Mystics and these so called “spiritualists” fool them themselves as if they can “transcend” into “another” dimension. They lose themselves in a dream of zealotry— arrogantly rejecting and ignoring the voice of reason which calls onto them to come back to their senses to embrace their real creator which is nature. These people create imaginary and physical chimeras with incompatible qualities to represent the theory of everything or in other words which they “think” is the real metaphysical fact. They loathe the material world stating that “it is not conscious” notwithstanding that the exclusive material world is all there is and it determines their very existence without which they cannot survive for a fraction of a second.

It is an established fact that one cannot switch off the material world or what physicists call quantum vacuum: which is when all matter is removed from space-time including atoms and so on― giving you basically a vacuum; but this vacuum is not empty! Even at this state virtual particles come in and out of existence i.e. something will pop in and pop out of existence even at this vacuum state. Therefore, to say that nature is an ephemeral metaphysical entity is really erroneous and inconsistent with evidence.

The term “spirit” is a term used to denominate the force of nature as Baron (18th century philosopher) states; spiritualists and mystics intended by detaching the force or the energy of matter from matter and bestowing human characters, identities and consciousness upon it to finally create a personal god; in order to make themselves feel much comfortable about uncertain life events and satisfy their craving for social interactionism with a personal god rather than dealing with senseless and unconscious nature which operates by formulas and natural laws.Our creator —nature does not have a face or a personality or a golden chair; which it occupies or a long white beard that it pets or a magic wand that that it moves around to dictate mundane manifestations; but, possesses eternal laws and formulas which determine our existence.

The most ridiculous thing about “supernaturalists” and “spiritualists” is that they cannot even escape nature in imagination, ranting, arrogance, irrationality,scorn,delusion,schizophrenia because all of these processes are natural. This is the reason that I have stated in the title that nature is totalitarian; we cannot even think something unnatural; because, even our thoughts themselves are electric currents in microvoltage firing in our brain cells and electricity is a natural force.

Hence, basically nature may not have a mind and a face like us; but, it does have formulas and laws by which it operates to demonstrate all types of manifestations that we behold; the obsession to assign a face and a personality to faceless and impersonal nature by mystics has created numerous personal gods made out of blocks of wood and marble as well as esoteric establishments of worship; which are unintelligible to the inventors themselves and never stop slaughtering one another: Muslims murdering Muslims, Christians murdering Christians and so on which is really unfortunate.In order to escape this apocalyptic madness;we first need to rectify our metaphysical vantage point; we need to recognize that nature is all there is;therefore, our redemption lies exclusively in natural studies and natural understanding in order to solve whatever challenges that we are confronted with; because, if nature is total; then all our challenges as well as solutions are natural.

Therefore, as a conclusion let us get our metaphysics right and stick with naturalism;in order, to bring about a better future for us and our posterities as well as accelerate the rate of evolution and purging of human nature from animal traits and weaknesses to bring about a much better world than the brutal and tumultuous world that we inhabit today.


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