Natural absolutism is the metaphysical corner stone in amystology aka amystism there is no truth or solution outside nature. Now, the impulsive response from idealists to this statement will probably be: Is an atom or nature conscious? And my response will be: Have you understood nature in totality? Do you know everything that there is to know about natureHow do you know for certain that it is either or not conscious and dismiss nature altogether? Wouldn’t it be sage to understand nature in total first and reach a conclusion last? Why do you have this irresistible pulse to soar beyond nature? And their response will probably be—silenceIt does not matter; whether, nature has a mind or not; only further investigations in nature could unravel the truth. Now, let’s see what amystology can do for you in contrary to mysticism; which is the subject of this essay. Amystology, first and foremost as a philosophy makes you realistic, and to seek all solutions in nature and then it makes you rational encouraging you to apply logic in your thinking and behavior; so that you can witness the world from a rational and vivid vantage point― unlike mysticism which is nebulous and shrouded in mystery. Second, in metaphysics it states that what is incompatible with your nature is nocuous for your wellbeing, futile to your progress and non-existent; third,in ethics it encourages you to become self-preserving and pro-life. In short, it protects you from idealism; defends you from “spiritualism/mysticism”and self-mortification; making you the lover of life and promoter of self-existence.

It protects you from idealism and the extirpation it brings about― by teaching you that reality can never be altered by the mind just by dreaming about and praying for solutions like for example— the beguiling phrases thrown around by idealists like “ think and grow rich”, “imagine yourself in opulence and you will “attract” sumptuousness; “pray for peace” and several other claptrap slogans vociferated by idealists; because one can never be rich just by dreaming about money, you can never get global peace  just by thinking about it; you can never be whole just by thinking about health; you cannot land on mars justseeing yourself on mars. The route to success in this material world exists in epistemological realism and metaphysical materialism; we can only solve our challenges—poverty, violence or malady through either capitalism or natural science; where both are schools of materialistic thoughts. Thus, we must reject idealism and its prescription of fantasy to solve mundane issues.

Further on, in epistemology it teaches you to be rational and employ logic in your daily life and experiences as stated above;in order to see the world in a clear manner without the contamination of your bias and emotions as much as possible; because, the paucity of reason often leads to irrationality and non-rationality; as it can be observed― the fallibility of  human reason is the source of all evil; the 20-23 billion nerve cells and 300 trillion synaptic connections [1] in the cerebral cortex seem to be inadequate to make ourselves 100% rational or may be the older parts of the brain like the amygdala and other parts seem to interfere with the rational process;but, anyways we exist in a material world which operates through laws and formulas. Hence, rationalism is an invaluable tool in deciphering this material world; hence, making it accessible for our manipulation and the only way of engaging with nature to acquire all solutions.

In ethics, it encourages you; despite your existence in a Darwinian hell hole called earth to be optimistic about life; to love existence; to value awareness and consciousness by observing how rare life is in this universe; it encourages you to maintain the overall health of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically in an attempt to augment and facilitate longevity, maybe even immortality in a vehement rejection to the mystics edict of self-mortification and a morbid nostalgia for death. It encourages you under the ethical principle of self-enhancement to upgrade, alter and change your nature based on your selection; because you must understand that all your suffering and challenges in life are due to your limitations either intellectually or physically; hence, you are encouraged to expand yourself to infinity; in order to become better, stronger, and greater; because, frankly speaking we all do not have a “savior” except our intelligence and technology. Hence, if we utilize our intelligence and technology effectively to enhance our intellect and physical capabilities then we have a potential to create a utopia or something close to it.

Therefore, you have everything to gain in amystology it promotes realism; defending you from idealistic day dreaming; promotes rationalism— it doesnot matter how hard it may be;in order to have a clearer view of the world; while, promoting nature as the only dimension that you are capable of perceiving and built to understand; advocating the terraforming of nature into a livable and a happy place for yourself.


[1] Psychology David G. Myers; 2010: 68