Most often people are afraid of something that they are incapable of seeing rather than what they are capable of seeing right before their eyes. This technique of abusing the human mind has been utilized effectively by mystics and all advocates of suffering and death.We have been bombarder since childhood at the time where our brains were immature to distinguish the difference between sophistry and sincereity as well as impostors and liberators .We have been ordered to absorb the fallacious doctrines and never doubt the sophistry of mystics about the so called ‘after life’ stratagem.

Most forms of mysticisms have adopted this concept of life after death; the ancient Egyptian religion,the Romans,the Greeks, eastern religions and other mystics .But ofcourse, the theory of after life is fictive , attempting to scareof humanity into submission to a particular agenda.The fictive tale of afterlife is no different than the fictiveness of Homer simpson or the master scarescrow in Theo-mythology—The devil. Just think of the devil as a fictional character like the Hell boy in the movie Hellboy.The most important idea to notice here is that mystics employ what I call the invisible syndrome; which, means that people are more scared of not just what they do not see; but, what they are incapable of seeing like the after life or the devil or God. Why ? because they do not exist ! non-entities are more frightening than self-evident dangers.

Let me help you in understanding this concept much better; can you disprove the existence of Boggy man or of my invisible girl friend ??? Yes mind twisting stuff; right ? Yes, this is the very game played by mystics about by their entire fictive theory; because, honestly you can never prove the existence of a fictional character that I just invented which exists only in my mind. How can you possibly know what I am dreaming ? Therefore, mystics utilize this snare argument to entrap pseudoscience victims.

The only life in the grave is the life of microbes and worms.No sage rational man is expected to be convinced by the admonishing remarks of impostors.The entire life processes on earth seem like the evolution of God rather than the process of deportation to a God into some unknownable dimension.The reason why this dimension is unknowable is because it only exists in the reveries and fancies of mystics in their thick heads.At this very point I do not want to be misconstrued when I am inscribing very perlustrative arguments about mystics that I have answer for the theory of everything I do not .What I am trying to express is that the theories and concepts promoted by mystics is erroneous and an absolute bunk !

Mysticism is not the theory of everything ! The theory of everything is still unknown.It is not Shiva,Buddha,or Marduk ! The theory of everything is still out there for us to discover and comprehend.As I always state in my articles that over and over again our finite intelligence is our biggest disadvantage which creates the evil triangle which are the society, the state and the church (mysticism) confining the individual in a bastille of great distress.

Amystology strives to bring an end to this finite intelligence by ushering in the stage of masterdom through self-enhancement; bring about, the desinence of the state,society and the church (mysticism).At the stage of masterdom (i.e omnipotence ) man will become self-sufficient and eventually self-existent. Therefore, enemy number one is the limited human intelligence.

Mysticism is established on the foundation of the invisible syndrome.A house erected on the fears of people. A house erected on sabotaging the already weak human intelligence. And nothing paralyzes the human brain than irrationality and terrorism.The horrors of the so called after life are filled with heinous terror of sadism and savagery in Egyptian or Islamic mythology for example.In mysticism nothing more is held in high esteem than a disordered mind without reason and weal.The more terrorised and dysfunctional a mind becomes the more he is considered close to ‘heaven’.Therefore,mysticism is a cult of sufferphilic (misery loving) and death obsessed lunatics.

In oppostion to this madness amystology, promotes eternal life here within eternal nature; which, is SO ! real. A utopia that might be created if man attains masterdom (omnipotence) while self-enhancing.A utopia that man was craving for; ever since, he set his bipedal foot on the ground; down, from the trees .But, which unfortunately all doctrines have failed to achieve.

In addition, to put things into context the lie of after life has never encouraged or restricted anyone from commiting good or committing evil; if you disagree then let’s observe the so called holy men acting like lustful beasts violating young men and women; the promise of a terrifying punishment in the after life did not restrain the ‘holiest of the holy’ and their raging hormones.What restrains and determine man are the laws of the natural world; the laws of physics and chemistry which govern the universe.One cannot wish to be outside nature even in his dreams; let alone, in practise. Therefore, the root of all evils lie in the limitations of human intelligence; which is creating all types of superstitous dogmas, and pseudosciences as well as societies and states.

The fairytale fable of after life which is included in the mysticism manifests due to this very fact.Hence, on my part I will advocate amystology whether or not the technology for creating a superintelligent human exists or not; because I believe that my advocacy will eventually encourage people to get busy into figuring out the formulas and blueprints for making the dream of masterdom and self-existence a reality; because, I believe that self-existence is the only solution to the human condition.


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