Mystical escapism: The god tap out

All irrational systems in history are the result of reason phobia and mystical escapism; created in an attempt to abandon nature. The attempt to run away from nature is like an attempt to run away from yourself; which is a ridiculous and senseless endeavor. When reality becomes unintelligible or unfavorable super naturalists escape into a dream world of confusion and fallacy known as mysticism; nature is complete and encompass all of reality.  Chickening out of science to fall into the abyss of delusion and mystical floundering just because science strains your rational mind does not help your progress in the management of nature; in order to make it conducive to yourself and fellow sentient beings.

The idea that nature is the work of a higher being is unrealistic and improvable; because what  kind of higher being creates a  mad universe which does not have any meaningful design or purpose; where its constituents slam against each other i.e. in case of galaxies and eat each other  i.e. in the case of earth’s  biosphere? What type of “infallible” higher being authors such a mad creation? How can we say that this chaos and miserable universe is the masterpiece of higher being? Would this statement be sensible? The Universe could only be the work of a mad God as mad as the universe itself —which can only be nature and its unpredictable forces.

Our expectation for a rosy metaphysical fact; where the Universe was made for us and we had a loving creator who looks after us ―is a wishful thinking; reality forbids the existence of such a force because the survival of the fittest reigns over reality.  Unfortunately, life has been made to become a competition not a free lunch and a blessing; this how cruel and mad nature is. The only salvation for man is— his understanding of this mad god which is nature; in order to tame it and manage it according to his desire. The blind forces of nature have given birth to a  more or less advanced primate intelligence; and this intelligence must be preserved and enhanced so that nature could study itself by its own mind; to alleviate suffering and unhappiness. I will swear to you that you are not a design and your existence in the Cosmos is an accident; all the suffering on the planet stands as a proof for this argument; if the universe is made for you why do you feel discontented in your life?

The refusal of man to heed the voice of reason and submit to common sense and evidence had lead him astray into the realm of confusion and madness called mysticism and idealism; the forbidding nature of the material world and his inchoate intelligence are additional culprits responsible for man’s creation of various facetious and absurd systems which are utterly useless in solving his challenges and potentially deleterious to his mental, emotional, physical, social, and economic wellbeing. Since, the ancient Sumerians till the present time man had a tendency to be capricious rather than rational in defining and explaining the natural world; this vagary has created so much damage to the society and prohibited the progress of natural science. The number one nemesis and retardant of the progress of science and the masterdom of the human race is mysticism.

I think it is very much important to educate the public that abandoning naturalism results in the exacerbation of suffering and the extinction of mankind; idealism and other inane systems could only proliferate in a society which is ignorant. Tyrannical systems, instability, poverty, poor infrastructure i.e. internet, hectic life schedules and authoritarianism aid in the stupefaction of the individual and proscribe his empowerment and journey towards wisdom. All this circumstances facilitate the perfect ground where mysticism and idealism could flourish. Therefore, there is a need on global leaders first to stabilize their countries, invest on in infrastructure and education in order to empower the individual and liberate him from ignorance which is making him a perfect recruit for mystics and a victim of terrorism.

An empowered man is incredulous, wise in his steps not to fall into the traps of terrorist imposters. It is in an ignorant, unstable and undeveloped area that mysticism and violence takes root: for example see Somalia; once a stable country now turned into the dungeon of idealism inebriated groups like Al-shabab and Al-Qaeda and their dark mystical systems rule over the agonizing scream of the human soul in that part of the world. Hence, in order to bring back man kind to nature we need to stabilize the country, build infrastructure and give time until they mature become wise enough not to fall for charlatans and their system of “spiritualism”.

The violence that we witness today is the result of various ingredients concocted together as I said above instability, tyranny, poverty; poor infrastructure, hectic life style, and indolence create a final product called mysticism and violence.  Young individuals who get recruited by mystical systems are desperate individuals who are victims of the above mentioned inconveniences therefore; in order to destroy the symptoms of idealism like terrorism and violence first we need to cure the diseases  which are the  ingredients mentioned above .

