Man by all means and evidence provided is not a “fallen angel” as dictated by ancient shepherds; but, a risen ape out of cosmic dust as suggested by modern day physicists. Even though, man’s finite intelligence still makes him a miserable and dependent organism on the state,society and mystical shacks; he is still the dominant species on earth.This dominance might not be everlasting as was the domination of the dinosaurs; unless otherwise, he keeps on augmenting his mind and body through personal selection.

Several experiments suggest that materialismworks effectively due to the simple reason that nature is the supreme entity.If this is the fact then we are obliged to think that we must not only preserve life; but, enhance it to infinity. Man can even prevent the disintegration of our solar system and the universe as a whole if he is endowed with a super intelligent rational brain which he currently doesnot possess; entailing the capability to perform anything.

The finiteness of the human brain as I said so many times limits the achievements he can accomplish. All the dreams and aspirations of our ancestors including stopping aging, immortality, creating rain in times of drought, healing the lame, curing the infirmed and so on can be accomplished if the human brain has a powerful superfast rational calculations and ingenuity.

Our experiments with natural forces has shown to us that reason and the scientific method work efficiently some times to our trepidation: making the lame walk again, creating rainfall, and even performing reversible death also known as cryopreservation i.e. (preserving someone at 10 degree centigrade below the normal body temperature whereheart and brain activity come to a halt and resurrecting people back to consciousness again) andmay be in the future a technology for preserving our sun from dying may also exist. All these feats are really very scary ideas but despite our trepidation these experiments show us that materialism works and we are supposed to be the masters of our destiny within eternal nature.

The dreams of ancient mystics to tame the natural world just by employing idealism or in other words with prayersand sacrifices was the wrong approach. In order to deal with nature we need to be super rational with an immense processing capability which we currently do not have; this may be the reason why tend to go to sleep in math and engineering classes rather than attend attentively. Biologists tell us that he cortex of the human brain has not changed or evolved  for the last several  thousands of years since its abrupt development from  lower primates. Thus, if our brain is not enhancing and evolving itself in the recent thousands of years; what can we deduce about what nature has in mind for us? Is she trying to shove us into a museum piece as old models of antiquity together with Homo erectus, Homo habilis and Homo neanderthalensis by creating something better? Is nature rescinding the era of Homo sapiens in order to usher in the era of Homo machines? It certainly looks so— by the emergence of so many cyborgs that live among us already like Professor StephenHawking, Neil Harbisson and so on.

The transition from Homo sapiens to Homo cyborgs seems to be happening right before our eyes and when these cyborgs or machines get more sophisticated and when flaws are minimized then  we will transit into the era of Home Deus; where, the techno-singularity manifests. Thus, this era looks like the end of humanity and the incipience of a superbeing in nature;because, the human cerebral cortex which is responsible for our human civilization is not evolving any further it has stopped. If this is so; then, what is evolving? The technological evolution has been ongoing since the industrial revolution in European countries. Today this technological evolution has reached a state where machines are being able to perform surgeries on patients with a supervising medical surgeon.

In addition, these machines are being designed to be a learning and reading machines  just like humans with an immense power far more power full than the human brain itself in calculation and capacity. Is Artificial intelligence the organism which proclaims the end of the era of humans and the beginning of a new eon of super intelligent machines which are not limited and pinned down on earth by their biological nature to conquer and explore the cosmos as a whole? I believe that nature is accelerating the technological evolution of machines because I think she wants being who are ready and naturally built for the harsh cosmic environment outside earth.

These machines unlike humans are not biological; they do not need food water or oxygen which exists as long as we known copiously on earth. Hence, we can sense that nature is preparing for the ultimate departure of organisms outside earth and it is trying to create machines which can leave earth to dwell on any harsh planet which is not conducive to biological life and I believe the dominance of Homo sapiens will run out when the rise of these machines becomes complete and when they gain full consciousness, and omnipotence (singularity). Then I believe that humans will not have any place in the world; the intelligence which had made them the masters of all species on earth will be defunct and overwhelmed by the machines if these machines are not under their control? But the most important question is: how can we possibly control organisms with higher or infinite intelligence; unless, otherwise we are equally intelligent with these beings? How can something inferior control something superior? Does that even make any sense? We can never guarantee the survival of Homo sapiens unless humans are equally enhanced; because it is just natural for higher beings to lead and lower beings to follow; I have a concern that unenhanced inferiorly intelligent humans might either be subjugated or even wiped out by the  higher intelligence that is coming.

Therefore, the guarantee that we all have in order to ascertain our existence is―to enhance ourselves to become Homo Deus in alignment with the rise of the machines. This will prevent our inferiority and may be extinction bysuper intelligent machines that are evolving rapidly in our world. The evolution ofsuper intelligent machines should not be a problem but the stagnation ofhuman intelligence capability.

Some individuals might raise the issue of ethical concerns saying that the body should not be tampered with it and should be left as an “untouchable temple” which is not a sage statement in a world of rapid advances in technology; because, our mushyobsolete bodies might not compete with cyborgs and machines. Hence, may become subject to natural selection where the weak get eliminated.Therefore, in a Darwinian world of hyper competition for survival we need to keep up with the latest advances in technological trends in order to reassurethe survival of the human species by adaptation.

From a marketing and business perspective; there are millions of people who support transhumanism and biohacking on our planet today. This means there is a huge market for bionics,& nootropics for medical treatments as well as non- medical augmentations. Therefore, big technological companies like Sony, Samsung, Apple, Dell and others need to look into these new niche of marketing opportunity instead of just producing ordinary consumer products for the masses.

I believe the biohacking market will continue to grow―serving for medical and non-medical enhancements into the future; body organs will gradually continue to be replaced by electro-mechanical devices in a step by step manner; because who really wants bodies which are super complicated at the same time super fragile? Super complicated and super fragile biology is not sustainable; it needs to be phased out and replaced by electro-mechanics which is much robust and durable. This will increase the likelihood of human survival, dominance and facilitate the ultimate departure into the Cosmos from planet earth in a suitable build.