Naïve Idealism

One of the surprising things I find when I go through some encyclopedias is that —I find the phrase “naïve realism” in reference to people like myself and others who attempt to describe and define the world exactly how it appears by following the third law of logic i.e. the law of identity which states that observable objects in the real world are exactly how they appear i.e. everything is what it is; there is no treeness, stoneness, rockness, sweetness, bitterness, or hotness there is just a tree, stone, rock, sweet, bitter, and hot — made up of atoms respectively; there should never be any mystical digression by adding the suffix “ness” into our adjectives―which is extremely dangerous as a thought process. How can there be a secondary quality called “treeness”, “stoneness”, “painness”, “bitterness” or “happiness”? There can only be a tree, stone, pain, bitter and happy. Unfortunately, these idealistic and mystical regressions are inculcated in our languages and lexicons— that it is becoming onerous to dispel altogether in our writing and locution; These so called “secondary qualities” which are supposed to be “created” by the mind do not exist because they are created by the errors in our grammar; I would like to turn the table around and litigate the idealist himself as naïve and accuse him of naïve idealism. There are no secondary qualities; idealists are the ones who are naïve; and people who explain the world exactly how it appears are called sapient realists and you are invited to be one of them.



Now, secondary qualities stated by Locke are supposed to be entities that do not exist in the outside world beyond the observer; like happiness, hatred, love, beauty and so on; they are supposed to be “abstract”; now you should take notice that by stating such arguments we are knocking the door of “spirituality” and mysticism; further on if these entities are independently created by the mind; and do not exist in the outside world; then why do we need senses to trigger these feelings? Why does not the mind just spontaneously create love, hatred and beauty without primary quality stimulation; if these secondary qualities existed; were not errors in our grammar and most importantly if the mind has a power of spontaneous generation independently of primary qualities?Secondary qualities are not independent but extensions of primary qualities. Consider the following: Can you feel hatred without something loathsome? Can you feel happy without something blissful out there in the real world? Can you feel love without observing something lovely? Can you denominate something as beautiful without the figures,dimension, and color which make up that very subject? Can you be conscious without something stimulating; which triggers your awareness? Therefore, these so called secondary qualities are not secondary; but primary.

I think it is the idealist who is naive and immature in his cogitation and conclusion; attempting to assign mystical notions to primary qualities; by distorting their nature at the stage of epistemology and finally metaphysics. Idealism is an epistemological disaster and a huge fallacy; how can we call some body naïve; if he observes the color of the ocean and calls it blue; or the color of the eyes of his fiancé blue; does he really have any option but to submit himself to the dictums of primary qualities and objective reality? Should he dream that the color of the ocean or the color of the eyes his fiancé is blueness in order to be called sage? Should he convince himself that he is not just conscious but a “consciousness” so that he could join the ranks of the wise?Because we should always remember that when we add the suffix “ness” to adjectives or nouns we are attempting to create an independent entity capable of spontaneity; free from objective reality and when we place these entities under scrutiny to discern whether they function independently without the dictum of reality; they fail miserably.If we tested whether the consciousness can be conscious without any stimulation it fails; if we attempted whether someone can be happy without a primary quality it fails; if we attempted to create a memory without primary qualities it fails again.



People who observe reality for exactly for what it is are astute and sensible; the man who calls an ocean blue is functioning exactly how he ought to function; he is translating the spectrum of light efficiently; he does not need to call his perception blueness; he does not need to call himself a consciousness as stated above but just conscious; because his brain is a translator of information not a generator of reality. You are not committing any crime by describing the world exactly how you observe it ―even if you have defects in your design like color blindness; and other sensory defects that you are born with or acquire later in life; the most important thing to note is that you have no option; but to imbibe primary qualities—which create your understanding of the natural world.


Finally, the attempt to distort and mysticize objective reality comes from errors in our grammar; this error will lead to the creation of spirituality which fruitlessly attempts to detach the essence of matter and mould it into some sort of mystical dimension that no one could understand; because it doesn’t exist and most importantly because it is an errors in our languages which leads to the creation of inane concepts like idealism and spirituality; which deserve to be called naïve; they all attempt to denominate concepts like love, happiness,consciousness, beauty and so on as abstract ―which may sound abstract but are not abstract at all! But extensions of primary qualities.




