunger? Develop a replicator. How do I cure global diseases? Develop the molecule responsible as a remedy. As a bottom line I would say: don’t run away from pure reason and the blackboard― because you will never be able to find any solution outside it and you will be compelled to return.


I challenge any one on the planet even in history to come up with a genuine and permanent solution than pure reason, the blackboard and the formula that they yield. Nobody can step up to this challenge with a genuine and permanent solution because any solution provided will either be temporary, even worse or claptrap. Alternative medicine for example may provide emotional cajole and solace for its victims as a placebo effect —but never cure the underlying disease. Carbon dioxide or nuclear waste trapping under earth’s crusts to solve environmental pollution may avoid temporary poisoning or damage ―but can never solve environmental pollution permanently because currently people do not have the formula to pacify radioactive uranium and will be a threat to our decedents as long they stay biological. Militarization and more security might keep the peace on the ground but cannot change the natural coding of bestial man.


Immanuel Kant’s book “The critic of pure reason” is the gravest mistake in history placing him and anyone who thinks his proposal is right on the wrong side of history. Because by writing a book as a critique of the only effective remedy for all of humanities issues he advertised his shallowness and some would say idiocy to the world. He should have written a book as a critique of idealistic escapism in order to push and encourage people to climb the forbidding mountain to claim their solutions and mirth. Saving himself the embarrassment on history as well as saving mankind from extinction instead of floundering in  delirium in his so called” transcendental idealism”


Finally, to conclude the article I would like to encourage people to embrace as well as exercise pure reason, engage the blackboard as much as possible even though our intelligence and nature might not allow it —because it is in our interest to do so in order to reach self-existence and usher in a new era of natural masterdom rather than natural thralldom i.e. slavery to the forces of nature.



“The more man understands nature and is able to develop “spells” or equations to manipulate it ―the more godly and blissful he becomes— he can feed himself, heal self and change himself; he will never have a need for socialism, capitalism or mysticism; he will basically become what mystics call divine; he will render himself omnipotent. But, in order to accomplish all these tasks—first he must develop a strong bond for pure reason and the blackboard where he will develop the necessary “spells” or the equations.”

The Threat of belief systems to longevity, immortality and human happiness

Extreme believers are more dangerous than normal believers because they will be the ones experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia i.e. images and voices just like Abraham; which makes them think that there is another dimension. Hence, they are more “convinced” about their beliefs than ordinary believers―who are just naïve into thinking that there is another world. Extreme believers are a huge treat for the wellbeing of any society; hence, they must be closely watched and monitored not to inflict violence on themselves or on others.These individuals will be experiencing one of the delusions called the god delusion which is not yet incorporated into the DSM-5 manual but which should be―because it is the source of irrationality, terrorism, child abuse and other societal ills that we behold today.The other problem with a belief system which is concocted by shallow charlatans and imperialists is that it opens the door for the exploitation of naïve individuals who do not understand the corrupt nature of allbelief systems in general as I have said elsewhere. A belief system and force always go hand in hand or in tandem as Ayn rand stated in her book Faith and force: The destroyers of the modern world; because, in order to gain acceptance by the public formulators of belief systems always use emotional and physical force in order to propagate their unreasonable and unverified or sometimes unverifiable claims. The only way to promote claptrap is by sensationalism and physical force because their claims do not and will not exist in reality. Therefore, as a thesis I would say belief systems make people delirious,emotional, belligerent, psychotic and death loving; there would be no need for belief systems, violence, threnodies, and death craving—if men understood their weak nature i.e. self-realize, self-enhance and became self-sufficient.


I should ask the question: Should we ever lament why our world today is inundated in so much violence and nihilism? Absolutely not, because the source of all violence is belief and the vagary which follows it rather than fact and reason―even though there are other reasons which can be sources of violence as well.I absolutely understand that thecurrent stage of evolution on the planet is temporary as time moves forward the next creatures that will inherit earth and the Cosmos are expected to be more rational and more powerful i.e. intellectually and physically than puny man who possesses afrail mental and physical power; which are his sources of suffering; consequentially, extensive suffering on earth brings about his abhorrence for the material world and trigger a wish for death and an imaginary escape into “another dimension”. The problem with mankind comes in sequence first man’s rational power is limited; this limitation reduces his quality of life; reduced quality of life creates hatred for the material world; a hatred for the material world creates the fabrication of another dimension beyond the grave i.e. belief systems to make himself feel better about the present. Thus, if we go back through the sequence we will understand the fact that the source of irrationality, violence and death is man’s self-insufficiency and limitations.


