When we observe our world and our challenges which demand solutions; we usually think about turning either to supernaturalism or to naturalism. The supplication of a supernatural entity to bring about remedies has failed terribly in every single attempt in history; prayers, sacrifices, alms, rhapsodies etc. never worked; as an example let us consider the issue of drought and famine and objectively test without a bias the theories of supernaturalism and naturalism.
Can the pope or any ‘spiritually ‘ esteemed figure provide a solution for drought or Ebola? Can he make it rain or heal patients? Unfortunately he cannot; there is no record in history where a drought or famine has been solved by staring into space and crying your eyes out in supplication to a supposedly supernatural entity. Other challenges like epidemics, poverty, environmental challenges, wars, relationship issues etc. cannot be solved by ranting and vagary.

When we come to naturalism among several other issues just drought itself can be solved by a process called cloud seeding; which, is used to create rainfall by dispersing compounds like silver iodide ; humans can basically be like gods and make it rain by spraying substances into the atmosphere; they can create actual rain! Now isn’t this amazing? Naturalism passes the test with flying colors! What does this tell us about the natural world? I do not want to rush into conclusions but doesn’t this tell us that nature itself is a god and humans are the metamorphoses of nature?

Considering the above argument epidemics like Ebola, plague environmental pollutions etc. can only have natural solutions; when supernaturalism is tested to solve this issues the outcome was absolute failure; I challenge anyone to come up with any solution to the above mentioned human challenges brought about by supernaturalism and any spiritual man for our planet in history; did they solve famine? Did they solve epidemics like Ebola? Did they solve environmental pollution? Did they solve wars among states just by invoking a celestial super power? What did supernaturalism contribute to our world, other than schizophrenia the God delusion and numerous wars of blood bath among various mystical sects and tribes? Why do we need super naturalism any way if it does not have any positive contributions to mankind; if it is incapable of solving any natural issues?

Supernaturalism is an absolute bunk which can never pass the litmus test. Materialism in opposition to spiritualism contributed so much to mankind because it is a metaphysical truth. If spiritualism was a metaphysical fact; all our challenges could have been solved by any spiritual man on the planet just by the dint of his wishes; but fortunately god is dead but nature is alive and the universe is made up of atoms not spirits; hence, only materialism can work and be effective in providing solutions for our mundane challenges. Some might state that what about ethical issues? I already did write about this issue in an article entitled ethical engineering and stated that human behavior emanates from the human design and human nature; hence as wild as it may sound ethical solutions can exclusively be provided by biological engineering; by altering and mutating the human nature which is 100% natural; hence, demanding natural alterations not supernatural supplications.

Hence, supernaturalism fails at every test that it is put into; actually supernaturalism gave the world crusades and holy wars in the name of the an unknowable god; they gave people schizophrenic delusions and several other physical diseases, poverty, false hope, and genocides like the Canaanite and the Armenian genocide inspired by mystical zealotry. Once, again the source of human behavior is human nature i.e. nature herself implying the fact that human nature is shaping our world. Therefore, editing and tampering with the human design or human embryos is a must; in order, to cleanse mankind from abhorable and heinous behaviors. Spiritualism can never edit what is in our genes; similarly spiritualism can never create rain or eradicate Ebola just by wishful thinking and sacrificing goats for a mute statue or an invisible super being; who, only exists in the human fancy.

Creating rain and eradicating Ebola is the business of materialism and science; which flawlessly accomplishes these feats with efficacy; because, whether it is water or Ebola virus they are all made up of matter which demand an understanding and skill in materialism; signifying the fact that materialism is an indispensable philosophy in our material world; where, everything including our thought is matter. Supernaturalism supplicates a spirit; one might ask—where is this spirit? What does it look like? What are its dimensions? How can a spirit which is not made up of matter enter the human consciousness? How can my occipital lobe designed to translate photon energy receiving data via the optic chiasma into meaningful images by accepting data from cones and rods in my retina; possibly understand a spirit; which is not matter at all? A spirit is not just untested but untestable. Therefore, supernaturalism does not just fail the test of efficacy but it presents itself to the folly of supernaturalists; unexaminable shrouded in mystery. Mysteriousness or mysticism can never solve droughts, famines, epidemics and wars.


Therefore, for better or for worse we are stuck with materialism; therefore wasting our energy on spiritualism and supernaturalism is futile and not conducive for humanity. Now the question might arise whether nature has a mind and the material world is conscious directing itself on course? This is a very problematic question because I do not know whether nature is conscious or not because I do not see a face when I stare into space at night; I only see a determining force made up of atoms and matter; if this is so, what does this mean; is nature the theory of everything even though we do not have an evidence to suggest that it is conscious? My answer is that I am very much comfortable with an object which works and seems to be incomplete than supernaturalism which is untestable and utterly inefficient on the ground. Thus I am as confused as you are by this dilemma but I am very much happy to stick with what works than a supernatural theory of everything which is untestable and unverifiable; which is absolutely inefficacious!


If there was a God that we all can see and verify as well as designate as the theory of everything; then, I am willing to accept it; but unfortunately it does not exist for man even if it did; because god is not material according to theologians. Hence without wasting much ink I would like to conclude that materialism works effectively; thus, even if we do not see a face on the pillar of creation; when we look into the universe through our telescopes; which is a space dust and the beginning material for the creation of stars and planets as well as human beings; we should be very much comfortable with the fact that materialism and naturalism work on the ground and can be utilized to solve any of our issues including the problem of death itself. It passes the test with flying colors even though it might not seem to be the theory of everything.



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