If it is possible to turn man into an infinitely intelligent creature from his current position; then there will be no need for ethics, morality and political systems altogether; because there is a strong probability that man can reach the level of divinity. The limitation of human capability is the one which creates the state, society and mysticism as I have said so many times previously. But imagine a world where man at least can be enhanced to higher level requiring less imposition and help from the evil triangle (See figure-1); which, augment his weakness and detain him in a dilapidated position; if there is ever a purpose to life then I think it has to be the rise of Homo Deus through capability augmentation and reinforcement; because why would nature create a universe and solar system as well as a speck of dust we call earth surrounded by many odds, cosmic cataclysms and a desert cosmic environment; but in a strange prospect an oasis in this cosmic desert supports life and intelligence; various recreational parks which entertain huge global festivities and celebrations occur on this tiny rocky planet; earth is in some sense—not forgetting the current world order ― a heaven in a rough cosmos. It is a party in the middle of a desert; which is really weird.

So my question is not why there is an earth; but what must be the end goal of the rise of life on earth? It doesn’t have any meaning if it is just meant to be destroyed when the sun runs out of fuel; the rise of life on earth needs to have an objective —it must put longevity and even immortality as its final agenda. We just cannot wave our hands in the air and say “well, what a journey! It is time to die now along with the sun; brace your selves and kiss every relative as well as every random citizens on the street goodbye by shedding tears; frantically, running around in the desperate final moments.

I fervidly reject this lugubrious fate for mankind; I envision the departure of humanity from Earth either in biological form or other conducive —robotic, mechanical and even holographic forms in to the cosmos and even into another universes. Imagine the worlds that awaits our exploration, and adventure; imagine the numerous surprises that nature would unveil in our journey through the cosmos; imagine the worlds with lives; just like our own that we can discover and most importantly imagine a world of enhanced human beings; the future must be an eon of bliss and triumph not of tragedy and death.

I have the same state of mind like Darwin who is quoted by Prof. Michio Kaku in his book Parallel worlds on chapter ten; saying:
“[Consider] the view now held by most physicists, namely that the sun with all the planets will in time grow too cold for life, unless indeed some great body dashes into the sun and thus gives it fresh life—believing as I do that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he now is, it is an intolerable thought that he and all other sentient beings are doomed to complete annihilation after such long-continued slow progress.”

Mysticism as one of the constituents of the evil triangle and seen as an “ethical institution” by politicians advocates for the desinence of life on Earth by mass mortality. They teach as an ethical principle that suffering is good and dying is a “natural” process; so you might as well prepare a grave while you are still walking around because it might be cheaper now than later on; this despondent and parochial vision needs to be precluded from our ethical values. Now what can bring an end to state, society, mysticism? The answer is simple—it is the gradual enhancement of man to infinity; The state and the society are not some eternal necessary entities but the symptoms of the fallibility of the human organism; who is finite at this current moment; but when he becomes more intelligent and most importantly free from his bestial and irrational self; he will be able to conduct more tasks without requiring the services provided by other members of the society. His cries in to space with his tear soaked eyes in search for a redeemer will be replaced by confidence and self-esteem; when he becomes closer to infinity; finally when he reaches the infinity (I mean in intelligence and physical power) then, there will be no state, society and mysticism— this is the stage of masterdom or the era of Homo Deus.

But what has been mentioned hitherto is currently a philosophical vision; which can only be materialized by innovation, experimentation and technology which can only come out of research and development. Hence, there seems to be a lot of vacancy for a career in natural science as well as a lot of Noble prizes up for grabs for those sedulous innovators who can liberate man from his lowly self, the evil triangle and death; those scientists who can bring the era of Homo Deus from the realm of science fiction to reality.

Hence, there is no need in wasting time in debating which political system is the best or which ethical and moral code is the greatest; because it does not matter if we apply what we think is the best system ―whether it is socialism, capitalism or celibacy; the root of the problem still lies dormant; which is the fallibility of man; he is still a beast with an irrational mind who is screaming to be upgraded and updated. This overhaul will save us the money we dump on crime management, drought relief, epidemic control; terrorism, wars and other myriad issues which manifest due to human limitations and abhorable design; therefore what I am calling for is not a medical treatment of humanity but an overall intelligent redesigning and augmentation of the human species. So in the struggle to liberate man from finiteness; I believe there are three steps we must understand and place under consideration:

Stage 1: Sapiens
Stage 2: Cyborgs
Stage 3: Deus

Now, the first stage have already been accomplished; that is why a mutant Chimpanzee is writing this article right now i.e. me; the second stage is partially being accomplished as there are many cyborgs who live among as already with extra senses and more physical vigor; but the third stage may look like a tall order but I can never rule it out; there is a possibility that man can reach the stage of divinity; because the logical outcome and consequence of perpetual augmentation is infinity.

Now, when we come to the issue of ethics and moral codes; they are incapable of restricting the animal passions of man even if they do― they cannot make him happy because he is forced to act in contrary to his nature and design ; hence, he will be lugubrious and impaired; therefore, a radical re-engineering of a new species at the cellular level who will progressively be self-sufficient without a need for the state, society and mysticism must be created to provide our universe with real tangible, persistent and eternal solution; which will bring an end to the competition of states and the Darwinian natural order which is currently in place.

Therefore, we should always remember that the state, the society and mysticism are the symptoms of a disease which is human finiteness and fallibility; they are not a necessity that man cannot live without; the ethics, morality and political systems set in place are incapable of treating the disease but only attempt to treat the symptoms in an effort to make human existence blissful and progressive; but they (communism, capitalism, socialism, other ethical and social codes) have failed miserably in managing humanities concerns; because the disease still exists; which is as said above human finiteness and his abhorable design.

I have never heard a single natural law which states that it is impossible to create a utopia by enhancing man to infinity and we have evolved to suffer and die on earth. May be I am misinformed; if so, I am always corrigible. But anyways, we must give a try to transhumanism as we have tried capitalism, communism and socialism; I have a huge hope that this theory is the one which is really capable of creating a better world and a mirthful transhumanist existence bringing an end to the state, the society and mysticism―eliminating the need for ethics, morality and all political systems.