Coming to the second point in the thesis: If you have observed closely just having the feeling of a racist attitude will trigger the attitude of racism on the other side of the fence. Having the feeling of imperialism will alarm others into becoming imperialists themselves; hatred creates more hatred; vindictiveness creates more revenge; love and compassion creates harmony; extreme communism creates radical capitalism; radical capitalism creates radical socialism; maleficence pushes people away and beneficence attracts people. Now, if people’s attitudes, their thoughts and feelings are responsible for their practical experiences then where does the so called supernatural god come into action?  If nature is self-automated; how is it possible for anything “super” to exist? Isn’t the above example enough evidence to suggest that nature itself is god?   Go out on an experiment to test the idea that nature is complete and human nature itself is responsible for all manifestations on earth rather than a “supernatural god”. God lies in nature― your feelings, thoughts, attitude, mood and over all physiology influences reality not in an idealistic manner— but in an objective manner and is also influenced by the outside world. Hence, we can say that nature as a whole is a self-determining and self-directing force. I think this is the reason that Aristotle made self-realization or self-development the correct path towards creating a better society. Here, we must take an important note that when Aristotle said self-realization he meant reaching your maximum potential which has a similar definition with self-enhancement or Transhumanism but in order to reach self-enhancement first one has to understand his nature; thus, when I use the term self-realization I do not mean self-development but self-understandinghaving an insight into how your mind and body works i.e. your physiology. So that it will easy for you to enhance it— if you have the technology or manage it. Because, if people understand their nature; then, they can self-regulate their behavior to create a harmonious society. If they understand that they are animals! With selfishness, belligerence and other animal characters; then, it will be easy to solve all social issues— because accepting the problem is part of the solution.


Therefore, as a conclusion—belief systems in the first place manifest due to thelimited brain capacity of human beingswhich restricts them from solving their disease, cleaning their environment and defeating death. In addition, theobliviousness aboutself-realization or understanding ones nature as a determining force―which should have compelled people to upgrade it― intellectually and physicallyin order to become self-sufficientare the major causes forthe creation of belief systemsin history and the danger that they present for mankind. In order to eliminate this danger presented by belief systems to mental, emotional, physical, social and economic wellbeing of the individual and society as a whole first we need to eliminate the creator of belief systems which is man’s limited brain capacity and his lack of self-understanding.


What Creates Superstition?


For any observer who observes the attitude of mystics and superstitious people and seeks the reason for the creation of various gods and source of superstition in history starting from ancient Greeks until today— he will reach to three conclusions. Idealism in general and religion in particular are the products or creations of man’s fear of nature i.e. the fact that man is  isolated in a gigantic cosmos without any compact or terse explanation on what to make of his surrounding and give meaning to it. Ignorance of nature i.e. the fact that he lacks the understanding on how it works and finally the lack of control over nature i.e. the incapability on how to control nature. Finally, all these things contribute to emotional instability and physical suffering. Now, let us see the three reasons for the creation of gods and spiritual heresy in detail.


The fear of nature comes from the fact that mankind is isolated in a huge cosmos just like an orphan without any notes to explain to him where he is and what he is living in. The weirdness of the cosmos and fact that he is the only conscious creature always bewilders him—which trigger his insecurity. Instead of alleviating his fear of natural forces by trying to understand what they are; his limited brain power proscribes his journey from going that far and divert it into mystical mummery and instill the most poisoness and corrupt idea of “supernaturalism”. He just lays back and states that nature is work of an ideal character more powerful than himself. Hence, instead of solving his practical insecurity of figuring out what nature is; he solves his emotional insecurity by creating an imaginary ideal character.


What comes next is the ignorance of nature because in the first step he has made himself oblivious on what nature is by dismissing it and creating his several mysterious gods and this obliviousness creates more ignorance of the natural world which triggers more unhappiness and suffering. His ignorance is exacerbated by the fraudulent doctrine of natural negligence and a hatred for the material world. He makes himself nescient about his dimension by the means of moving mystical descants, poems, ranting and irrational attitudes ―which kill his reason and turn him into a perfect idiot; or in a mystical reference a perfect “spiritualist”— the more stupid, and negligent he is about nature and the more discourteous as well as smirkful he is towards reason the more holier he is considered by his fellow mystics. This process will limit the amount of life expectancy and quality of life of all human beings. Thus, the ignorance of nature becomes the source of all suffering on earth.


