Idealists and mystics tell you that you must never elevate yourself and have a healthy love, respect and dignity for your mind and body; most importantly you must never have an ambition of becoming better or great. You just have to enslave yourself to inane myths concocted by idealists, imposters, and spiritualists; you just have to disdain yourself and self-mortify for the sake of illusions and delusions; be miserable and just die. This bleak vision emanates from a dark consciousness and mind which is ignorant about the natural world as well as metaphysical truths.

You must respect your mind and body take good care of yourself in all five spectrum; because frankly, the evolution of life on earth seems to be heading to a great destination; the level of intelligence is augmenting― indicating the coming of a super being and a possible utopia; therefore; why in the world would you want to destroy your precious body and die; because mystics surmise that there is already a god who is higher than yourself?Could surmises and topsy-turvy discourses be an evidence for a higher being? How could having a healthy respect and dignity for yourself be labeled grandiloquence?

Idealist (i.e. founders of all anti-realism movements which includes all religions in history and other mutant systems which appear to  possess the visage of real science but in reality are pseudo sciences and branches of idealism like Biocentrism and the “law of attraction”)― will never be satisfied until you become schizophrenic, miserable and fill the grave. Idealism is a nook for confused, nihilistic and misanthropist individuals. If you observe the attitudes of idealists they are tend to be totalitarian and collective―shrugging the inalienable right of the individual to choice and wellness. This theory is the most destructive concept ever invented —just see what idealism is doing to the world; observe the current Middle East and the challenges that it has brought forth― not just to that region but to whole world; it is those people who think that their mind is a “spirit” that are Bombing Airports and running over people with huge trucks;why would idealists envision such a dark social concept for humanity which will create suffering and death? Isn’t happiness and wellness the most treasured state of mind? Isn’t the completeness of nature the unflinching truth?

Respecting your body and mind does not mean grandeur and disdain for your fellow members of the society; idealists love to distort the idea of self-preservation beyond its rightful proportion into extreme —in order to attack it easily; but for any calm and sage examiner the difference between salubrism and  grandiose is vividly clear. They state that it is the greatest “sin” to call yourself with a capital “I” you must deride your self-esteem and refer to yourself with a small letter “i” in subjugation for a non-existent god—a god of absence. The problem with this people is that ―first of all, their formulation of metaphysics is terribly wrong. The more they delve into their fictive philosophies and cogitate about spiritualism; the more delusional they become and finally end up psychotic― and this psychosis makes them think they are in the right direction totally detached from reality.


Nothing can exist outside nature! Which immediately nullifies the so called supernatural god and their system altogether— because most of their system is based on the concept of supernaturalism; they say you must submit yourself without any question to the “supernatural” concept; despite, having already established the fact that supernaturalism is inane and absence; hence, the action of submitting yourself to “supernaturalism” could only mean submitting yourself to the whims and caprice of idealists and mystics. It is their whims which fills the absence of a supernatural god. The supernatural god is a pseudonym for themselves.


Therefore, their call on to you to belittle yourself is a call for slavery to their madness and error.Reason indicates that nature is complete; nature includes all beings as Baron d’ Holbach would say; and their confused mind is seen to drag everything around —that it can grab into oblivion just like a black hole. All evidence suggests that nature is not going anywhere; if this is so why wouldn’t you consider the evolution of life as an indication of something great andpreserve yourself? Why would you consider the material world as loathsome? Does this indicate sanity?  To hate yourself is to hate life; to hate life is to hate all of mankind.


The preposterous thing about supernaturalism as a branch of idealism is that— this simple oxymoron has created major bloodshed and calamity in history due to people’s negligence to look into its grammar and linguistic qualities which contradict with logic, commonsense, and reality. It is really sad that an invalid term could create so much tribulation on the planet; founders of idealism as evil as they are have their interest in stupefying and degrading precious man so that he could be tamed to their speculations, and erroneous theories. So that he can be a perfect subject to their every mood swing, edict or dictum.



They like to feel his head under their boots; screaming in vainglory—beating their chest in imperial domination. It is the mystics themselves that are vainglorious and grandeur who elevate themselves above others; to impose their musings and mythological social systems.They indict atheists and realists of — “The illusion of grandeur”for their ambition to preserve and enhance themselves as well as refusal to accept idealism; but given the above discourse ―it is idealists themselves who are under the illusion of grandeur;obsessed with authority and enslavement of the individual to their folklores.How could the inability to understand entities beyond our design be regarded as aloof? They state that the idea of self-inferiority is necessary in order to introduce ethics into the behavior of men and stabilize the society into a harmonious union. There are two important things to consider when we discuss morality or ethics:If you want people to behave

1stThey need to embrace the idea of natural absolutism.

2nd They need to understand their nature which is responsible for their experiences.

3rdThey need to believe in discussions and the right to choice while dealing with ethical and moral issues with other members of the society.

If they understand that nature is the sole metaphysical truth; then they will slowly begin to attribute mundane manifestations and their daily experiences to their own nature and other natural forces which makes it easier for them to rectify their attitude to create a harmonious society as well as manage nature to their preferences solving many of their challenges from ailment to poverty i.e. all diseases could only be cured through natural understanding and research; global poverty could be solved by innovation and ingenuity. The innovation of drugs, machinery and other utilities has created many jobs and tremendous wealth throughout history.It is natural understanding which creates health and wealth.Now, natural understanding is one thing; whereas, what should be moral or legal is another; thus, in order to solve this conundrum—there must be a platform of discussion and choice.All ethical and moral issues must be promulgated or rescinded based on discussions and choice by the participation of all members of the society.


Now, coming back to the main topic of discussion―the attitude of self- inferiority will never create an ethical society; but a society of minions and tyrants;self-inferiority will force the elevation of others above you; in a similar manner the attitude of vainglory will evoke others to adopt grandiloquence i.e. racism will create more racism; imperialism will evoke others to be apprehensive and imperial. Both extreme ends (i.e.self-inferiority and vaunting)are unhealthy; but self-esteem couldn’t be any healthier.There is no such thing as a healthy self-inferiority; self-inferiority emanates out of depression. You must maintain the vivacity and vigor of your mind and body;always being prudent not to sacrifice—social hedonism i.e. the social fabric and harmony of your society by exceeding the limit i.e. vainglory. Because, sacrificing even one spectrum has a consequence; it is all about balancing your mental, emotional,physical,social and economic salubrity. You must defend this balance from disruption by idealist racketeers and advocates of slavery, misery and death.

Realism will prevail!