The  security and stability of a country encourages investment which creates more jobs; jobs give people a preoccupation and a livelihood which will help them in being industrious and content;  security and stability will also aid in education which will make the individual wise and prudent about being violent and a dupe of charlatans. In this circumstance “Know yourself” as a slogan of naturalism will replace the slogan of mystics “know your god”; it is only here that man will understand that his nature itself is responsible for his experiences and begins to attribute the rightful title of divinity to nature and all manifestations; accordingly will be motivated to alter and seek natural solutions to his natural challenges like poverty and violence; this will proscribe his astrayment into spiritualism, and the god tap out.


Come back to nature and you will solve all your challenges and create a blissful futuristic world.








The virtue of self-esteem and the ailment of self-inferiority

Idealists and mystics tell you that you must never elevate yourself and have a healthy love, respect and dignity for your mind and body; most importantly you must never have an ambition of becoming better or great. You just have to enslave yourself to inane myths concocted by idealists, imposters, and spiritualists; you just have to disdain yourself and self-mortify for the sake of illusions and delusions; be miserable and just die. This bleak vision emanates from a dark consciousness and mind which is ignorant about the natural world as well as metaphysical truths.

You must respect your mind and body take good care of yourself in all five spectrum; because frankly, the evolution of life on earth seems to be heading to a great destination; the level of intelligence is augmenting― indicating the coming of a super being and a possible utopia; therefore; why in the world would you want to destroy your precious body and die; because mystics surmise that there is already a god who is higher than yourself?Could surmises and topsy-turvy discourses be an evidence for a higher being? How could having a healthy respect and dignity for yourself be labeled grandiloquence?

Idealist (i.e. founders of all anti-realism movements which includes all religions in history and other mutant systems which appear to  possess the visage of real science but in reality are pseudo sciences and branches of idealism like Biocentrism and the “law of attraction”)― will never be satisfied until you become schizophrenic, miserable and fill the grave. Idealism is a nook for confused, nihilistic and misanthropist individuals. If you observe the attitudes of idealists they are tend to be totalitarian and collective―shrugging the inalienable right of the individual to choice and wellness. This theory is the most destructive concept ever invented —just see what idealism is doing to the world; observe the current Middle East and the challenges that it has brought forth― not just to that region but to whole world; it is those people who think that their mind is a “spirit” that are Bombing Airports and running over people with huge trucks;why would idealists envision such a dark social concept for humanity which will create suffering and death? Isn’t happiness and wellness the most treasured state of mind? Isn’t the completeness of nature the unflinching truth?

Respecting your body and mind does not mean grandeur and disdain for your fellow members of the society; idealists love to distort the idea of self-preservation beyond its rightful proportion into extreme —in order to attack it easily; but for any calm and sage examiner the difference between salubrism and  grandiose is vividly clear. They state that it is the greatest “sin” to call yourself with a capital “I” you must deride your self-esteem and refer to yourself with a small letter “i” in subjugation for a non-existent god—a god of absence. The problem with this people is that ―first of all, their formulation of metaphysics is terribly wrong. The more they delve into their fictive philosophies and cogitate about spiritualism; the more delusional they become and finally end up psychotic― and this psychosis makes them think they are in the right direction totally detached from reality.


Nothing can exist outside nature! Which immediately nullifies the so called supernatural god and their system altogether— because most of their system is based on the concept of supernaturalism; they say you must submit yourself without any question to the “supernatural” concept; despite, having already established the fact that supernaturalism is inane and absence; hence, the action of submitting yourself to “supernaturalism” could only mean submitting yourself to the whims and caprice of idealists and mystics. It is their whims which fills the absence of a supernatural god. The supernatural god is a pseudonym for themselves.


Therefore, their call on to you to belittle yourself is a call for slavery to their madness and error.Reason indicates that nature is complete; nature includes all beings as Baron d’ Holbach would say; and their confused mind is seen to drag everything around —that it can grab into oblivion just like a black hole. All evidence suggests that nature is not going anywhere; if this is so why wouldn’t you consider the evolution of life as an indication of something great andpreserve yourself? Why would you consider the material world as loathsome? Does this indicate sanity?  To hate yourself is to hate life; to hate life is to hate all of mankind.


The preposterous thing about supernaturalism as a branch of idealism is that— this simple oxymoron has created major bloodshed and calamity in history due to people’s negligence to look into its grammar and linguistic qualities which contradict with logic, commonsense, and reality. It is really sad that an invalid term could create so much tribulation on the planet; founders of idealism as evil as they are have their interest in stupefying and degrading precious man so that he could be tamed to their speculations, and erroneous theories. So that he can be a perfect subject to their every mood swing, edict or dictum.