Reason Phobia

What makes people despise the idea of rationality? What makes them detest the concept of mathematics, calculus and physics which are inundated by formulas and solutions? Why do people hate to think rationally and embrace realism? I conjecture that there are three things —first it may be the incompleteness of natural science; second fear of the unknown; third ignorance about the origins of the mythologies and customs that these people hold with a death grip and defend rabidly.

First, natural science as a study of nature is not complete; as I said elsewhere we are ignorant more than 90% of the universe and who knows what lies in the multiverse? The natural philosophy at the time of Thales, Empedocles, Democritus and Aristotle was very young there was no periodic table, vacuum pumps, potent microscopes and telescopes, detail map and topography of the planet, and so forth. At the time of Thales people cannot even explain simple natural phenomenon like the revolution of the earth, diseases, and thunderstorms naturally detached from mythology―the gap of intelgnos (natural understanding) was tremendous they explained the world with stories of mythologies ( see Greek and roman mythology for details) man is natural curious which is a good thing; but unfortunately he tends to be semi-rational; who find it easier to lean towards mysticism rather than rationalism in his explanations. This gap in our understanding of nature is getting smaller and smaller every decade, century and millennia as time move forward; which is a great achievement for mankind.But in the meantime the gaps of intelagnos (natural ignorance) had to be filled with several myths; like for example the revolution of planets; was thought to occur due to the fact that earth floated on water; was controlled by invisible “angels”, was carried on a tortoise and other ridiculous concepts; until the concept of gravity came around and buried all superstition and mythologies. Today in the 21st century we have several slots which demand natural understanding; until then the idealists and mystics will have their moment of speculation and fabrication until the discovery and verification of realist and materialists; but rest assured than as time progresses forward science will be complete and give us total understanding of nature including the theory of everything. Therefore, we need to defend natural philosophy from reactionaries which are idealist and mystics.

The second issue is the fear of the unknown; fear is a very powerful emotion; which can paralyse rational thinking to follow whatever is available and seems acceptable; but when the fear subsides and when we assess our previous decision in a calm manner we see the fallacy and contradictions in our decisions; fear of the unknown leads to unverified beliefs which lead to tenacity and arrogance; which will be finally called faith. Fear of the unknown will be cleared gradually like a dark cloud in the sky; by the sun which can be analogized with natural understanding ; natural understanding will dissipate the darkness that engulfs the human intellect and culture; unverified beliefs which evolve out of fear are super dangerous; if the member of the death cult ISIS in the Middle east knew that what they are following and asserting with tenacity is a collection of plagiary form Aristotle’s metaphysics, the epic of Gilgamesh and the Bible; compiled into one mythological system called Islam by a knave impostor called Muhammad;  then they wouldn’t have done what they are doing to their fellow humans and sentient creatures; today fear has driven people to embrace all types of unverified beliefs notwithstanding the progress made by natural philosophy in encrypting our origin and surroundings; the 21st century man is more idiotic today, than the peasants of the Iron age; people are not empowering themselves by wisdom either due to instability, economic, social conditions, personal indolence, political challenges/dictatorships and other myriad issues conspire against their empowerment and gain of wisdom; I think this is what is causing all the madness due to terrorism and faith based violence. The 21st century man is more e or less a tabula rasa just like he was born; if people are having a hard time distinguishing between ancient mythology and today’s natural facts then; they are either afraid of the unknown or witless— this witlessness leads to rabidity, tumult and darkness.

The third issue is witlessness about ancient mythologies which are grandparents of today’s mythology like Islam and Christianity and other several branches of the tree called fiction. As I mentioned in the second paragraph a little bit ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian myths are the roots where the branches of Christianity and Islam have budded from; if you go back in history you will recover the evidence for today’s belief systems; which our current day mystics defend rabidly with canines; I recommend a very good book about the origins of mythologies―The magic of reality by Prof.Dawkins to know about the several mythologies throughout cultures and human history. In addition, you can study the religions of ancient middle east to discern where your fictional faith came from; see ancient Sumerian religion ―compare and contrast the borrowed and stolen concept from these early mythologies like flood myths into your current faith systems; then you will probably thank me for defending natural philosophy and liberating you from the fetters of mysticism rather than explode in paroxysm and contempt.

