“Higher reality”

What is meant by the phrase “higher reality”? How can there be something “higher” i.e. above all material data; but, still at the same time be real? We have already established that our brain can only transduct (i.e. change sound, light, taste, texture and odor data into electricity that the brain can understand in order to form an idea) if and only if it is feed material energy in its various forms i.e. either in sound, light, heat, or chemical.

In addition, the word reality itself comes from the Latin word realis which means thing; hence, anything real has to be a material thing in order to be real. Now, consider the following― how is it ever possible for any “thing” to be immaterial (higher) and at the same time be real (material)? Isn’t “higher reality” an oxymoron; like― white blackness, sweet bitterness, short longness, deafening silence and so on?

What do mystics and their disoriented followers mean by the term higher? Are they trying to denominate a concept which represents another form of matter like dark matter, and dark energy which does not exist in the periodic table or are they attempting to denominate an entity which is totally immaterial? If the latter is the case; then, it will be useless for any man!
My understanding ―why people create such terms is their fallible nature and ignorance of the true causes responsible in the manifestation of incidences in the natural world like the creation of life and intelligence. Mystics generally possess an ambivalent and bipolar position; they want to have their cake and eat it too; they advocate a mysterious immaterial reality (immaterial materiality) as weird as it sounds; while at the same time stating that it is not mysterious at all and is absolutely comprehendible. In short, they have a schizophrenic position with a split personality; a profoundly perplexed consciousness and a topsy-turvy attitude in their overall behavior.

As I may have said elsewhere rationalism distresses our inchoate primate brain into nausea; because man is not designed by nature to be an infallible machine with a superfast rational processing unit; we tend to slip to the realm of mysticism and irrationality when the going gets tough in our investigation, examination and comprehension of our natural world. This slip up will neither solve our problems or augment the standard of life for us or for our descendants and the consequence are dire for those who renounce reason and evidence as their way of life; nature will chastise them with mental, emotional, or physical disorders; the only thing one will attract in idealism and mysticism is not the theory of everything but the ailment of schizophrenia.

Therefore, anything cannot be immaterial (spirit) and material (matter); black and white; dead and alive; short and long; hot and cold at the same time! This breaks the first law of thought in logic which is “The law of non-contradiction” This type of behavior is a symptom of muzziness and witlessness within human nature. Our incomplete rational faculty is the one which is responsible for so much of the disorder in our thinking as well as behavior on the ground.

Two opposite qualities will cancel out each other to produce a non-entity. Therefore, there is no higher reality i.e. (immaterial materiality), sweet bitterness, deafening silence, dead liveliness (afterlife), white blackness, and short longness and so on. These terms are the product of an immature, perplexed and disturbed consciousness and most importantly of an incomplete rational faculty.

Thus, in order to prevent ourselves from falling into the ditch of schizophrenia and extinction. We need to apply the laws of logical thinking as was formulated by Aristotle by reading a good book on Logic and trying to comprehend all logical fallacies― in order to maintain a sharp rational mind and a salubrious physical state. Inadditon, we also need to support the enhancement of the human organism into a better and higher being free from bestiality and irrationality.



Man must keep up with evolution in order to guarantee his survival, dominance and finally to be Homo Deus

Man by all means and evidence provided is not a “fallen angel” as dictated by ancient shepherds; but, a risen ape out of cosmic dust as suggested by modern day physicists. Even though, man’s finite intelligence still makes him a miserable and dependent organism on the state,society and mystical shacks; he is still the dominant species on earth.This dominance might not be everlasting as was the domination of the dinosaurs; unless otherwise, he keeps on augmenting his mind and body through personal selection.

Several experiments suggest that materialismworks effectively due to the simple reason that nature is the supreme entity.If this is the fact then we are obliged to think that we must not only preserve life; but, enhance it to infinity. Man can even prevent the disintegration of our solar system and the universe as a whole if he is endowed with a super intelligent rational brain which he currently doesnot possess; entailing the capability to perform anything.

The finiteness of the human brain as I said so many times limits the achievements he can accomplish. All the dreams and aspirations of our ancestors including stopping aging, immortality, creating rain in times of drought, healing the lame, curing the infirmed and so on can be accomplished if the human brain has a powerful superfast rational calculations and ingenuity.

