Nature is absolute.Nature is self-existent.It is not created and it will never be destroyed.To inquire why there is nature is to inquire why there is a God.The concept of natural absolutism is a central foundation in the philosophy of amystology.Some mystics are seen trying to paint the beautiful philosophy and science of materialism in a bad light as if it is nocuous to the salubrity of mankind.But in fact it is the so called ‘spiritualism’ which is an organized ignorance of nature which is a threat to mankind.

Materialism gave you the polio vaccine;materialism gave you the anaesthetics that inhibit your pain when you visit your dentist; materialism gave you antibiotics to protect yourself from deleterious microbes that would otherwise prolong your suffering and maybe even kill you ; materialism gave you lasers to treat your eyes and save your eyesight; materialism gave you the telescopes and the satellites like amazing Kepler to probe our environment in the cosmos and orient your position and understand our place in the Cosmos, without it we would be left in absolute perplexion and ignoramity as to our place in nature.

‘Spirit’ is a term designated to uncomprehended natural phenomena and forces.If you ask a savage what animates humans he would say a spirit; if you ask again what moves the planets around the sun he would reply a spirit; what makes people sick ? he would reply an evil spirit ? what created the universe ? he would reply a benevolent spirit.Remember that ‘Spirit’ is a euphemism for ‘I have no idea’.An invitation to spirituality is an invitation to ignorant floundering in a nature which has been demonstrated to be absolute.

Therefore, we must be very vigilant,apprehensive and dismissive about this so called spiritualism which is a huge threat to the progress of humanity and self-existence.Where ever there is this so called spirituality pervaded in a society, all evils manifest; as an example consider the government and society of Afghanistan under the Taliban administration.Consider what the so called ISIS is creating in the middle east and the world.Where ever there is spiritualism there will be darkness and misery.Where ever there is materialism and technology there will be bliss and the allieviation of suffering.

Do not fall for the anti-materialistic propoganda; these forces are working for the augmentation of darkness and human misery.They exploit naivity and fear of people about reality and purpose of life to impose their own self-fabricated fairy tales and nonsense.They confuse others while being confused themselves.They strive to sabotage the objective of self-existence.It has been demonstrate over and over again that supernaturalism is an absolute bunk and it’s theory a claptrap initiated by knavery or ignorance and propogated by sensationalism and sadism.

Materialism on the other hand demands rationalism and a critical faculty.It is loaded by formulas and calculations for the rational mind to analyze which take a toll on the inchoate primate human intelligence.Which is the very reason that I presume people tend to be dimissive and repugnant towards materialism or naturalism because the science is just too challenging for our weakly developed monkey brains.Hence,the birth of spiritualism comes into existence fooling ourselves with fictional toys and imaginary fictive elements as the solution for our challenges and the answer for the prime cause of all causes or the theory of everything.

Rationalism causes great stress to the primate brain and inorder to relieve this stress of analytics it is natural for humans to deviate into mystical and puerile floundering under the label of ‘spirituality’. The evolutionary process left mankind half baked (i.e without infinite intelligence.)The ideas of supernaturalism come into existence when this finite human intelligence runs it’s course.

When you see the the human brain all 100 billion neurons and 1400 grams of it; you will understand that this brain size is already to big to fit into the skull; that is why children are born with fontanelles or gaps between the skull which contracts during labour.So that, the baby could pass through the birth canal.Therefore,I think expanding the size as well as the capability of the human finite brain biologically is impossible.

Hence,I think the solution for alleviating suffering which is caused by this finite intelligence and rendering people fully baked,100% rational and infinitely intelligent is to expand the human intelligence not biologically but technologically to infinity.This will bring an end to all forms of pseudosciences and the incipience of the techno-singularity; which will eventually entail self-existence; Which is the end objective of the philosophy of amystology.

To make matters more clearer death is a taboo ! Why should you die when you have the chance of being self-existent ? if this rapid technological explosion that we are witnessing today proceeds forward ? As it is known amystology is a philosophy developed in reaction and opposition to mysticism.Hence,the antonym of self-enhancement on chapter six of the book “An invitation to amystology” which I am currently writing is self-mortification in mysticism.

It is an already established fact that God does not exist yet; God is still in the making and that God is you if you enhance your intelligence to infinity that is.Therefore,self-mortification promoted by mystics as if there is a blood thirsty God, is a dirty word and concept in amystology instead we promote it’s antonym self-enhancement as an ethical principle.

The influence of the philosophy of amystology will help in creating a futuristic,self-existent and probably a utopian society where radical science has reach a super level of technological advancement that our wish will be the command.I cannot even imagine the type of world that we might inhabit at the stage of Techno-singularity.

Therefore, as a denier argument I would like to inform and advice people that materialism is our ONLY salvation we have inorder to ameliorate the human condition.It is either futuristic science and materialism or extinction.I hope mankind will be sage and rational enough to discern the knavery and casuistry of spiritual advocates and adhere exclusively to the theory of materialism inorder to acquire self-existence.

Do you want to be a God ? Then stick to magnificent materialism !

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