Hence, science will eventually be complete, fear caused by the incompleteness of natural science will subside gradually when our knowledge of nature augments in a Fabian manner; and the mythologies which occupy the unknown slot of the natural world and phenomena temporarily —will be discarded to be replaced by natural facts and understanding.In short, the incompleteness of science brings about fear and fear brings about the embrace of unverified concepts blindly i.e. faith and faith brings about bane and extinction.



The Idea and Evidence Of God Must be clear to everyone

Idealists and mystics have a very ridiculous manner of reasoning; because their reasoning is not that much cultivated— by stating fallacious arguments like “ because you have an idea of god then there must be a god” There are several ridiculous inferences and arguments that mystics promote for the existence of “supernatural” entity― argument form design; argument form cosmology; arguments from teleology and so forth ( read The God delusion by prof. Dawkins chapter three for details) but I have said repeatedly that the term supernatural by itself means atheism; because the word super means beyond and natural means us and when we put the words together we get a meaning which translates into beyond us; which is the position of atheists like myself who reject supernaturalism as an oxymoron; and second just because I have an idea of a supernatural god— it does not mean it exists; for example I have an idea of Homer Simpson, unicorns, vampires, and my wedding with Britney Spears; now are all these things real because I have an idea of them? No, they are fictive characters and dreams! Now any idea whatever it may be― must be absolutely clear to all of mankind; not just to sophisticated erudite men but to any ordinary lay man; it can never be a mystery and accessible only to “few” people; this rule applies to everything including the theory of everything or in mystical terminology god.

It must be rational and evident; crystal clear like iconic monuments like for example the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, or Borat’s unusual attire and iconic moustache that anybody could see and recognize as a fact to be related with identity; people would say ―look there is the statue of liberty on an island so that must be the united states; look there is the Eiffel tower and this must be Paris; look there is person in outdated attire and fancy moustache; so he has to be Borat; so forth. Mystics have a very strange manner of reasoning because the theory of everything lies in nature it can never be outside it; est in natura Dei. Incompatible concepts get established because we are fabulously ignorant about the natural world and this ignorance is the root of all irrational beliefs and dogmas that we behold.

The reason for people to indulge in turpitude rather than fruitful and rational arguments is because as I said so many times —man is semi-rational the idea and processes of rationalism is problematic to his inchoate rational faculty; he finds it easy to burst in rage ―than to forward cogent arguments. Our nature is really messed up; which is why we need self-enhancements to rectify and compensate our bestial identities. We are really doomed when you observe the world from a gloomy vantage point; our nature is messed up ; we are isolated at the mercy of our technologies; and time is running out ; the odds are piled up against us; and the fate of humanity seems to be in a precarious situation.

The natural world is not a mystery; everything is a natural process; even Jesus as modern day Apollo and a famous superstitious toy from Brazil to South Korea himself is a natural process; he was an ape like us and a natural organism; there is no occult dimension and so on; even children might inquire if something is occult; then, how can it be real i.e. thing? Mysticism is a big nothing! Two opposing dimensions create an absence of idea; nature is your god; you should never be fooled by perplexing; and reason paralyzing arguments which prohibit you from free thought and commonsense; sometimes I think to myself even the name Homo sapiens is misnomer; considering the level of irrationality on the planet; starting from the days of the Plato and his mystical madness to modern day advocates of daydreaming and idealism like mystic Deepak chopra; I think humanity should be called Homo mystic; this sounds like a legitimate denomination; the deficits within human nature should never be compensated with mysticism; but, with technology; the part of the human lower self which is leading to several irrational systems and vantage points must be dealt with critically by self-augmentation and improvement; whether we like it or not we are orphans in a Cosmic desert to fend on our own; we should stop playing with phantasms and attempt to understand the acute laws of nature which determine the fate of humanity.

