Mystics and idealist have attempted as mad as they are to denigrate and demonize the beautiful term of hedonism seeking the self-destruction of precious man and his organs. Hedonism lies as an ethical principle under the chapter of self-preservation in amystology; which has five divisions or spectrums; but most of time in my writing I discuss only the first three even though all five are important and must be discussed. In this essay we will see all five spectrums. When it comes to the first three i.e. mental, emotional and physical salubrity; it means that you must maintain the wellbeing of all your organs in your body and systems because your mind, emotional system and physical body are one and the same there is no “duality” or equivocation.There are around 12 systems in the human organism and it means that you must take care of the integrity as well as the salubrity of these systems; not just maintain their welfare but also enhance them if you have the technology.Your organs are the products of billions of years of evolution by natural selection thus they are super precious. Now, this has been probably mentioned in my other writings and I  am well aware  of  repeating myself several times in my writings and  the reason for that is not to bore the reader  but to emphasize the important concepts in amystology; thus I think I should be forgiven.Anyways, we can divide the process of maintaining our wellbeing into five spectrums mental hedonism, emotional hedonism, physical hedonism, social hedonism and economical hedonism.


When we discuss about mental states we mean that the mental is the physical there is no distinctions as discussed in the first paragraph. According to WHO mental health is defined as “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” In another definition “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” The mind is the brain maintaining the health of your brain cells means maintaining the wellbeing of your mind; reducing stress in life could be a challenge but it must be attempted as much as you can; mental health is related with the other spectrums of hedonism affecting one has an influence on the other. Because, the mind is directly connected with objectivity reality it is affected by the physical, social, and economical circumstances on the ground; therefore, maintaining the equanimity of the other spectrums of salubrism will also maintain the balance of your mental health.




Having a good romantic relationship with your  partner is another way of acquiring emotional wellbeing; because romance is a great culture; love just like laughter is a powerful emotion and salutary to ourselves. Good companionship in a society that you live in is good for you and your emotional wellbeing. It does not matter what sexual orientation you possess you are entitled to happiness and salubrity. And the most critical point is freedom from fear, and totalitarian control which are indispensible to the health of our emotion system. The individual must be free from cult leaders, the state or anyone who is a threat to his emotional stability. Our emotions are related to our mental, physical state, social, and economical status — all five spectrums are connected we cannot discuss the rectification of one without mentioning the other.


When we come to physical wellness there are several issues which could be considered salutary to our bodies exercise, massages, nutrition, and so forth. Circumstances which can damage the body can be smoking, drugs, junk food, obesity or stress. For example, stress increases the level of cortisol hormone generated from glands on your kidney which can be responsible for the increased release of glucose level in your body increasing the level of osmolality of your blood which puts pressure on the cardiovascular system. Another issue can be saturated fats which have more hydrogen atom bonds to their central carbons which make them hard to break and metabolize leaving you at high risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attacks damaging the pipe lines of the body. Regular exercise can increase your muscle mass, reduce accumulation of fat and augment your fitness level. Even though ageing of the cells makes the heart less elastic and flexible to pump blood and do its job effectively; exercise will definitely help in this process of late life reducing cholesterol and glucose level in the plasma make you in good shape even at old age. Try your best not to smoke, drink, take drugs or get stressed in a way which damage your organs; because that will be self- mortification which is a taboo in amystology.


When we discuss social hedonism― we mean maintaining the harmony between the individual and the society in a hope of avoiding acrimony and discord. A good example of social hedonism can be babysitting, the military and traffic policemen etc. Despite your unwillingness and tight schedule you volunteer ―hesitantly to watch the kids of your neighbor; we also have soldiers who die in the process of defending others and traffic policemen who maintain order on the streets in harsh weathers sacrificing their emotional and physical wellbeing for the sake of social hedonism (social harmony). These individuals may acquire respect, love, accolades and admiration by the society for their choice of social hedonism; but in the process neglect or dismiss the other four spectrums in order to fulfill one; in a hope that the same social favor will be returned by the society in the day were they might need it themselves; this type of choice is frankly is up to the individual to select i.e. which form of hedonism to acquire and which to dismiss. If he chooses social hedonism—dismissing mental, emotional, physical and economic hedonism; then, it is up to him— but he should never dismiss all five all together because that will be self-sacrifice. To live in a society where everybody loves everybody would have been a great blessing and gift; wouldn’t it? But the natural order and status quo on the ground makes that difficult and problematic; but, any how it is invaluable for your social wellbeing that you dwell in a society that you have something in common with like ideologies, cultures or political leanings because that is where you will be happier the most;it will be much easier to get along with others and be comfortable as well as have a mirthful social interaction if you live with the kinds of individuals like yourself. Having a good relationship and interaction with other members of the society is― believe it or not is related directly with your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. For example no noise pollution i.e. peace and stability, a benevolent life partner i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend, a loving family and clean environment, affects you in a positive manner and is beneficial to your health. Hence, social hedonism cannot be detached from other spectrums of health and wellbeing because it affects you positively as much as the others.


Economic status plays a huge role in our welfare; extreme poverty as well as extreme wealth seems to be culprits in destabilizing the balance of hedonism and cause a strain in our wellbeing because poverty unfortunately makes people immobile and reduces their freedom of movement, choice as well as recreation triggering mental and emotional distress; on the opposite side extreme wealth also increases the level of responsibility,and disquietude which unfortunately triggers the same thing. Now, capitalism is great; people must be elevated out of poverty but not in to isolation and extreme greed which is not beneficial even to the rich people. Accumulating wealth is a blessed endeavor in a manner which can maintain the balance of hedonism on the five spectrums.


Therefore, maintaining the balance of the five spectrums is an invaluable endeavor in order to live in equanimity, stability and bliss.

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