They like to feel his head under their boots; screaming in vainglory—beating their chest in imperial domination. It is the mystics themselves that are vainglorious and grandeur who elevate themselves above others; to impose their musings and mythological social systems.They indict atheists and realists of — “The illusion of grandeur”for their ambition to preserve and enhance themselves as well as refusal to accept idealism; but given the above discourse ―it is idealists themselves who are under the illusion of grandeur;obsessed with authority and enslavement of the individual to their folklores.How could the inability to understand entities beyond our design be regarded as aloof? They state that the idea of self-inferiority is necessary in order to introduce ethics into the behavior of men and stabilize the society into a harmonious union. There are two important things to consider when we discuss morality or ethics:If you want people to behave

1stThey need to embrace the idea of natural absolutism.

2nd They need to understand their nature which is responsible for their experiences.

3rdThey need to believe in discussions and the right to choice while dealing with ethical and moral issues with other members of the society.

If they understand that nature is the sole metaphysical truth; then they will slowly begin to attribute mundane manifestations and their daily experiences to their own nature and other natural forces which makes it easier for them to rectify their attitude to create a harmonious society as well as manage nature to their preferences solving many of their challenges from ailment to poverty i.e. all diseases could only be cured through natural understanding and research; global poverty could be solved by innovation and ingenuity. The innovation of drugs, machinery and other utilities has created many jobs and tremendous wealth throughout history.It is natural understanding which creates health and wealth.Now, natural understanding is one thing; whereas, what should be moral or legal is another; thus, in order to solve this conundrum—there must be a platform of discussion and choice.All ethical and moral issues must be promulgated or rescinded based on discussions and choice by the participation of all members of the society.


Now, coming back to the main topic of discussion―the attitude of self- inferiority will never create an ethical society; but a society of minions and tyrants;self-inferiority will force the elevation of others above you; in a similar manner the attitude of vainglory will evoke others to adopt grandiloquence i.e. racism will create more racism; imperialism will evoke others to be apprehensive and imperial. Both extreme ends (i.e.self-inferiority and vaunting)are unhealthy; but self-esteem couldn’t be any healthier.There is no such thing as a healthy self-inferiority; self-inferiority emanates out of depression. You must maintain the vivacity and vigor of your mind and body;always being prudent not to sacrifice—social hedonism i.e. the social fabric and harmony of your society by exceeding the limit i.e. vainglory. Because, sacrificing even one spectrum has a consequence; it is all about balancing your mental, emotional,physical,social and economic salubrity. You must defend this balance from disruption by idealist racketeers and advocates of slavery, misery and death.

Realism will prevail!


Vetting “spiritualism”

The most ridiculous thing about spiritualism is not just the fact that it can never be detected even if it was around but the very fact that the evidence presented for spiritualism is material. The evidence for a “supernatural” god is nature and other seemingly abstract natural forces like gravity and electricity. If people had immortal spirits in their bodies then why can’t paralyzed people walk; why can’t comatose patients who are still alive gain full consciousness? Why do they collapse into coma in the first place if the soul is infallible? The most favorite argument as I have said elsewhere raised by mystics to validate spiritualism is that― because atoms do not have minds— therefore, spiritualism must be right. They say atoms can never direct themselves in to order to produce the Cosmos as we know it. But my question to these people is that have you observed that these building blocks of reality are also in disorder in certain portions of the cosmos i.e. there is no life or intelligent design. In addition, why do you tacitly remove the laws of nature as the source of order from your arguments so that it will easier for you to attack materialism by committing the straw man fallacy? I official admit that we cannot explain everything at this moment in time about consciousness and the cosmos; but does this mean that we need to invent the term “spirit” which is an invalid term without an object or a subject to eradicate our ignorance about nature? The most astonishing thing about the term “spirit” is like this code I just invented 1SXXCV55 which does not mean anything or represent an object. Spirit also has no representative object on the ground as well as a subject in the mind; it is invalid just like the code above.



