What makes people despise the idea of rationality? What makes them detest the concept of mathematics, calculus and physics which are inundated by formulas and solutions? Why do people hate to think rationally and embrace realism? I conjecture that there are three things —first it may be the incompleteness of natural science; second fear of the unknown; third ignorance about the origins of the mythologies and customs that these people hold with a death grip and defend rabidly.

First, natural science as a study of nature is not complete; as I said elsewhere we are ignorant more than 90% of the universe and who knows what lies in the multiverse? The natural philosophy at the time of Thales, Empedocles, Democritus and Aristotle was very young there was no periodic table, vacuum pumps, potent microscopes and telescopes, detail map and topography of the planet, and so forth. At the time of Thales people cannot even explain simple natural phenomenon like the revolution of the earth, diseases, and thunderstorms naturally detached from mythology―the gap of intelgnos (natural understanding) was tremendous they explained the world with stories of mythologies ( see Greek and roman mythology for details) man is natural curious which is a good thing; but unfortunately he tends to be semi-rational; who find it easier to lean towards mysticism rather than rationalism in his explanations. This gap in our understanding of nature is getting smaller and smaller every decade, century and millennia as time move forward; which is a great achievement for mankind.But in the meantime the gaps of intelagnos (natural ignorance) had to be filled with several myths; like for example the revolution of planets; was thought to occur due to the fact that earth floated on water; was controlled by invisible “angels”, was carried on a tortoise and other ridiculous concepts; until the concept of gravity came around and buried all superstition and mythologies. Today in the 21st century we have several slots which demand natural understanding; until then the idealists and mystics will have their moment of speculation and fabrication until the discovery and verification of realist and materialists; but rest assured than as time progresses forward science will be complete and give us total understanding of nature including the theory of everything. Therefore, we need to defend natural philosophy from reactionaries which are idealist and mystics.

The second issue is the fear of the unknown; fear is a very powerful emotion; which can paralyse rational thinking to follow whatever is available and seems acceptable; but when the fear subsides and when we assess our previous decision in a calm manner we see the fallacy and contradictions in our decisions; fear of the unknown leads to unverified beliefs which lead to tenacity and arrogance; which will be finally called faith. Fear of the unknown will be cleared gradually like a dark cloud in the sky; by the sun which can be analogized with natural understanding ; natural understanding will dissipate the darkness that engulfs the human intellect and culture; unverified beliefs which evolve out of fear are super dangerous; if the member of the death cult ISIS in the Middle east knew that what they are following and asserting with tenacity is a collection of plagiary form Aristotle’s metaphysics, the epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible; compiled into one mythological system called Islam by a knave impostor called Muhammad;  then they wouldn’t have done what they are doing to their fellow humans and sentient creatures; today fear has driven people to embrace all types of unverified beliefs notwithstanding the progress made by natural philosophy in encrypting our origin and surroundings; the 21st century man is more idiotic today, than the peasants of the Iron age; people are not empowering themselves by wisdom either due to instability, economic, social conditions, personal indolence, political challenges/dictatorships and other myriad issues conspire against their empowerment and gain of wisdom; I think this is what is causing all the madness due to terrorism and faith based violence. The 21st century man is more e or less a tabula rasa just like he was born; if people are having a hard time distinguishing between ancient mythology and today’s natural facts then; they are either afraid of the unknown or witless— this witlessness leads to rabidity, tumult and darkness.

The third issue is witlessness about ancient mythologies which are grandparents of today’s mythology like Islam and Christianity and other several branches of the tree called fiction. As I mentioned in the second paragraph a little bit ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian myths are the roots where the branches of Christianity and Islam have budded from; if you go back in history you will recover the evidence for today’s belief systems; which our current day mystics defend rabidly with canines; I recommend a very good book about the origins of mythologies―The magic of reality by Prof.Dawkins to know about the several mythologies throughout cultures and human history. In addition, you can study the religions of ancient middle east to discern where your fictional faith came from; see ancient Sumerian religion ―compare and contrast the borrowed and stolen concept from these early mythologies like flood myths into your current faith systems; then you will probably thank me for defending natural philosophy and liberating you from the fetters of mysticism rather than explode in paroxysm and contempt.

Hence, science will eventually be complete, fear caused by the incompleteness of natural science will subside gradually when our knowledge of nature augments in a Fabian manner; and the mythologies which occupy the unknown slot of the natural world and phenomena temporarily —will be discarded to be replaced by natural facts and understanding.In short, the incompleteness of science brings about fear and fear brings about the embrace of unverified concepts blindly i.e. faith and faith brings about bane and extinction.