Our experiments with natural forces has shown to us that reason and the scientific method work efficiently some times to our trepidation: making the lame walk again, creating rainfall, and even performing reversible death also known as cryopreservation i.e. (preserving someone at 10 degree centigrade below the normal body temperature whereheart and brain activity come to a halt and resurrecting people back to consciousness again) andmay be in the future a technology for preserving our sun from dying may also exist. All these feats are really very scary ideas but despite our trepidation these experiments show us that materialism works and we are supposed to be the masters of our destiny within eternal nature.

The dreams of ancient mystics to tame the natural world just by employing idealism or in other words with prayersand sacrifices was the wrong approach. In order to deal with nature we need to be super rational with an immense processing capability which we currently do not have; this may be the reason why tend to go to sleep in math and engineering classes rather than attend attentively. Biologists tell us that he cortex of the human brain has not changed or evolved  for the last several  thousands of years since its abrupt development from  lower primates. Thus, if our brain is not enhancing and evolving itself in the recent thousands of years; what can we deduce about what nature has in mind for us? Is she trying to shove us into a museum piece as old models of antiquity together with Homo erectus, Homo habilis and Homo neanderthalensis by creating something better? Is nature rescinding the era of Homo sapiens in order to usher in the era of Homo machines? It certainly looks so— by the emergence of so many cyborgs that live among us already like Professor StephenHawking, Neil Harbisson and so on.

The transition from Homo sapiens to Homo cyborgs seems to be happening right before our eyes and when these cyborgs or machines get more sophisticated and when flaws are minimized then  we will transit into the era of Home Deus; where, the techno-singularity manifests. Thus, this era looks like the end of humanity and the incipience of a superbeing in nature;because, the human cerebral cortex which is responsible for our human civilization is not evolving any further it has stopped. If this is so; then, what is evolving? The technological evolution has been ongoing since the industrial revolution in European countries. Today this technological evolution has reached a state where machines are being able to perform surgeries on patients with a supervising medical surgeon.

In addition, these machines are being designed to be a learning and reading machines  just like humans with an immense power far more power full than the human brain itself in calculation and capacity. Is Artificial intelligence the organism which proclaims the end of the era of humans and the beginning of a new eon of super intelligent machines which are not limited and pinned down on earth by their biological nature to conquer and explore the cosmos as a whole? I believe that nature is accelerating the technological evolution of machines because I think she wants being who are ready and naturally built for the harsh cosmic environment outside earth.

These machines unlike humans are not biological; they do not need food water or oxygen which exists as long as we known copiously on earth. Hence, we can sense that nature is preparing for the ultimate departure of organisms outside earth and it is trying to create machines which can leave earth to dwell on any harsh planet which is not conducive to biological life and I believe the dominance of Homo sapiens will run out when the rise of these machines becomes complete and when they gain full consciousness, and omnipotence (singularity). Then I believe that humans will not have any place in the world; the intelligence which had made them the masters of all species on earth will be defunct and overwhelmed by the machines if these machines are not under their control? But the most important question is: how can we possibly control organisms with higher or infinite intelligence; unless, otherwise we are equally intelligent with these beings? How can something inferior control something superior? Does that even make any sense? We can never guarantee the survival of Homo sapiens unless humans are equally enhanced; because it is just natural for higher beings to lead and lower beings to follow; I have a concern that unenhanced inferiorly intelligent humans might either be subjugated or even wiped out by the  higher intelligence that is coming.

Therefore, the guarantee that we all have in order to ascertain our existence is―to enhance ourselves to become Homo Deus in alignment with the rise of the machines. This will prevent our inferiority and may be extinction bysuper intelligent machines that are evolving rapidly in our world. The evolution ofsuper intelligent machines should not be a problem but the stagnation ofhuman intelligence capability.

Some individuals might raise the issue of ethical concerns saying that the body should not be tampered with it and should be left as an “untouchable temple” which is not a sage statement in a world of rapid advances in technology; because, our mushyobsolete bodies might not compete with cyborgs and machines. Hence, may become subject to natural selection where the weak get eliminated.Therefore, in a Darwinian world of hyper competition for survival we need to keep up with the latest advances in technological trends in order to reassurethe survival of the human species by adaptation.