To state that whether an atom is conscious is to inquire whether a brick is a house. Even children understand that a brick is not a house; but it is capable of building a house and my concept about life and consciousness is similar with this mentioned analogy; atoms may not have a mind but in an ordered fashion they can create life, sensation, sentience and mind. We must always remember the two pillars of truth sensibility and demonstrability to govern our theories so that we can prevent ourselves from falling into gaucherie and invalid systems like spiritualism. Nobody in history even the so called “prophets” themselves had a mental image of a spirit or an objective representative on the ground; that they can palpate and verify to the world. For example, I have a mental image of a table in my head which represents the object on the ground that I can palpate. A table is a fact that I can see and touch as well as create a representative form or idea of it in my head. But does anyone in history have a mental image an immaterial spirit? What are its figures? What are its dimensions? What does it look like? What does it feel like when touched with our squishy hands? How can we possibly encode it in our hippocampus? Mystics say Angels are made up of lights, have wings and so forth; now light and wings are material entities not immaterial building blocks; therefore, how could Angels be immaterial? They admit implicitly the materiality of their imagination itself ―even their mind can never imagine anything immaterial; conforming the theory of natural absolutism. The definition of god in Islamic mythology is that he is a light and even light is material. So what are these people talking about? If we cannot palpate a Spirit nor have a mental image of it just like the table I mentioned above then what can it ever be except an invalid?



Some might say that “spirit” is an antique term in reference to the force which moves matter i.e. energy or which animates the human body which is the mind (another form of energy i.e. electricity); if this is the case then we can agree cordially with mystics that the term spirit is valid with an objective representative that anybody can see on the ground i.e. electrical energy, wind energy, gravitational force etc. which seem abstract and possess subjective representatives or images of themselves in our minds. Now, the term spirit will be valid and have an object that we can palpate and a subject that we can recall. If mystics proclaim that a spirit is not material at all; then, they will retain their position as investors into absence all over again and advocates of symbols and delusion.



Spiritualism is an investment into absence and engagement with zero; a symbol without a reference. A term invented to label our ignorance about eternal nature; the reason I say that nature is absolute and eternal is not because of the law of conservation of matter ―but because of the human design which possesses a material mind even if nature was destructible man can never perceive or imagine unnatural objects; he can never escape nature even in his dreams. Therefore, the idea of spirituality is dead and gone; invalid terminologies can never solve or quench our thirst for the theory of everything which is still under investigation; we must abandon all invalid terms like supernaturalism, spiritualism, intuitionism which do not have objects on the ground or subjects in our minds to verify their existence; in order to save ourselves from great error and blight. Just because the term “spirit” sounds fancy it does not mean it is either valid or true.


Nature is absolute!


Hedonism: maintaining the balance of the five spectrums

Mystics and idealist have attempted as mad as they are to denigrate and demonize the beautiful term of hedonism seeking the self-destruction of precious man and his organs. Hedonism lies as an ethical principle under the chapter of self-preservation in amystology; which has five divisions or spectrums; but most of time in my writing I discuss only the first three even though all five are important and must be discussed. In this essay we will see all five spectrums. When it comes to the first three i.e. mental, emotional and physical salubrity; it means that you must maintain the wellbeing of all your organs in your body and systems because your mind, emotional system and physical body are one and the same there is no “duality” or equivocation.There are around 12 systems in the human organism and it means that you must take care of the integrity as well as the salubrity of these systems; not just maintain their welfare but also enhance them if you have the technology.Your organs are the products of billions of years of evolution by natural selection thus they are super precious. Now, this has been probably mentioned in my other writings and I  am well aware  of  repeating myself several times in my writings and  the reason for that is not to bore the reader  but to emphasize the important concepts in amystology; thus I think I should be forgiven.Anyways, we can divide the process of maintaining our wellbeing into five spectrums mental hedonism, emotional hedonism, physical hedonism, social hedonism and economical hedonism.


When we discuss about mental states we mean that the mental is the physical there is no distinctions as discussed in the first paragraph. According to WHO mental health is defined as “a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.” In another definition “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” The mind is the brain maintaining the health of your brain cells means maintaining the wellbeing of your mind; reducing stress in life could be a challenge but it must be attempted as much as you can; mental health is related with the other spectrums of hedonism affecting one has an influence on the other. Because, the mind is directly connected with objectivity reality it is affected by the physical, social, and economical circumstances on the ground; therefore, maintaining the equanimity of the other spectrums of salubrism will also maintain the balance of your mental health.




