Supernaturalists pride themselves by scorning and elevating themselves above realists and naturalists that they are following the righteous path towards redemption. They fool themselves by creating unintelligible chimeras— and assume that they have discovered the occult dimension of immateriality. They deject the true determiner of their very existence; because,they state that nature does not have a face; so it can not a nominee for the title of the supreme entity; they accuse others of paganism; but at this very stage we are compelled to inquire the question; who is the real pagan? A man who worships and reveres natural forces whose effects he can see and feel on the ground  or the person who adulates facetious inert and mute toys  like the cross , kabba or the statue of Ganesh draped in opulence; whose effects he can never observe? What we can say for the pantheist is that he is absolutely sensible; at least he is not delusional; he can observe his creator in action —determining his life; but for the supernaturalists he seems like a bewildered man who builds ridiculous toys and phantoms borrowed from nature —to represent the face of his so called supernatural god which he says is the author of nature; where in fact as soon he illustrates or vociferates the qualities of his supernatural entity; we understand that this supernatural being is the creation of his own mind. Therefore, supernaturalists are the real pagans; nature is the real god; naturalists and realists are on the righteous path.


Supernaturalism is inundated in idolatry, puerile ceremonies, sadistic rituals,and inane sacrifices. They are in no position to accuse others of paganism; while,they are inundated in it themselves; because, it will be an irony. If you observe any supernatural cult you will notice that they are an organized system of paganism; who,adulate statues made up of stones and wood enveloped by irrational zealotry; they are the advocates of repulsive mystical practices which augment the infirmity of men rather than entail salubrity. They have a fetish for unintelligible and intermingled material statues;whose, effects can never be witnessed; Supernaturalism is really the result of man’s super weak and flimsy rational faculty; evolution has left us with a very feeble reasoning power which is really unfortunate and is therefore responsible for the many irrational systems that we witness on the ground. This is the reason why self-enhancement becomes mandatory in order to save mankind form itself.  Supernaturalists are not by part to blame for what they are committing on the  ground because they are functioning according  to the very design they are meant to function; nature is to blame here for her imperfect design;  Hence,we need to fix what nature has spoiled in order to end supernatural paganism.

The life of a naturalist and a realist is a life of commonsense and sensibility; he perlustrates reality in order to discern what is prime cause of all causes based on testing and evidence. Countless observations and experiments have shown that nature is all there is; it is the only dimension; it is uncreatable and indestructible; which is responsible for all manifestations in the universe; if you disagree then you must provide your evidence so that I can change my mind any time; but as an advice if you want to understand the determining nature of nature itself just observe your experiences in your daily life i.e. your  attitude, &  mood entailing different outcomes based on their state in your experiences in life.In short, the forces of nature are responsible for it all.

Naturalists and realists are on the right direction because it is prudent to always follow what is testable and demonstrable than imaginary cults of idealism and its several branches where religion is included. It is salutary for our minds, our emotions and our physical bodies to be realists; because, it defends our buxom and existence from bane by unverified claims and indemonstrable delusions. To be a realist is a blessing; to embrace evidence based existence is a shield against self-extinction promoted by the suffering and death loving cult of supernatural paganism.

Therefore, supernaturalists are in no position to accuse realists and naturalists of paganism; while, they hold the monopoly in the adulation, construction, and supplication of superstitious toys of various kinds made form dead animals and mute boulders which are more helpless than their creators.Sometimes I think to myself; even a pantheist can be forgiven if he worshiped the sun; because, at least he is barking at the right tree; he has identified the right supreme force!  Even though, his mystical tendency in engagement with nature may be a subject to criticism; because mysticism never works in our engagement with nature; but, rationalism does; hence, he will be advised to put his hands apart and stand up straight from where he was kneeling on the ground in order to pick up a pen and a piece of paper  from his shelf to do some observations and calculations about the movement,intensity, and size of the sun using his rational mind in order to acquire some understanding  about our solar system; and the processes of photosynthesis to feed himself and his fellow humans by developing better crops and systems of agriculture; rather than shouting his lungs out in adulation and crying his eyes out in reverence to the sun; which will be a very silly endeavor. Hence, the fact that naturalists and realists recognize only nature as the sole metaphysical truth can only make them prudent and sensible beings directed only by reason and evidence.




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