From a marketing and business perspective; there are millions of people who support transhumanism and biohacking on our planet today. This means there is a huge market for bionics,& nootropics for medical treatments as well as non- medical augmentations. Therefore, big technological companies like Sony, Samsung, Apple, Dell and others need to look into these new niche of marketing opportunity instead of just producing ordinary consumer products for the masses.

I believe the biohacking market will continue to grow―serving for medical and non-medical enhancements into the future; body organs will gradually continue to be replaced by electro-mechanical devices in a step by step manner; because who really wants bodies which are super complicated at the same time super fragile? Super complicated and super fragile biology is not sustainable; it needs to be phased out and replaced by electro-mechanics which is much robust and durable. This will increase the likelihood of human survival, dominance and facilitate the ultimate departure into the Cosmos from planet earth in a suitable build.


There will be no peace and serenity in our world without changing human nature!

Man is beast and an animal like other animals in the animal kingdom. Notwithstanding this fact man is nescient of his true nature as well as his creator, animator, and determiner which is nature. It is really ridiculous for man to lull and delude himself by telling his ego that he is not a beast with a beastial design. As has been said elsewhere human behavior emanates from the human design. As Aristotle wisely said “understanding your nature is beginning of all wisdom.”I believe by stating this statement Aristotle knew that human nature itself is the one shaping the world in its own image reaffirming the authority of nature as the sole supreme entity in existence. The sooner we understand and embrace this fact the better; because we can then get busy into purging, editing and enhancing human nature in to a higher non-beastial  design rectifying the abhorable blueprint set by nature. Hence, there will be no serenity in our world without editing human nature, editing human nature will augment the likelihood of the survival of the human species, and finally bring about the peace and serenity that humanity longed for since he established societies to lead his life.

Peace,peace…peace and so forth are the cries of politicians and ordinary men on the streets; but what they seem to point out is their craving not the solution; they seem to forget what the solution is —in bringing about a better and peaceful world; which is— intelligent design or evolution by personal selection as I like to call it; all manifestations on the ground are not the work of “god” but the work of nature and specifically human nature.The belligerent and selfish nature of mankind is responsible for the hellish world that we behold; it is responsible for creating societies,the state and mysticism; it is also responsible for all the wars conflicts on the ground from the middle east to Vietnam and all the way back to the middle east itself; sectarianism, imperialism,communism, capitalism, mysticism,rationalism and so forth emanate from the human design; which is responsible for creating all these things. Therefore, if man cravesequanimity and so forth; it will be mandatory first to understand and embrace the supremacy of nature! Then devise a sage blueprint by editing the human genome or whatever natural chemical is responsible for the human behavior to create a stable world; hence, ethics can be solved by scientific behavioral design and human nature can be managed chemically to be less belligerent, vulgar and salacious.

The other benefit from purging and enhancing mankind is that it will more likely rise the chance of the survival of the human species; becausein the process of eliminating weaknesses and animal traits; mankind will end up becoming robust and durable. The technology for accomplishing all these feats may not exist today but at least—the vision for creating better humans exists and the technology will hopefully comeabout in a step by step mannerinto the future. Therefore, we must be relentlessly promote the enhancement of mankind whether the technology exists or not; because natural cataclysms wait for nobody— the sun is not meant to burn forever—it will die someday in the future but what cannever die is nature or the cosmos. Hence, our understanding of our universe and nature as extremely important in the life extensionendeavor of the human species; this knowledge can be used to amend the human condition like violence and other challenges; in theprocess entailing the survival of the human species —as Carl Sagan says “The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be………The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home. In a cosmic perspective, most human concerns seem insignificant, even petty. And yet our species is young and curious and brave and shows much promise. In the last few millennia we have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the Cosmos and our place within it, explorations that are exhilarating to consider. They remind us that humans have evolved to wonder, that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is prerequisite to survival. I believe our future depends on how well we know this Cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.”(Cosmos; 1980:1)

The serenity that mankind is yearning for; that, communism, socialism, capitalism and etc. failed to accomplish lies within transhumanism and intelligent design: evolution by personal selection. The cries for world peace and stability could only come about through behavioral design and augmentation. Clothing man by the opulent silk dress of spiritualism cannot change his belligerent genes or by the ordinary kaki clothe of communism can never change his selfish genes; only technology and intelligent design can bring about a tranquil planet and a utopian cosmos. All the suffering and unhappiness of humanity can only be alleviated by science and technology employed for the sake of intelligent design. It is only here at this stage that real peace can manifest.