Having a good romantic relationship with your  partner is another way of acquiring emotional wellbeing; because romance is a great culture; love just like laughter is a powerful emotion and salutary to ourselves. Good companionship in a society that you live in is good for you and your emotional wellbeing. It does not matter what sexual orientation you possess you are entitled to happiness and salubrity. And the most critical point is freedom from fear, and totalitarian control which are indispensible to the health of our emotion system. The individual must be free from cult leaders, the state or anyone who is a threat to his emotional stability. Our emotions are related to our mental, physical state, social, and economical status — all five spectrums are connected we cannot discuss the rectification of one without mentioning the other.


When we come to physical wellness there are several issues which could be considered salutary to our bodies exercise, massages, nutrition, and so forth. Circumstances which can damage the body can be smoking, drugs, junk food, obesity or stress. For example, stress increases the level of cortisol hormone generated from glands on your kidney which can be responsible for the increased release of glucose level in your body increasing the level of osmolality of your blood which puts pressure on the cardiovascular system. Another issue can be saturated fats which have more hydrogen atom bonds to their central carbons which make them hard to break and metabolize leaving you at high risk of arteriosclerosis and heart attacks damaging the pipe lines of the body. Regular exercise can increase your muscle mass, reduce accumulation of fat and augment your fitness level. Even though ageing of the cells makes the heart less elastic and flexible to pump blood and do its job effectively; exercise will definitely help in this process of late life reducing cholesterol and glucose level in the plasma make you in good shape even at old age. Try your best not to smoke, drink, take drugs or get stressed in a way which damage your organs; because that will be self- mortification which is a taboo in amystology.


When we discuss social hedonism― we mean maintaining the harmony between the individual and the society in a hope of avoiding acrimony and discord. A good example of social hedonism can be babysitting, the military and traffic policemen etc. Despite your unwillingness and tight schedule you volunteer ―hesitantly to watch the kids of your neighbor; we also have soldiers who die in the process of defending others and traffic policemen who maintain order on the streets in harsh weathers sacrificing their emotional and physical wellbeing for the sake of social hedonism (social harmony). These individuals may acquire respect, love, accolades and admiration by the society for their choice of social hedonism; but in the process neglect or dismiss the other four spectrums in order to fulfill one; in a hope that the same social favor will be returned by the society in the day were they might need it themselves; this type of choice is frankly is up to the individual to select i.e. which form of hedonism to acquire and which to dismiss. If he chooses social hedonism—dismissing mental, emotional, physical and economic hedonism; then, it is up to him— but he should never dismiss all five all together because that will be self-sacrifice. To live in a society where everybody loves everybody would have been a great blessing and gift; wouldn’t it? But the natural order and status quo on the ground makes that difficult and problematic; but, any how it is invaluable for your social wellbeing that you dwell in a society that you have something in common with like ideologies, cultures or political leanings because that is where you will be happier the most;it will be much easier to get along with others and be comfortable as well as have a mirthful social interaction if you live with the kinds of individuals like yourself. Having a good relationship and interaction with other members of the society is― believe it or not is related directly with your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. For example no noise pollution i.e. peace and stability, a benevolent life partner i.e. boyfriend or girlfriend, a loving family and clean environment, affects you in a positive manner and is beneficial to your health. Hence, social hedonism cannot be detached from other spectrums of health and wellbeing because it affects you positively as much as the others.


Economic status plays a huge role in our welfare; extreme poverty as well as extreme wealth seems to be culprits in destabilizing the balance of hedonism and cause a strain in our wellbeing because poverty unfortunately makes people immobile and reduces their freedom of movement, choice as well as recreation triggering mental and emotional distress; on the opposite side extreme wealth also increases the level of responsibility,and disquietude which unfortunately triggers the same thing. Now, capitalism is great; people must be elevated out of poverty but not in to isolation and extreme greed which is not beneficial even to the rich people. Accumulating wealth is a blessed endeavor in a manner which can maintain the balance of hedonism on the five spectrums.


Therefore, maintaining the balance of the five spectrums is an invaluable endeavor in order to live in equanimity, stability and bliss.