Finally, what comes after the fear of nature, and ignorance of nature is lack of control over nature. As discussed above the individual has no idea of his surrounding― he is surrounded by mindless natural forces, hungry predators who are designed to eat him, a very harsh climate of summer and winter; and not a single written document to remind and empower him where he is; and what he is surrounded with; which, leads him to superstitious escapism.  Just like a little girl who needs to hug a teddy bear and requests a bed time story from her guardians to relieve her anxiety of her dark bedroom in order to have relief; grownups also hold on to  superstitious toys, demand folklore as emotional stabilizers and cradle songs from their “holy” fathers to keep them going in an uncertain world. When man acquires experiences in alignment with his expectations― he becomes grateful and is filled with tears of joy; when he acquires experiences in opposite to his interests he laments and curses in agony.  Hence, the anxiety as well as his paradoxical behavior is evidence which suggest that man is not in control of nature. The limitation of man renders him to have no control over natural forces and make his daily experience uncertain; which exacerbates his trepidation and emotional uncertainty this uncertainty creates superstitious rituals. And consequentially physical suffering which in turn create religious threnody targeted at space where nothing exists.


Therefore, as a conclusion fear of nature, ignorance of nature and lack of control over nature become a domino effect which stray humanity into extinction—rather than longevity and may be even immortality. If man understands what nature is, how it works and finally has a control over it —he will not have a need for rituals or mysticism. His self-inferiority to an imaginary god that he created will be replaced by relief, security and self-esteem. He will become the master of his destiny. Therefore, instead of creating imaginary ideal characters humanity needs to solve the three things mentioned in the thesis of this essay in order to make him happy and prosperous.



Note:  Remember that, when I am critical about superstition I do not intend to reject the existence of a determining fore or a creator because there is a creator which is nature. What I am critical about is two things: 1st “supernaturalism” because it is an oxymoron and 2nd any mystical engagement with nature i.e. natural mysticism which includes all branches of idealism. Therefore, as an important general reminder people must stay away from “supernatural” as well as natural mysticism. Rationalism is the only viable means of engagement with the only determining force which is nature.

Dude! Where is the formula?

As is the case with many propositions, inventions, claims and products —there must be a method to distinguish between proposals and effective proposals; claims and effective claims. The only thing that differentiates facts from fiction; practicals from theories is pragmatism and efficacy.There are several claims in history and our only manner of declaring them as true is their sensibility and demonstrability. Thedevil is always in the details as the saying goes.I think what distinguishes a hypothesis, belief, and opinion from asolidfact is evidence. Basically,evidence can be divided into three things according to my understanding:

  • formula
  • blueprint
  • fossil

I have already said that human nature is not fully rational and the reason for digressing into mysticism is our limited rational faculty. Ithink we all should be slapped back to our senses once in a while when our lower self takes over our mind to turn us capricious and mystical animals to derail us from reason.Therefore, in order for any concept to pass the test and be a solid fact it must have a formula explaining in a terse manner its physiology and operations without error or bias. The difference between philosophy andscience is established by this very method.

In order to develop any product that could improve the lives of many in the society whether it is an electric car or a nootropic drug it must have an equation and a detail specification. Now, this is real science. If you have the intellect to come up with a design for any global issue; then your wish will be nature’s command; you will accomplish anything as long as you have the right formula. The main idea is that you must love the blackboard as a tool to formulate your designs and blueprints of an innovative product instead of running away from it into mystical mummery.

Some claimspropose“upcoming evidence” but upcoming evidence is not evidence until you see it but a system of hope.It may be probable or improbable as long as it stays material. It has a chance of being true as long as it is material. So you will be in a gambling situation waiting for “upcoming evidence” to show itself.  Other claims are non-material at all and here you just can dismiss it completely you don’t have to label as a theory or experimental concept because you will never be able to understand it. I think the challenge is with figuring out the nuts and bolts of your claim, product or theory and making it work and demonstrable for the entire world to see and most claimants have failed this procedure including “super naturalists” and other mystics with their perplexed proposals and arguments.

