The most ridiculous thing about spiritualism is not just the fact that it can never be detected even if it was around but the very fact that the evidence presented for spiritualism is material. The evidence for a “supernatural” god is nature and other seemingly abstract natural forces like gravity and electricity. If people had immortal spirits in their bodies then why can’t paralyzed people walk; why can’t comatose patients who are still alive gain full consciousness? Why do they collapse into coma in the first place if the soul is infallible? The most favorite argument as I have said elsewhere raised by mystics to validate spiritualism is that― because atoms do not have minds— therefore, spiritualism must be right. They say atoms can never direct themselves in to order to produce the Cosmos as we know it. But my question to these people is that have you observed that these building blocks of reality are also in disorder in certain portions of the cosmos i.e. there is no life or intelligent design. In addition, why do you tacitly remove the laws of nature as the source of order from your arguments so that it will easier for you to attack materialism by committing the straw man fallacy? I official admit that we cannot explain everything at this moment in time about consciousness and the cosmos; but does this mean that we need to invent the term “spirit” which is an invalid term without an object or a subject to eradicate our ignorance about nature? The most astonishing thing about the term “spirit” is like this code I just invented 1SXXCV55 which does not mean anything or represent an object. Spirit also has no representative object on the ground as well as a subject in the mind; it is invalid just like the code above.



To state that whether an atom is conscious is to inquire whether a brick is a house. Even children understand that a brick is not a house; but it is capable of building a house and my concept about life and consciousness is similar with this mentioned analogy; atoms may not have a mind but in an ordered fashion they can create life, sensation, sentience and mind. We must always remember the two pillars of truth sensibility and demonstrability to govern our theories so that we can prevent ourselves from falling into gaucherie and invalid systems like spiritualism. Nobody in history even the so called “prophets” themselves had a mental image of a spirit or an objective representative on the ground; that they can palpate and verify to the world. For example, I have a mental image of a table in my head which represents the object on the ground that I can palpate. A table is a fact that I can see and touch as well as create a representative form or idea of it in my head. But does anyone in history have a mental image an immaterial spirit? What are its figures? What are its dimensions? What does it look like? What does it feel like when touched with our squishy hands? How can we possibly encode it in our hippocampus? Mystics say Angels are made up of lights, have wings and so forth; now light and wings are material entities not immaterial building blocks; therefore, how could Angels be immaterial? They admit implicitly the materiality of their imagination itself ―even their mind can never imagine anything immaterial; conforming the theory of natural absolutism. The definition of god in Islamic mythology is that he is a light and even light is material. So what are these people talking about? If we cannot palpate a Spirit nor have a mental image of it just like the table I mentioned above then what can it ever be except an invalid?



Some might say that “spirit” is an antique term in reference to the force which moves matter i.e. energy or which animates the human body which is the mind (another form of energy i.e. electricity); if this is the case then we can agree cordially with mystics that the term spirit is valid with an objective representative that anybody can see on the ground i.e. electrical energy, wind energy, gravitational force etc. which seem abstract and possess subjective representatives or images of themselves in our minds. Now, the term spirit will be valid and have an object that we can palpate and a subject that we can recall. If mystics proclaim that a spirit is not material at all; then, they will retain their position as investors into absence all over again and advocates of symbols and delusion.



Spiritualism is an investment into absence and engagement with zero; a symbol without a reference. A term invented to label our ignorance about eternal nature; the reason I say that nature is absolute and eternal is not because of the law of conservation of matter ―but because of the human design which possesses a material mind even if nature was destructible man can never perceive or imagine unnatural objects; he can never escape nature even in his dreams. Therefore, the idea of spirituality is dead and gone; invalid terminologies can never solve or quench our thirst for the theory of everything which is still under investigation; we must abandon all invalid terms like supernaturalism, spiritualism, intuitionism which do not have objects on the ground or subjects in our minds to verify their existence; in order to save ourselves from great error and blight. Just because the term “spirit” sounds fancy it does not mean it is either valid or true.


Nature is absolute!