Therefore, as a conclusion —humanities salvation exists exclusively in understanding nature; his aspirations to dwell in a violence free utopian or something close to a utopian world could only materialize through the absolute understanding of nature or what is called masterdom in amystology. Therefore, let us work together to bring about the end of the Darwinian era and the commencement of a utopian natural order through science and technology.

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Who Is the real pagan?

Supernaturalists pride themselves by scorning and elevating themselves above realists and naturalists that they are following the righteous path towards redemption. They fool themselves by creating unintelligible chimeras— and assume that they have discovered the occult dimension of immateriality. They deject the true determiner of their very existence; because,they state that nature does not have a face; so it can not a nominee for the title of the supreme entity; they accuse others of paganism; but at this very stage we are compelled to inquire the question; who is the real pagan? A man who worships and reveres natural forces whose effects he can see and feel on the ground  or the person who adulates facetious inert and mute toys  like the cross , kabba or the statue of Ganesh draped in opulence; whose effects he can never observe? What we can say for the pantheist is that he is absolutely sensible; at least he is not delusional; he can observe his creator in action —determining his life; but for the supernaturalists he seems like a bewildered man who builds ridiculous toys and phantoms borrowed from nature —to represent the face of his so called supernatural god which he says is the author of nature; where in fact as soon he illustrates or vociferates the qualities of his supernatural entity; we understand that this supernatural being is the creation of his own mind. Therefore, supernaturalists are the real pagans; nature is the real god; naturalists and realists are on the righteous path.


Supernaturalism is inundated in idolatry, puerile ceremonies, sadistic rituals,and inane sacrifices. They are in no position to accuse others of paganism; while,they are inundated in it themselves; because, it will be an irony. If you observe any supernatural cult you will notice that they are an organized system of paganism; who,adulate statues made up of stones and wood enveloped by irrational zealotry; they are the advocates of repulsive mystical practices which augment the infirmity of men rather than entail salubrity. They have a fetish for unintelligible and intermingled material statues;whose, effects can never be witnessed; Supernaturalism is really the result of man’s super weak and flimsy rational faculty; evolution has left us with a very feeble reasoning power which is really unfortunate and is therefore responsible for the many irrational systems that we witness on the ground. This is the reason why self-enhancement becomes mandatory in order to save mankind form itself.  Supernaturalists are not by part to blame for what they are committing on the  ground because they are functioning according  to the very design they are meant to function; nature is to blame here for her imperfect design;  Hence,we need to fix what nature has spoiled in order to end supernatural paganism.

The life of a naturalist and a realist is a life of commonsense and sensibility; he perlustrates reality in order to discern what is prime cause of all causes based on testing and evidence. Countless observations and experiments have shown that nature is all there is; it is the only dimension; it is uncreatable and indestructible; which is responsible for all manifestations in the universe; if you disagree then you must provide your evidence so that I can change my mind any time; but as an advice if you want to understand the determining nature of nature itself just observe your experiences in your daily life i.e. your  attitude, &  mood entailing different outcomes based on their state in your experiences in life.In short, the forces of nature are responsible for it all.

Naturalists and realists are on the right direction because it is prudent to always follow what is testable and demonstrable than imaginary cults of idealism and its several branches where religion is included. It is salutary for our minds, our emotions and our physical bodies to be realists; because, it defends our buxom and existence from bane by unverified claims and indemonstrable delusions. To be a realist is a blessing; to embrace evidence based existence is a shield against self-extinction promoted by the suffering and death loving cult of supernatural paganism.