I think we must understand that if something is so mysterious and unfathomable; then it literally can be translated to mean a non-entity. If something is beyond you brain’s transducting capability then it is a zero. Our feelings and emotions do not dictate the truth but evidence and demonstration definitely do; reality is independent from our bias, tenacity, and interests; just remember the fact that no evidence means that it is a stratagem and a deception. This is the reason as I said elsewhere that idealists tend to be totalitarian in their discourse; they are obsessed with how people think and attempt to play mind tricks on people by applying terrorism as well as optimism rather than ebeism to carry their arguments across; because their propositions do not have any basis in reality; therefore the mind has to be abused by terror and hope in order to influence and doctrinize it by mystical fairytales.

Therefore, I think that people must understand the difference between facts and fiction; skepticism and faith; a sacrifice of your precious reason will eventually lead you into an abyss and self-extinction; but skepticism and evidence will lead you to self-existence. Defend your consciousness from abuse and doctrinization by idealists and mystics; in the meantime augmenting your understanding of nature. Chimeras and mysteriousness are signs of inane concepts and systems of buffoonery.


Supernaturalism is dead!


Correction: edited and revised on November 27, 2016


The Darwinian natural order is the source of all evil and suffering which has to be changed

Since the rise of man and the establishment of society humanity has formulated various solutions and hypothesis to explain metaphysics, epistemology, and define ethical regulations to govern society.; various political systems and several ethical doctrines have been implemented on the society to discern the most efficacious and effective ones; starting from the pre-Socratic philosophers till the present day contemplators and thinkers have attempted to formulate some sort of system or theory as the “ultimate” solution for the world.

These philosophers have several vantage  points on how they chose to see the world or perspectives; many of them chose the route of reverie like mystic Plato and all modern day descendants; which we can generally call idealists and mystics; but others like the great Democritus and Aristotle choose realism and objectivity as a vantage point; among these realists was Naturalist Charles Darwin who was valiant enough to publish a comprehensive theoretical dissertation or a book—regarding his perspective about the natural world. His theory was not an invention like all idealistic and mystical theories in history starting from the epic of Gilgamesh to modern day Christianity but an observation of reality on the ground; in addition the theory of evolution was a concept long held by other scientists and philosophers before him (like Democritus) and at his time to which he gives credit in his own book; (see: The Descent of Man, introduction) but, he was keen enough to compile it and publish the theory of evolution in well-organized manner; for the sake of mankind; so, that we can understand our true origin.

Now, this insight into our origin― solves part of the problem in our world; because we at least understand where we come from and also understand why the world is the way it is i.e. an animal planet filled with competition and gory. Now, the solution— thanks to our science and technology has to be the alteration and decimation of this savage natural order to replace it with a better mechanical and technological civilization; when I say mechanical I mean the replacement of biology with technology; which does not hold any of the abhorable traits like violence, salacity, vulgarity and other ill traits. I think this will be the ultimate cure to the world i.e. changing human nature —by intelligent design will definitely decimate the Darwinian natural order.

I personally do not like myself as an animal; I want to be an AI who is not violent, salacious, and at least―who smells better than hominoids. Anyways, I have said so many times that human nature itself shapes the world in its own image; the evidence for this deduction lies on the ground within our world; where the animal instincts and passions of man have created the competition of states, violence related with barbarity, and other myriad manifestations; that we behold— emanate directly from human nature either consciously or subconsciously. Now, if man as part of nature is responsible for everything on the ground in tandem with other natural forces; then where will this leave the so called “supernatural god”; well supernaturalism for the reasons mentioned above is dead and long gone; all supernaturalists are atheists but they do not even know it; because as I said in my article Dialogue- II; they implicitly proclaim that their god is beyond their comprehension. This concept is just a past time for ancient shepherds and fairytalists; but, thankfully nature is alive and it is the sole preoccupation in our discussions.

