Q: What is the theory of everything?

A: We live in universe where we are ignorant about more than 90% of its constituent; which is  now known to be dark; notwithstanding this fact; mystical zealots tend to capriciously ascend beyond nature as if it is possible to do so and proclaim that the theory of everything is immaterial and unnatural; mystics where wrong when they said that the earth was flat; it was the center of the universe and when they also said that the self or consciousness is a “spirit”; because it turned out to be nothing but a symphony of brain waves made up of subatomic particles. Hence, mystics have a reputation for being on the wrong side of history. So we know just less than 5% about our natural dimension; so how can we possible formulate the theory of everything with such a limited understanding of our cosmos at this stage? Hence, first we need to understand nature as whole; then, we can go on and formulate the theory of everything.

Q: Does god exist?

A: God is a mystical appellation for the theory of everything. When you enunciate “god” you mean the theory of everything in a mystical sense and the answer is —yes, the theory of everything exists; and it exists within the natural world; but, no one has yet discovered and tested it effectively. It may be explained by the String theory or any other forth coming theory; which can explain our reality in a succinct manner. Inshort, the answer is either inside Nature or all of Nature.

Q: What about the supernatural god?

A: The idea of “super” by itself disqualifies your inquiry. You are implicitly proclaiming in your own question that it is beyond your conception.

Q: You seem to suggest that nature is god?  Are you a pantheist?

A: Let me state my position in a vivid manner; I reject  any super natural notion;  I know that nature comprises all and it is alive; which makes me a hylozoist― because I can see and feel its actions; but, I have no proof that nature possesses a mind at all. Hence, I consider the concepts of animism and panpsychism as unproven hypothesis. Thus, I am agnostic about the complete answer to our universe; when the future generation reaches the stage of masterdom (complete understanding of nature) then, humanity will be able to formulate the total retort to our cosmos.

Q: What is your recommendation for the world?

A: Well, we know that nature is a totalitarian entity; because even our thoughts and dreams are material. Hence, the abstruse cults of mysticism and spiritualism themselves are curbed within nature. Hence, I recommend rationalism and more serious investigation of the natural world in order to formulate the theory of everything to settle all disputes in philosophy.

Q: What do you think is the real threat to humanity?

A: Superstition, mysticism, irrationality, and especially idealism.

Q: What seems to be the source of all problems in the world?

A: We live in a world of competing states and individuals for survival, dominance and glory. All this occurs due the design of man; who is a semi-rational and bestial animal; thus, the problem lies in the very fact that man is an animal and a semi-rational organism. This problem of bestiality and irrationality must be eliminated altogether in order to be replaced by a civil and rational self as well as a better design.

Man is no different than a dog that marks his territory; practices lewd or salacity; explodes in rage; and gets into sanguine skirmishes with other organisms in order to maintain his selfish interests. The history of our world starting from our ancestors who were hunters and gatherers to the modern day human’s history is marred by conflicts and struggle for survival as well as dominance and glory. This status quo will proceed into the future; if we leave human nature as it is; Americans will continue to be in a struggle and competition with the Russians— to expand their territory and global leadership; Jews will continue to be in struggle with  the Arabs; Sunnis will continue their abhorrence for Shias; animals will continue to be slaughtered for food; irrational systems and many branches of idealism like “biocentrism”, “the law of attraction” and several other pseudo sciences will continue to emerge throughout the future as long as human bestiality and irrationality are left intact.

Q: So you are forwarding self-enhancement as the ultimate solution to the world?

A: Yes! I believe transcending human nature is the cure to the world; people who formulated the idea of transhumanism are sapient individuals; who deserve not just applause but also funding for their research in bringing about the dissolution of human bestiality.

Q: Transcending humanity will not happen overnight; it will take several years; hence, how can we deal with the world in the meantime?

A: Children must be thought that they are the work of nature; and nature is the supreme entity; they must be encouraged as much as possible to employ reason in their daily lives and experiences― suppressing bestiality as much as possible even though their nature might not allow it. They must practice civility and rationality until the technology arrives to practically transform their frail reason faculty into a higher form.

Q: Are you optimistic about the human race?

A: Well, mankind accomplished great feats in just a couple of millennium like establishing natural philosophy and landing on the moon as well as being the first animal to possess such a detail and terse knowledge of the cosmos; even though his animal instincts sometimes drag him in to an abyss; he most often tend to surpass his lower self to accomplish great deeds; so I choose to be optimistic about our future.

Q: Finally, do you have any messages and last statements?

A: Yes! Keep on investigating nature― because, the theory of everything is in the natural world. In order, for this to befall we need to augment the human rational faculty in the cortex via chemically or mechanically so that it will possible for it to manage a voluminous amount of calculations and ingenuity than its current capacity.