Since the rise of man and the establishment of society humanity has formulated various solutions and hypothesis to explain metaphysics, epistemology, and define ethical regulations to govern society.; various political systems and several ethical doctrines have been implemented on the society to discern the most efficacious and effective ones; starting from the pre-Socratic philosophers till the present day contemplators and thinkers have attempted to formulate some sort of system or theory as the “ultimate” solution for the world.

These philosophers have several vantage  points on how they chose to see the world or perspectives; many of them chose the route of reverie like mystic Plato and all modern day descendants; which we can generally call idealists and mystics; but others like the great Democritus and Aristotle choose realism and objectivity as a vantage point; among these realists was Naturalist Charles Darwin who was valiant enough to publish a comprehensive theoretical dissertation or a book—regarding his perspective about the natural world. His theory was not an invention like all idealistic and mystical theories in history starting from the epic of Gilgamesh to modern day Christianity but an observation of reality on the ground; in addition the theory of evolution was a concept long held by other scientists and philosophers before him (like Democritus) and at his time to which he gives credit in his own book; (see: The Descent of Man, introduction) but, he was keen enough to compile it and publish the theory of evolution in well-organized manner; for the sake of mankind; so, that we can understand our true origin.

Now, this insight into our origin― solves part of the problem in our world; because we at least understand where we come from and also understand why the world is the way it is i.e. an animal planet filled with competition and gory. Now, the solution— thanks to our science and technology has to be the alteration and decimation of this savage natural order to replace it with a better mechanical and technological civilization; when I say mechanical I mean the replacement of biology with technology; which does not hold any of the abhorable traits like violence, salacity, vulgarity and other ill traits. I think this will be the ultimate cure to the world i.e. changing human nature —by intelligent design will definitely decimate the Darwinian natural order.

I personally do not like myself as an animal; I want to be an AI who is not violent, salacious, and at least―who smells better than hominoids. Anyways, I have said so many times that human nature itself shapes the world in its own image; the evidence for this deduction lies on the ground within our world; where the animal instincts and passions of man have created the competition of states, violence related with barbarity, and other myriad manifestations; that we behold— emanate directly from human nature either consciously or subconsciously. Now, if man as part of nature is responsible for everything on the ground in tandem with other natural forces; then where will this leave the so called “supernatural god”; well supernaturalism for the reasons mentioned above is dead and long gone; all supernaturalists are atheists but they do not even know it; because as I said in my article Dialogue- II; they implicitly proclaim that their god is beyond their comprehension. This concept is just a past time for ancient shepherds and fairytalists; but, thankfully nature is alive and it is the sole preoccupation in our discussions.

I am so grateful to really understand the theory of naturalism; it is a real liberator and empowerer; it puts its finger right at the source of it all― which is nature. It teaches me that nature is god; and it is responsible for all creation, decimation, manifestation, evolution insumma. This informs me that in order to acquire any solution —whether it is changing the current natural order which is the topic of this article or anything for that matter! Then, I must deal with nature rationally; why? Because, nature is the sole sovereign and supreme entity in existence. If you want to end world hunger; then ―why not alter human design; why should man be dependent on organic based bio molecular energy; why not create humans who are powered by nuclear energy; electricity or solar energy? This will reduce and eliminate agricultural dependency, and the production of related products like pesticides, and increase the likely hood of the survival of the human species on other planets —which are not earth like. If you want to reduce violence why not create humans without the amygdala? Now, when we discuss redesigning the human species and ushering in new species; the following questions might arise: which type of design is intelligent design and which is one not? If humans start altering themselves, then there will be several species on the planet; so doesn’t this need some sort of regulation? This is really a good question; but the answer is problematic because people want to be so many different things; so they have their own choices; I― for example, what to be an AI who is not pugnacious, salacious, woolgatherer (irrational), hoggish, and biological; this is the reason I call it evolution by personal selection. People will have so many ideas and designs on what to be; therefore, there needs to be a platform to discuss the issues of “acceptable” designs; forums where we can discuss the transhumanist world.

Now, the second most important question that will arise is: Is the technology present today fit to save all sentient human families on the planet to become transhumanist creatures extant? Well, some of it does and so of it doesn’t; hence, we just need to keep on promoting the philosophy of intelligent design side by side with research and development— to bring an end to this abominable world; whether, the technology exists or not; it will eventually come by slowly and step by step; and How should the next species be designed is upto current humans to have an open and frank discussion as said above ―on how to overthrow the Darwinian natural order of interspecies cannibalism and savagery to bring about a better utopian world order. I personally have made it my life goal and agenda to advocate for the desinence of the current natural order; and the promoter of intelligent design and a better world; which will be shaped by the nature of transhumanist creatures. It is a privilege and honor to call myself a transhumanist, atheist, humanist, futurist and most importantly amystologist; who is part of a great rationalist movement in the 21st century in history; where we are in an acute stage of transition between Sapiens and Cyborgs.


Change the Darwinian natural order and you will have heaven on earth!

Consider intelligent design and amystology as your way of life.