Correction: Edited and revised on 11/12/2016 at 4:00 GMT


Supernaturalism: The revered equivocation and condoned madness

No theory has grasped the imagination and caused so much damage to the society than the self-defeating theory of supernaturalism; many people do not bother to examine the term closely to understand that the word itself is an amalgamation of opposite values; which will end up giving a non-entity. Super (immaterial) natural (material) will give us the meaningless phrase immaterial materiality. The most astonishing thing in mysticism is that people do not either have the time, energy or the passion to investigate what they have accepted by habit and argumentum ad populum (appeal to people ) fallacy; they do not realize that by embracing theories which clearly state that they are not made for mankind; they plunge themselves into benightedness and destruction; ending up destroying their material mind and body — forcing it to operate beyond its design; they never cease for a moment to contemplate their design practically; which, leads them to great error; when they attempt to  comprehend the incomprehensible. Now, only immature individuals fall for this terminological word salad and stratagem which stands for absence. Hence, god must lie in nature not outside it, supernaturalism is a big zero, and god is still undiscovered and unknown.



Once, we have established the meaningless of the term supernatural with similar denotation as other equivocations like deadly liveliness or bitter sweetness; we focus our attention into the natural world; where the theory of everything exists; to examine it thoroughly which will take us several decades and generations to finally complete our understanding of nature. In this very process we will uncover several secrets of nature previously unknown to the benefit of the sentient world in general; in this process we will uncover the greatest discoveries in all of humanity’s history which will be a complete theory to explain reality. This complete theory will be invaluable and indispensable in our further investigation, manipulation and comprehension of the natural world. The next generation which will come after the discovery will be the most beneficiary segment of the sentient world. In our 21st century we live under the blanket of ignorance about so much elements of the natural world; we do not know the complete theory about nature; we do not know why there is evolution and what is behind it. The only thing we know is the “how”― we know how we have evolved but we do not know why and what makes it happen and for what purpose? These last three questions are the ones that will be answered when we figure out the complete theory about nature.



Supernaturalism as mentioned in the thesis above is a big zero.  How can one say that there exists a non-corporeal world while possessing a corporeal mind? Is this even a sensible statement?  It is like a color blind man proclaiming the existence of colors that he cannot detect and despite the fact that the specific spectrums of light can never enter his awareness. This type of statements could only be just blind opinions charged with a little bit of heedlessness and arrogance; because if you ask yourself the questioned mentioned above; you will easily find yourself laughing at the absurdity of your own statement; because things could only be labeled as true or extant if and only if they are observed; arguments for the existence of non-corporeal or supernatural entities could only be termed as opinions; as a matter of fact all unobservable concepts are opinions. But the most preposterous thing about supernaturalism is that it shoots itself in medulla oblongata by saying that: what it forwards as extant is immaterial―which makes it not unobserved but unobservable forever!  Hence, supernaturalism collapses due to suicide; the extinguishers of god are not atheists but super naturalists themselves by attempting to hide their god from scrutiny— they made him ammactive (incapable of reacting with anything natural). Therefore, it is absolutely okay to dismiss any opinion; because there is no obligation to accept it as a fact; it does not benefit you or harm you in anyway― it has no beneficence or maleficence; especially the suicidal concept of supernaturalism. You wouldn’t feel anything if the supernatural god hit you in the face; you wouldn’t see him if he stuck his tongue out in disrespect or hear him if he insulted you at the top of his lungs.



God (the complete theory of reality), spirit (energy), soul (mind) etc. are antique terminologies used by our ancestors in reference to the natural world. They were as inquisitive as we are today attempting to explain their metaphysical manifestations and gain some knowledge about their reality. Even after thousands of years we― the so called modern human beings; who live in the technological era haven’t been able to figure out the complete story about nature. In order to complete our knowledge we will need several decades, and centuries.  Despite, the existence of the complete theory in nature we are not yet capable —to specifically identify it; hence, still subsists unknown.



Finally, as an epitome —people need to understand that supernaturalism is a non-entity; the idea of immateriality is worthless; which has no benefit or detriment to any natural organism; the attempt to invest our attention and energy into immateriality is an attempt to comprehend an absence. In the process causing mental, emotional, physical, economic and social destruction; that we are witnessing in our world today; this types of simple errors in our syntax and thinking could lead to great catastrophe in the outside world; because it is human nature that shapes the world in its own image; which means that we need to be vigilant in our thinking and behaviors not to embrace spurious theories which could lead to irrational behaviors, arrogance and sadism.


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