A real scientist or claimant has nothing to hide or has a need for chicanery― he provides his theory backed up by a working and sensible formula or blueprint for the benefit of all beings. Those cozeners who attempt to deceive people like magicians and imperialists are the biggest enemies of the rational mind as well as the wellbeing of the human race.The “forbidding mountain” as I like to call it which is organizing your concept, theory or product into something which works is avoided by many arguers in history instead of proving their claims they divert into totalitarianism, obscurancy, vagary and nihilism in order to subordinate the audience that has not been convinced by their “upcoming evidence” and heart melting emotional melodies and  speeches. If you have observed people who have a hard time convincing people through reason and evidence always digress into emotional techniques to convince people using terrorism, hope, and other similar techniques; but, unfortunately sensationalism can never be a foundation to any claim which has to be tested and work effectively.The “forbidding mountain” i.e. rationalism is always avoided by charlatans and dictators because it demands higher intelligence that they do not have; and their rational mind is dead. This is the root cause and foundation of all pseudosciences and authoritarian belief systems that exist today. In short, any claim should be dismissed promptly if it is immaterial, labeled hypothetical or experimental if it is material and in the process of research and finally, a fact if it is demonstrable in objective reality.



Why do people attempt to escape nature and raise the meaningless question of “priori”?

I have probably mentioned this topic somewhere else but I think it will be necessary to repeat it again because it is the source of confusion in many people. The question of “beginning” is meaningless because to inquire why there is nature? Is to inquire why there is a god; to inquire what makes nature go? Is to inquire what makes god go? Now, you cannot possibly find any answers to these questions―they are nonsensical.  Current experiments have proved that the material world is self-existent. So, instead of asking dead end questions which never bear fruit; we must inquire how does nature go?


So, for those people who are dreaming an eternal life beyond this one—it will never be because they are already living in one. Those people who think that this world is tentative and there awaits another dimension that is eternal and blissful are misguided. It is the uncomfortable nature of the material world that makes people to yearn for another world— which is ideal and mirthful because they failed in making this world better and mirthful. This uncomfortabililty is created due to the ignorance of the material world.

So basically there are two reasons why the question of priori is raised:

  • An error in logical thinking as stated above in the first paragraph.
  • The uncomfortable circumstances of life on earth due to natural ignorance as stated in the second paragraph.


There is a possibility that if we complete the understanding of nature which seems to be infinite we have a chance of creating a blissful utopia world right here in nature. I have said this so many times but I can’t get enough of repeating the statement that― the ignorance of nature is the culprit in all our suffering and unhappiness.


Instead of yearning for another world we need to rebuild this one into a possible utopia. Terraforming the universe to fit in with our needs and aspirations must be our preoccupation rather than composing threnodies and lamenting about our awful experiences in nature. This can only be performed through natural understanding. Hence, we must be engaged in all science subjects in order to figure out how to manipulate nature. This is the only way to create heaven on earth. If there is an issue with human nature then we can redesign it; if there is a problem with the Cosmos like an incoming asteroid disaster or pollution then we can figure out an equation on the white board as a remedy. Everything can be reduced to formulas even happiness which is considered by mystics as an “abstract” concept can be broken down into a simple chemical formula on the black board.


In order to create heaven on earth we need a huge work force of enthusiastic naturalists with huge brains to unravel and inscribe the formulas that could make this possible. We need children to be interested in naturalism rather spiritual escapism and schizophrenia. Thus, in general the problem which causes the question of “priori” to be raised in the first place is the distressing nature of life here on earth and in order to change this we need to comprehend that fact that understanding nature is the only salvation for mankind. Instead of imaging an ideal dimension we can terraform and placate the material world into a livable heaven for all sentient beings. Thus, as a terminal statement I would like to say: stop escaping and start understanding nature in order to augment the quality of life that you complain about due your ignorance of matter. You might say where do I start? Or how do I start solving all my issues? I will say start with a chalk and a blackboard. If you want to solve the challenging nature of life on earth by eradicating poverty; then, design a replicator which can give you food and attire. If you want to solve cancer; devise the molecular cure and so forth. By successfully accomplishing these tasks― you will eradicate the useless need to raise the questions of priori, supernatural god and “another dimension” because you are comfortable and successful right here on earth. This success will motivate you to value life and preserve it —rather than be in a self-mortifying rampage. This success will also help you to stop creating imaginary dimensions and illogical propositions like the priori argument.