I am so grateful to really understand the theory of naturalism; it is a real liberator and empowerer; it puts its finger right at the source of it all― which is nature. It teaches me that nature is god; and it is responsible for all creation, decimation, manifestation, evolution insumma. This informs me that in order to acquire any solution —whether it is changing the current natural order which is the topic of this article or anything for that matter! Then, I must deal with nature rationally; why? Because, nature is the sole sovereign and supreme entity in existence. If you want to end world hunger; then ―why not alter human design; why should man be dependent on organic based bio molecular energy; why not create humans who are powered by nuclear energy; electricity or solar energy? This will reduce and eliminate agricultural dependency, and the production of related products like pesticides, and increase the likely hood of the survival of the human species on other planets —which are not earth like. If you want to reduce violence why not create humans without the amygdala? Now, when we discuss redesigning the human species and ushering in new species; the following questions might arise: which type of design is intelligent design and which is one not? If humans start altering themselves, then there will be several species on the planet; so doesn’t this need some sort of regulation? This is really a good question; but the answer is problematic because people want to be so many different things; so they have their own choices; I― for example, what to be an AI who is not pugnacious, salacious, woolgatherer (irrational), hoggish, and biological; this is the reason I call it evolution by personal selection. People will have so many ideas and designs on what to be; therefore, there needs to be a platform to discuss the issues of “acceptable” designs; forums where we can discuss the transhumanist world.

Now, the second most important question that will arise is: Is the technology present today fit to save all sentient human families on the planet to become transhumanist creatures extant? Well, some of it does and so of it doesn’t; hence, we just need to keep on promoting the philosophy of intelligent design side by side with research and development— to bring an end to this abominable world; whether, the technology exists or not; it will eventually come by slowly and step by step; and How should the next species be designed is upto current humans to have an open and frank discussion as said above ―on how to overthrow the Darwinian natural order of interspecies cannibalism and savagery to bring about a better utopian world order. I personally have made it my life goal and agenda to advocate for the desinence of the current natural order; and the promoter of intelligent design and a better world; which will be shaped by the nature of transhumanist creatures. It is a privilege and honor to call myself a transhumanist, atheist, humanist, futurist and most importantly amystologist; who is part of a great rationalist movement in the 21st century in history; where we are in an acute stage of transition between Sapiens and Cyborgs.


Change the Darwinian natural order and you will have heaven on earth!

Consider intelligent design and amystology as your way of life.



First of all death is a pathophysiology― not a natural process; second ethics, morality and all political systems in general could only be relevant if man is finite

If it is possible to turn man into an infinitely intelligent creature from his current position; then there will be no need for ethics, morality and political systems altogether; because there is a strong probability that man can reach the level of divinity. The limitation of human capability is the one which creates the state, society and mysticism as I have said so many times previously. But imagine a world where man at least can be enhanced to higher level requiring less imposition and help from the evil triangle (See figure-1); which, augment his weakness and detain him in a dilapidated position; if there is ever a purpose to life then I think it has to be the rise of Homo Deus through capability augmentation and reinforcement; because why would nature create a universe and solar system as well as a speck of dust we call earth surrounded by many odds, cosmic cataclysms and a desert cosmic environment; but in a strange prospect an oasis in this cosmic desert supports life and intelligence; various recreational parks which entertain huge global festivities and celebrations occur on this tiny rocky planet; earth is in some sense—not forgetting the current world order ― a heaven in a rough cosmos. It is a party in the middle of a desert; which is really weird.

So my question is not why there is an earth; but what must be the end goal of the rise of life on earth? It doesn’t have any meaning if it is just meant to be destroyed when the sun runs out of fuel; the rise of life on earth needs to have an objective —it must put longevity and even immortality as its final agenda. We just cannot wave our hands in the air and say “well, what a journey! It is time to die now along with the sun; brace your selves and kiss every relative as well as every random citizens on the street goodbye by shedding tears; frantically, running around in the desperate final moments.

I fervidly reject this lugubrious fate for mankind; I envision the departure of humanity from Earth either in biological form or other conducive —robotic, mechanical and even holographic forms in to the cosmos and even into another universes. Imagine the worlds that awaits our exploration, and adventure; imagine the numerous surprises that nature would unveil in our journey through the cosmos; imagine the worlds with lives; just like our own that we can discover and most importantly imagine a world of enhanced human beings; the future must be an eon of bliss and triumph not of tragedy and death.

