All irrational systems in history are the result of reason phobia and mystical escapism; created in an attempt to abandon nature. The attempt to run away from nature is like an attempt to run away from yourself; which is a ridiculous and senseless endeavor. When reality becomes unintelligible or unfavorable super naturalists escape into a dream world of confusion and fallacy known as mysticism; nature is complete and encompass all of reality.  Chickening out of science to fall into the abyss of delusion and mystical floundering just because science strains your rational mind does not help your progress in the management of nature; in order to make it conducive to yourself and fellow sentient beings.

The idea that nature is the work of a higher being is unrealistic and improvable; because what  kind of higher being creates a  mad universe which does not have any meaningful design or purpose; where its constituents slam against each other i.e. in case of galaxies and eat each other  i.e. in the case of earth’s  biosphere? What type of “infallible” higher being authors such a mad creation? How can we say that this chaos and miserable universe is the masterpiece of higher being? Would this statement be sensible? The Universe could only be the work of a mad God as mad as the universe itself —which can only be nature and its unpredictable forces.

Our expectation for a rosy metaphysical fact; where the Universe was made for us and we had a loving creator who looks after us ―is a wishful thinking; reality forbids the existence of such a force because the survival of the fittest reigns over reality.  Unfortunately, life has been made to become a competition not a free lunch and a blessing; this how cruel and mad nature is. The only salvation for man is— his understanding of this mad god which is nature; in order to tame it and manage it according to his desire. The blind forces of nature have given birth to a  more or less advanced primate intelligence; and this intelligence must be preserved and enhanced so that nature could study itself by its own mind; to alleviate suffering and unhappiness. I will swear to you that you are not a design and your existence in the Cosmos is an accident; all the suffering on the planet stands as a proof for this argument; if the universe is made for you why do you feel discontented in your life?

The refusal of man to heed the voice of reason and submit to common sense and evidence had lead him astray into the realm of confusion and madness called mysticism and idealism; the forbidding nature of the material world and his inchoate intelligence are additional culprits responsible for man’s creation of various facetious and absurd systems which are utterly useless in solving his challenges and potentially deleterious to his mental, emotional, physical, social, and economic wellbeing. Since, the ancient Sumerians till the present time man had a tendency to be capricious rather than rational in defining and explaining the natural world; this vagary has created so much damage to the society and prohibited the progress of natural science. The number one nemesis and retardant of the progress of science and the masterdom of the human race is mysticism.

I think it is very much important to educate the public that abandoning naturalism results in the exacerbation of suffering and the extinction of mankind; idealism and other inane systems could only proliferate in a society which is ignorant. Tyrannical systems, instability, poverty, poor infrastructure i.e. internet, hectic life schedules and authoritarianism aid in the stupefaction of the individual and proscribe his empowerment and journey towards wisdom. All this circumstances facilitate the perfect ground where mysticism and idealism could flourish. Therefore, there is a need on global leaders first to stabilize their countries, invest on in infrastructure and education in order to empower the individual and liberate him from ignorance which is making him a perfect recruit for mystics and a victim of terrorism.

An empowered man is incredulous, wise in his steps not to fall into the traps of terrorist imposters. It is in an ignorant, unstable and undeveloped area that mysticism and violence takes root: for example see Somalia; once a stable country now turned into the dungeon of idealism inebriated groups like Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda and their dark mystical systems rule over the agonizing scream of the human soul in that part of the world. Hence, in order to bring back man kind to nature we need to stabilize the country, build infrastructure and give time until they mature become wise enough not to fall for charlatans and their system of “spiritualism”.

The violence that we witness today is the result of various ingredients concocted together as I said above instability, tyranny, poverty; poor infrastructure, hectic life style, and indolence create a final product called mysticism and violence.  Young individuals who get recruited by mystical systems are desperate individuals who are victims of the above mentioned inconveniences therefore; in order to destroy the symptoms of idealism like terrorism and violence first we need to cure the diseases  which are the  ingredients mentioned above .

The  security and stability of a country encourages investment which creates more jobs; jobs give people a preoccupation and a livelihood which will help them in being industrious and content;  security and stability will also aid in education which will make the individual wise and prudent about being violent and a dupe of charlatans. In this circumstance “Know yourself” as a slogan of naturalism will replace the slogan of mystics “know your god”; it is only here that man will understand that his nature itself is responsible for his experiences and begins to attribute the rightful title of divinity to nature and all manifestations; accordingly will be motivated to alter and seek natural solutions to his natural challenges like poverty and violence; this will proscribe his astrayment into spiritualism, and the god tap out.


Come back to nature and you will solve all your challenges and create a blissful futuristic world.