No theory has grasped the imagination and caused so much damage to the society than the self-defeating theory of supernaturalism; many people do not bother to examine the term closely to understand that the word itself is an amalgamation of opposite values; which will end up giving a non-entity. Super (immaterial) natural (material) will give us the meaningless phrase immaterial materiality. The most astonishing thing in mysticism is that people do not either have the time, energy or the passion to investigate what they have accepted by habit and argumentum ad populum (appeal to people ) fallacy; they do not realize that by embracing theories which clearly state that they are not made for mankind; they plunge themselves into benightedness and destruction; ending up destroying their material mind and body — forcing it to operate beyond its design; they never cease for a moment to contemplate their design practically; which, leads them to great error; when they attempt to  comprehend the incomprehensible. Now, only immature individuals fall for this terminological word salad and stratagem which stands for absence. Hence, god must lie in nature not outside it, supernaturalism is a big zero, and god is still undiscovered and unknown.



Once, we have established the meaningless of the term supernatural with similar denotation as other equivocations like deadly liveliness or bitter sweetness; we focus our attention into the natural world; where the theory of everything exists; to examine it thoroughly which will take us several decades and generations to finally complete our understanding of nature. In this very process we will uncover several secrets of nature previously unknown to the benefit of the sentient world in general; in this process we will uncover the greatest discoveries in all of humanity’s history which will be a complete theory to explain reality. This complete theory will be invaluable and indispensable in our further investigation, manipulation and comprehension of the natural world. The next generation which will come after the discovery will be the most beneficiary segment of the sentient world. In our 21st century we live under the blanket of ignorance about so much elements of the natural world; we do not know the complete theory about nature; we do not know why there is evolution and what is behind it. The only thing we know is the “how”― we know how we have evolved but we do not know why and what makes it happen and for what purpose? These last three questions are the ones that will be answered when we figure out the complete theory about nature.



Supernaturalism as mentioned in the thesis above is a big zero.  How can one say that there exists a non-corporeal world while possessing a corporeal mind? Is this even a sensible statement?  It is like a color blind man proclaiming the existence of colors that he cannot detect and despite the fact that the specific spectrums of light can never enter his awareness. This type of statements could only be just blind opinions charged with a little bit of heedlessness and arrogance; because if you ask yourself the questioned mentioned above; you will easily find yourself laughing at the absurdity of your own statement; because things could only be labeled as true or extant if and only if they are observed; arguments for the existence of non-corporeal or supernatural entities could only be termed as opinions; as a matter of fact all unobservable concepts are opinions. But the most preposterous thing about supernaturalism is that it shoots itself in medulla oblongata by saying that: what it forwards as extant is immaterial―which makes it not unobserved but unobservable forever!  Hence, supernaturalism collapses due to suicide; the extinguishers of god are not atheists but super naturalists themselves by attempting to hide their god from scrutiny— they made him ammactive (incapable of reacting with anything natural). Therefore, it is absolutely okay to dismiss any opinion; because there is no obligation to accept it as a fact; it does not benefit you or harm you in anyway― it has no beneficence or maleficence; especially the suicidal concept of supernaturalism. You wouldn’t feel anything if the supernatural god hit you in the face; you wouldn’t see him if he stuck his tongue out in disrespect or hear him if he insulted you at the top of his lungs.



God (the complete theory of reality), spirit (energy), soul (mind) etc. are antique terminologies used by our ancestors in reference to the natural world. They were as inquisitive as we are today attempting to explain their metaphysical manifestations and gain some knowledge about their reality. Even after thousands of years we― the so called modern human beings; who live in the technological era haven’t been able to figure out the complete story about nature. In order to complete our knowledge we will need several decades, and centuries.  Despite, the existence of the complete theory in nature we are not yet capable —to specifically identify it; hence, still subsists unknown.



Finally, as an epitome —people need to understand that supernaturalism is a non-entity; the idea of immateriality is worthless; which has no benefit or detriment to any natural organism; the attempt to invest our attention and energy into immateriality is an attempt to comprehend an absence. In the process causing mental, emotional, physical, economic and social destruction; that we are witnessing in our world today; this types of simple errors in our syntax and thinking could lead to great catastrophe in the outside world; because it is human nature that shapes the world in its own image; which means that we need to be vigilant in our thinking and behaviors not to embrace spurious theories which could lead to irrational behaviors, arrogance and sadism.



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