I have the same state of mind like Darwin who is quoted by Prof. Michio Kaku in his book Parallel worlds on chapter ten; saying:
“[Consider] the view now held by most physicists, namely that the sun with all the planets will in time grow too cold for life, unless indeed some great body dashes into the sun and thus gives it fresh life—believing as I do that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he now is, it is an intolerable thought that he and all other sentient beings are doomed to complete annihilation after such long-continued slow progress.”

Mysticism as one of the constituents of the evil triangle and seen as an “ethical institution” by politicians advocates for the desinence of life on Earth by mass mortality. They teach as an ethical principle that suffering is good and dying is a “natural” process; so you might as well prepare a grave while you are still walking around because it might be cheaper now than later on; this despondent and parochial vision needs to be precluded from our ethical values. Now what can bring an end to state, society, mysticism? The answer is simple—it is the gradual enhancement of man to infinity; The state and the society are not some eternal necessary entities but the symptoms of the fallibility of the human organism; who is finite at this current moment; but when he becomes more intelligent and most importantly free from his bestial and irrational self; he will be able to conduct more tasks without requiring the services provided by other members of the society. His cries in to space with his tear soaked eyes in search for a redeemer will be replaced by confidence and self-esteem; when he becomes closer to infinity; finally when he reaches the infinity (I mean in intelligence and physical power) then, there will be no state, society and mysticism— this is the stage of masterdom or the era of Homo Deus.

But what has been mentioned hitherto is currently a philosophical vision; which can only be materialized by innovation, experimentation and technology which can only come out of research and development. Hence, there seems to be a lot of vacancy for a career in natural science as well as a lot of Noble prizes up for grabs for those sedulous innovators who can liberate man from his lowly self, the evil triangle and death; those scientists who can bring the era of Homo Deus from the realm of science fiction to reality.

Hence, there is no need in wasting time in debating which political system is the best or which ethical and moral code is the greatest; because it does not matter if we apply what we think is the best system ―whether it is socialism, capitalism or celibacy; the root of the problem still lies dormant; which is the fallibility of man; he is still a beast with an irrational mind who is screaming to be upgraded and updated. This overhaul will save us the money we dump on crime management, drought relief, epidemic control; terrorism, wars and other myriad issues which manifest due to human limitations and abhorable design; therefore what I am calling for is not a medical treatment of humanity but an overall intelligent redesigning and augmentation of the human species. So in the struggle to liberate man from finiteness; I believe there are three steps we must understand and place under consideration:

Stage 1: Sapiens
Stage 2: Cyborgs
Stage 3: Deus

Now, the first stage have already been accomplished; that is why a mutant Chimpanzee is writing this article right now i.e. me; the second stage is partially being accomplished as there are many cyborgs who live among as already with extra senses and more physical vigor; but the third stage may look like a tall order but I can never rule it out; there is a possibility that man can reach the stage of divinity; because the logical outcome and consequence of perpetual augmentation is infinity.

Now, when we come to the issue of ethics and moral codes; they are incapable of restricting the animal passions of man even if they do― they cannot make him happy because he is forced to act in contrary to his nature and design ; hence, he will be lugubrious and impaired; therefore, a radical re-engineering of a new species at the cellular level who will progressively be self-sufficient without a need for the state, society and mysticism must be created to provide our universe with real tangible, persistent and eternal solution; which will bring an end to the competition of states and the Darwinian natural order which is currently in place.

Therefore, we should always remember that the state, the society and mysticism are the symptoms of a disease which is human finiteness and fallibility; they are not a necessity that man cannot live without; the ethics, morality and political systems set in place are incapable of treating the disease but only attempt to treat the symptoms in an effort to make human existence blissful and progressive; but they (communism, capitalism, socialism, other ethical and social codes) have failed miserably in managing humanities concerns; because the disease still exists; which is as said above human finiteness and his abhorable design.

I have never heard a single natural law which states that it is impossible to create a utopia by enhancing man to infinity and we have evolved to suffer and die on earth. May be I am misinformed; if so, I am always corrigible. But anyways, we must give a try to transhumanism as we have tried capitalism, communism and socialism; I have a huge hope that this theory is the one which is really capable of creating a better world and a mirthful transhumanist existence bringing an end to the state, the society and mysticism―eliminating the need for ethics, morality and all political systems.

