Idealists and mystics have a very ridiculous manner of reasoning; because their reasoning is not that much cultivated— by stating fallacious arguments like “ because you have an idea of god then there must be a god” There are several ridiculous inferences and arguments that mystics promote for the existence of “supernatural” entity― argument form design; argument form cosmology; arguments from teleology and so forth ( read The God delusion by prof. Dawkins chapter three for details) but I have said repeatedly that the term supernatural by itself means atheism; because the word super means beyond and natural means us and when we put the words together we get a meaning which translates into beyond us; which is the position of atheists like myself who reject supernaturalism as an oxymoron; and second just because I have an idea of a supernatural god— it does not mean it exists; for example I have an idea of Homer Simpson, unicorns, vampires, and my wedding with Britney Spears; now are all these things real because I have an idea of them? No, they are fictive characters and dreams! Now any idea whatever it may be― must be absolutely clear to all of mankind; not just to sophisticated erudite men but to any ordinary lay man; it can never be a mystery and accessible only to “few” people; this rule applies to everything including the theory of everything or in mystical terminology god.

It must be rational and evident; crystal clear like iconic monuments like for example the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, or Borat’s unusual attire and iconic moustache that anybody could see and recognize as a fact to be related with identity; people would say ―look there is the statue of liberty on an island so that must be the united states; look there is the Eiffel tower and this must be Paris; look there is person in outdated attire and fancy moustache; so he has to be Borat; so forth. Mystics have a very strange manner of reasoning because the theory of everything lies in nature it can never be outside it; est in natura Dei. Incompatible concepts get established because we are fabulously ignorant about the natural world and this ignorance is the root of all irrational beliefs and dogmas that we behold.

The reason for people to indulge in turpitude rather than fruitful and rational arguments is because as I said so many times —man is semi-rational the idea and processes of rationalism is problematic to his inchoate rational faculty; he finds it easy to burst in rage ―than to forward cogent arguments. Our nature is really messed up; which is why we need self-enhancements to rectify and compensate our bestial identities. We are really doomed when you observe the world from a gloomy vantage point; our nature is messed up ; we are isolated at the mercy of our technologies; and time is running out ; the odds are piled up against us; and the fate of humanity seems to be in a precarious situation.

The natural world is not a mystery; everything is a natural process; even Jesus as modern day Apollo and a famous superstitious toy from Brazil to South Korea himself is a natural process; he was an ape like us and a natural organism; there is no occult dimension and so on; even children might inquire if something is occult; then, how can it be real i.e. thing? Mysticism is a big nothing! Two opposing dimensions create an absence of idea; nature is your god; you should never be fooled by perplexing; and reason paralyzing arguments which prohibit you from free thought and commonsense; sometimes I think to myself even the name Homo sapiens is misnomer; considering the level of irrationality on the planet; starting from the days of the Plato and his mystical madness to modern day advocates of daydreaming and idealism like mystic Deepak chopra; I think humanity should be called Homo mystic; this sounds like a legitimate denomination; the deficits within human nature should never be compensated with mysticism; but, with technology; the part of the human lower self which is leading to several irrational systems and vantage points must be dealt with critically by self-augmentation and improvement; whether we like it or not we are orphans in a Cosmic desert to fend on our own; we should stop playing with phantasms and attempt to understand the acute laws of nature which determine the fate of humanity.

I think we must understand that if something is so mysterious and unfathomable; then it literally can be translated to mean a non-entity. If something is beyond you brain’s transducting capability then it is a zero. Our feelings and emotions do not dictate the truth but evidence and demonstration definitely do; reality is independent from our bias, tenacity, and interests; just remember the fact that no evidence means that it is a stratagem and a deception. This is the reason as I said elsewhere that idealists tend to be totalitarian in their discourse; they are obsessed with how people think and attempt to play mind tricks on people by applying terrorism as well as optimism rather than ebeism to carry their arguments across; because their propositions do not have any basis in reality; therefore the mind has to be abused by terror and hope in order to influence and doctrinize it by mystical fairytales.

Therefore, I think that people must understand the difference between facts and fiction; skepticism and faith; a sacrifice of your precious reason will eventually lead you into an abyss and self-extinction; but skepticism and evidence will lead you to self-existence. Defend your consciousness from abuse and doctrinization by idealists and mystics; in the meantime augmenting your understanding of nature. Chimeras and mysteriousness are signs of inane concepts and systems of buffoonery.


Supernaturalism is dead!


Correction: edited and revised on November 27, 2016