I strongly believe that given the current latest information about our cosmos, study of ontology and so forth; that, the theory which has evaded so many philosophers throughout history; maybe, with the exception of the great Aristotle is—the rise of nature by the law of necessity [1]. The material world in general may not be conscious and intelligent but man (a material being) who is the apex of the evolutionary process is conscious; what does this fact tell us? What does the existence of an intelligent creature within tumultuous and unconscious nature tell us about reality and the cosmos? Doesn’t this denote the rise or birth of intelligence within tumultuous nature? I tend to think so. Furthermore, the universe is not a creation; matter may not be conscious; but, material man is conscious; the crusade on righteous materialism is an erroneous position; the evolutionary process denotes the coming of a super being and the rise of blind nature.

The universe is not a creation process but an evolutionary process where blind and insensible nature has adopted to a niche to acquire consciousness. The very reason not even a single branch of “supernaturalism” works or makes any sense at all is due to the very fact; that every single time man digresses from realism; he tends to fall in to a ditch of imaginary fumbling’s and fairytale fabrication similar to Disney fairytales; because, matter cannot create or understand anything outside itself. Supernaturalism is made up of intermingled and disordered material concepts reinforced by terrorism and totalitarianism. Therefore, spiritualism itself cannot escape the material world not even in imagination because imagination itself is a natural process.

Atoms and other forms of matter are not conscious or intelligent; but man who is 100 % material is conscious and intelligent. Hence, what does this imply? The ultimate cosmological theory according to my diligent observation and conjecture is that the material world is not conscious but unstable and this instability has created a niche (goldilock) where consciousness was created and facilitated the rise of intelligence; and that intelligence is man; because, he is the one with a paragon intelligence compared with other creatures; in other words he has a higher intelligence than any other complex life form on earth. Thus, is in a comfortable position to be nominated for the vacancy of an inchoate god; who is still being enhanced in infinitum. After several years of contemplation the rise of nature by the law of necessity is the only theory which makes absolute sense to a realistic man like me unless otherwise other sensible and demonstrable evidence is presented.

The crusade on righteous materialism and realism is absolutely misguided and erroneous position; yes! Nature may not be conscious at the stage of virtual particles; but,it is definitely conscious on planet earth. The rise of nature is evidently verifiable for anyone who is not biased by his passion and interests; we must always remember that reality is independent of the observer. People who are obsessed in extinguishing naturalism and the individual are committing a heinous crime against a better world and self-existence. Supernaturalists, idealists and dualists are all proscribing the progress of humanity into a better life; they promote a self-mortifying and mortalist culture; which is basically a call to self-extinction; which is loathsome and insensible. They should have been apostles of self-enhancement and immortalism; promoting infinite intelligence if they really intend to be helpful in making nature a better place.

The evolutionary process indicates that the material world is in a process of acquiring infinite intelligence; unconscious matter has already gained consciousness on earth where it is conducive for life to come about; thus, life is not a creation but an adaptation to the perfect niche where earth exists today; any objective observation will elucidate the non-existence of a super intelligence responsible for nature who is supposed to be totally intelligent or totally flawless; ground facts present in a vivid manner that; whatever, force is responsible for evolution is an unstable ambivalent force of creation; who is both intelligent and retarded, as well as merciless and merciful; and nature fits this profile not a flawless “supernatural” god as proposed by mystics. A super intelligence does not exist; at least not yet, but it can be presumed that the evolution of intelligence will proceed forward as it did from Tiktaalik to the apex of intelligence today which are Homo sapiens.

Therefore, as long as the current metaphysical understanding and commonsense are concerned the rise of nature by the law of necessity seems to be the theory of everything.

All rights reserved_2016.

[1] “The law of necessity” is just a hypothetical concept that I came up with which is smiliar to the anthrophy principle.Thus, it states that if you have a planet with the right mass giving it the gravity with a right distance form the right kind of star; then, all these positive elements will necessitate the rise of life, consciousness and intelligence within that planet. This law has not been tested  to discern its efficacy because we have not found solar systems which are identical to ours and which bear life and intelligence.



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