What is meant by the phrase “higher reality”? How can there be something “higher” i.e. above all material data; but, still at the same time be real? We have already established that our brain can only transduct (i.e. change sound, light, taste, texture and odor data into electricity that the brain can understand in order to form an idea) if and only if it is feed material energy in its various forms i.e. either in sound, light, heat, or chemical.

In addition, the word reality itself comes from the Latin word realis which means thing; hence, anything real has to be a material thing in order to be real. Now, consider the following― how is it ever possible for any “thing” to be immaterial (higher) and at the same time be real (material)? Isn’t “higher reality” an oxymoron; like― white blackness, sweet bitterness, short longness, deafening silence and so on?

What do mystics and their disoriented followers mean by the term higher? Are they trying to denominate a concept which represents another form of matter like dark matter, and dark energy which does not exist in the periodic table or are they attempting to denominate an entity which is totally immaterial? If the latter is the case; then, it will be useless for any man!
My understanding ―why people create such terms is their fallible nature and ignorance of the true causes responsible in the manifestation of incidences in the natural world like the creation of life and intelligence. Mystics generally possess an ambivalent and bipolar position; they want to have their cake and eat it too; they advocate a mysterious immaterial reality (immaterial materiality) as weird as it sounds; while at the same time stating that it is not mysterious at all and is absolutely comprehendible. In short, they have a schizophrenic position with a split personality; a profoundly perplexed consciousness and a topsy-turvy attitude in their overall behavior.

As I may have said elsewhere rationalism distresses our inchoate primate brain into nausea; because man is not designed by nature to be an infallible machine with a superfast rational processing unit; we tend to slip to the realm of mysticism and irrationality when the going gets tough in our investigation, examination and comprehension of our natural world. This slip up will neither solve our problems or augment the standard of life for us or for our descendants and the consequence are dire for those who renounce reason and evidence as their way of life; nature will chastise them with mental, emotional, or physical disorders; the only thing one will attract in idealism and mysticism is not the theory of everything but the ailment of schizophrenia.

Therefore, anything cannot be immaterial (spirit) and material (matter); black and white; dead and alive; short and long; hot and cold at the same time! This breaks the first law of thought in logic which is “The law of non-contradiction” This type of behavior is a symptom of muzziness and witlessness within human nature. Our incomplete rational faculty is the one which is responsible for so much of the disorder in our thinking as well as behavior on the ground.

Two opposite qualities will cancel out each other to produce a non-entity. Therefore, there is no higher reality i.e. (immaterial materiality), sweet bitterness, deafening silence, dead liveliness (afterlife), white blackness, and short longness and so on. These terms are the product of an immature, perplexed and disturbed consciousness and most importantly of an incomplete rational faculty.

Thus, in order to prevent ourselves from falling into the ditch of schizophrenia and extinction. We need to apply the laws of logical thinking as was formulated by Aristotle by reading a good book on Logic and trying to comprehend all logical fallacies― in order to maintain a sharp rational mind and a salubrious physical state. Inadditon, we also need to support the enhancement of the human organism into a better and higher being free from bestiality and irrationality.