Therefore, supernaturalists are in no position to accuse realists and naturalists of paganism; while, they hold the monopoly in the adulation, construction, and supplication of superstitious toys of various kinds made form dead animals and mute boulders which are more helpless than their creators.Sometimes I think to myself; even a pantheist can be forgiven if he worshiped the sun; because, at least he is barking at the right tree; he has identified the right supreme force!  Even though, his mystical tendency in engagement with nature may be a subject to criticism; because mysticism never works in our engagement with nature; but, rationalism does; hence, he will be advised to put his hands apart and stand up straight from where he was kneeling on the ground in order to pick up a pen and a piece of paper  from his shelf to do some observations and calculations about the movement,intensity, and size of the sun using his rational mind in order to acquire some understanding  about our solar system; and the processes of photosynthesis to feed himself and his fellow humans by developing better crops and systems of agriculture; rather than shouting his lungs out in adulation and crying his eyes out in reverence to the sun; which will be a very silly endeavor. Hence, the fact that naturalists and realists recognize only nature as the sole metaphysical truth can only make them prudent and sensible beings directed only by reason and evidence.



Nature Is a Totalitarian Force which is Uncreated and Indestructible

Mystics and these so called “spiritualists” fool them themselves as if they can “transcend” into “another” dimension. They lose themselves in a dream of zealotry— arrogantly rejecting and ignoring the voice of reason which calls onto them to come back to their senses to embrace their real creator which is nature. These people create imaginary and physical chimeras with incompatible qualities to represent the theory of everything or in other words which they “think” is the real metaphysical fact. They loathe the material world stating that “it is not conscious” notwithstanding that the exclusive material world is all there is and it determines their very existence without which they cannot survive for a fraction of a second.

It is an established fact that one cannot switch off the material world or what physicists call quantum vacuum: which is when all matter is removed from space-time including atoms and so on― giving you basically a vacuum; but this vacuum is not empty! Even at this state virtual particles come in and out of existence i.e. something will pop in and pop out of existence even at this vacuum state. Therefore, to say that nature is an ephemeral metaphysical entity is really erroneous and inconsistent with evidence.

The term “spirit” is a term used to denominate the force of nature as Baron (18th century philosopher) states; spiritualists and mystics intended by detaching the force or the energy of matter from matter and bestowing human characters, identities and consciousness upon it to finally create a personal god; in order to make themselves feel much comfortable about uncertain life events and satisfy their craving for social interactionism with a personal god rather than dealing with senseless and unconscious nature which operates by formulas and natural laws.Our creator —nature does not have a face or a personality or a golden chair; which it occupies or a long white beard that it pets or a magic wand that that it moves around to dictate mundane manifestations; but, possesses eternal laws and formulas which determine our existence.

The most ridiculous thing about “supernaturalists” and “spiritualists” is that they cannot even escape nature in imagination, ranting, arrogance, irrationality,scorn,delusion,schizophrenia because all of these processes are natural. This is the reason that I have stated in the title that nature is totalitarian; we cannot even think something unnatural; because, even our thoughts themselves are electric currents in microvoltage firing in our brain cells and electricity is a natural force.

Hence, basically nature may not have a mind and a face like us; but, it does have formulas and laws by which it operates to demonstrate all types of manifestations that we behold; the obsession to assign a face and a personality to faceless and impersonal nature by mystics has created numerous personal gods made out of blocks of wood and marble as well as esoteric establishments of worship; which are unintelligible to the inventors themselves and never stop slaughtering one another: Muslims murdering Muslims, Christians murdering Christians and so on which is really unfortunate.In order to escape this apocalyptic madness;we first need to rectify our metaphysical vantage point; we need to recognize that nature is all there is;therefore, our redemption lies exclusively in natural studies and natural understanding in order to solve whatever challenges that we are confronted with; because, if nature is total; then all our challenges as well as solutions are natural.

Therefore, as a conclusion let us get our metaphysics right and stick with naturalism;in order, to bring about a better future for us and our posterities as well as accelerate the rate of evolution and purging of human nature from animal traits and weaknesses to bring about a much better world than the brutal and tumultuous world that we inhabit today.


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