What Has amystism Done For me lately?

Natural absolutism is the metaphysical corner stone in amystology aka amystism there is no truth or solution outside nature. Now, the impulsive response from idealists to this statement will probably be: Is an atom or nature conscious? And my response will be: Have you understood nature in totality? Do you know everything that there is to know about natureHow do you know for certain that it is either or not conscious and dismiss nature altogether? Wouldn’t it be sage to understand nature in total first and reach a conclusion last? Why do you have this irresistible pulse to soar beyond nature? And their response will probably be—silenceIt does not matter; whether, nature has a mind or not; only further investigations in nature could unravel the truth. Now, let’s see what amystology can do for you in contrary to mysticism; which is the subject of this essay. Amystology, first and foremost as a philosophy makes you realistic, and to seek all solutions in nature and then it makes you rational encouraging you to apply logic in your thinking and behavior; so that you can witness the world from a rational and vivid vantage point― unlike mysticism which is nebulous and shrouded in mystery. Second, in metaphysics it states that what is incompatible with your nature is nocuous for your wellbeing, futile to your progress and non-existent; third,in ethics it encourages you to become self-preserving and pro-life. In short, it protects you from idealism; defends you from “spiritualism/mysticism”and self-mortification; making you the lover of life and promoter of self-existence.

It protects you from idealism and the extirpation it brings about― by teaching you that reality can never be altered by the mind just by dreaming about and praying for solutions like for example— the beguiling phrases thrown around by idealists like “ think and grow rich”, “imagine yourself in opulence and you will “attract” sumptuousness; “pray for peace” and several other claptrap slogans vociferated by idealists; because one can never be rich just by dreaming about money, you can never get global peace  just by thinking about it; you can never be whole just by thinking about health; you cannot land on mars justseeing yourself on mars. The route to success in this material world exists in epistemological realism and metaphysical materialism; we can only solve our challenges—poverty, violence or malady through either capitalism or natural science; where both are schools of materialistic thoughts. Thus, we must reject idealism and its prescription of fantasy to solve mundane issues.

Further on, in epistemology it teaches you to be rational and employ logic in your daily life and experiences as stated above;in order to see the world in a clear manner without the contamination of your bias and emotions as much as possible; because, the paucity of reason often leads to irrationality and non-rationality; as it can be observed― the fallibility of  human reason is the source of all evil; the 20-23 billion nerve cells and 300 trillion synaptic connections [1] in the cerebral cortex seem to be inadequate to make ourselves 100% rational or may be the older parts of the brain like the amygdala and other parts seem to interfere with the rational process;but, anyways we exist in a material world which operates through laws and formulas. Hence, rationalism is an invaluable tool in deciphering this material world; hence, making it accessible for our manipulation and the only way of engaging with nature to acquire all solutions.

In ethics, it encourages you; despite your existence in a Darwinian hell hole called earth to be optimistic about life; to love existence; to value awareness and consciousness by observing how rare life is in this universe; it encourages you to maintain the overall health of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically in an attempt to augment and facilitate longevity, maybe even immortality in a vehement rejection to the mystics edict of self-mortification and a morbid nostalgia for death. It encourages you under the ethical principle of self-enhancement to upgrade, alter and change your nature based on your selection; because you must understand that all your suffering and challenges in life are due to your limitations either intellectually or physically; hence, you are encouraged to expand yourself to infinity; in order to become better, stronger, and greater; because, frankly speaking we all do not have a “savior” except our intelligence and technology. Hence, if we utilize our intelligence and technology effectively to enhance our intellect and physical capabilities then we have a potential to create a utopia or something close to it.

Therefore, you have everything to gain in amystology it promotes realism; defending you from idealistic day dreaming; promotes rationalism— it doesnot matter how hard it may be;in order to have a clearer view of the world; while, promoting nature as the only dimension that you are capable of perceiving and built to understand; advocating the terraforming of nature into a livable and a happy place for yourself.


[1] Psychology David G. Myers; 2010: 68