Behold: Nature has gained consciousness

I strongly believe that given the current latest information about our cosmos, study of ontology and so forth; that, the theory which has evaded so many philosophers throughout history; maybe, with the exception of the great Aristotle is—the rise of nature by the law of necessity [1]. The material world in general may not be conscious and intelligent but man (a material being) who is the apex of the evolutionary process is conscious; what does this fact tell us? What does the existence of an intelligent creature within tumultuous and unconscious nature tell us about reality and the cosmos? Doesn’t this denote the rise or birth of intelligence within tumultuous nature? I tend to think so. Furthermore, the universe is not a creation; matter may not be conscious; but, material man is conscious; the crusade on righteous materialism is an erroneous position; the evolutionary process denotes the coming of a super being and the rise of blind nature.

The universe is not a creation process but an evolutionary process where blind and insensible nature has adopted to a niche to acquire consciousness. The very reason not even a single branch of “supernaturalism” works or makes any sense at all is due to the very fact; that every single time man digresses from realism; he tends to fall in to a ditch of imaginary fumbling’s and fairytale fabrication similar to Disney fairytales; because, matter cannot create or understand anything outside itself. Supernaturalism is made up of intermingled and disordered material concepts reinforced by terrorism and totalitarianism. Therefore, spiritualism itself cannot escape the material world not even in imagination because imagination itself is a natural process.

Atoms and other forms of matter are not conscious or intelligent; but man who is 100 % material is conscious and intelligent. Hence, what does this imply? The ultimate cosmological theory according to my diligent observation and conjecture is that the material world is not conscious but unstable and this instability has created a niche (goldilock) where consciousness was created and facilitated the rise of intelligence; and that intelligence is man; because, he is the one with a paragon intelligence compared with other creatures; in other words he has a higher intelligence than any other complex life form on earth. Thus, is in a comfortable position to be nominated for the vacancy of an inchoate god; who is still being enhanced in infinitum. After several years of contemplation the rise of nature by the law of necessity is the only theory which makes absolute sense to a realistic man like me unless otherwise other sensible and demonstrable evidence is presented.

The crusade on righteous materialism and realism is absolutely misguided and erroneous position; yes! Nature may not be conscious at the stage of virtual particles; but,it is definitely conscious on planet earth. The rise of nature is evidently verifiable for anyone who is not biased by his passion and interests; we must always remember that reality is independent of the observer. People who are obsessed in extinguishing naturalism and the individual are committing a heinous crime against a better world and self-existence. Supernaturalists, idealists and dualists are all proscribing the progress of humanity into a better life; they promote a self-mortifying and mortalist culture; which is basically a call to self-extinction; which is loathsome and insensible. They should have been apostles of self-enhancement and immortalism; promoting infinite intelligence if they really intend to be helpful in making nature a better place.

The evolutionary process indicates that the material world is in a process of acquiring infinite intelligence; unconscious matter has already gained consciousness on earth where it is conducive for life to come about; thus, life is not a creation but an adaptation to the perfect niche where earth exists today; any objective observation will elucidate the non-existence of a super intelligence responsible for nature who is supposed to be totally intelligent or totally flawless; ground facts present in a vivid manner that; whatever, force is responsible for evolution is an unstable ambivalent force of creation; who is both intelligent and retarded, as well as merciless and merciful; and nature fits this profile not a flawless “supernatural” god as proposed by mystics. A super intelligence does not exist; at least not yet, but it can be presumed that the evolution of intelligence will proceed forward as it did from Tiktaalik to the apex of intelligence today which are Homo sapiens.

Therefore, as long as the current metaphysical understanding and commonsense are concerned the rise of nature by the law of necessity seems to be the theory of everything.

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[1] “The law of necessity” is just a hypothetical concept that I came up with which is smiliar to the anthrophy principle.Thus, it states that if you have a planet with the right mass giving it the gravity with a right distance form the right kind of star; then, all these positive elements will necessitate the rise of life, consciousness and intelligence within that planet. This law has not been tested  to discern its efficacy because we have not found solar systems which are identical to ours and which bear life and intelligence.



Testing realism against platonic forms, conceptualism, nominalism, dualism, and idealism to discern efficacy

Amystology is very much comfortable with Aristotle’s position of “universals in things “rather than Plato’s interpretation of “universals before things”. It rejects platonic forms, conceptualism, nominalism, dualism, any form of idealism; whether it is dogmatic or transcendental idealism as well as Locke’s secondary qualities. It advocates the materialistic view of the mind in summa; as was defended by Democritus and Professor David arm strong. Most writers like to call this form of realism as moderate realism; but, we just call it realism; because there is nothing moderate about reality; percepts create concepts end of story. Thus, what epistemological realism states is that objects or percepts ontologically exist independent of the observer; notwithstanding his interests, moods, bias, or intentions; so basically realism asserts the mind independent existence of reality; outside the observer; in a fashion that percepts create perceptions eventually leading to conceptions; where these conceptions themselves are material information and data in our minds; rather than some sort of abstract, non-spatial, spirits as naively proposed by idealists, and dualists.

Therefore, in amystology both percepts and concepts are both material; there is no conflict and distinction; where the outside world is denominated as material; whereas, abstract concepts like beauty, justice, love, happiness, wrath, aspirations, and so on are denominated as non-material. The evidence for proving that; the so called abstract entities or ‘phenomena’ which are studied under phenomenology are material; is the effect of material drugs like lithium, amphetamines, LSD, alcohol, as well as hormones like serotonin and dopamine on mood and human behavior.

Now let us test the idea of platonic forms; Plato paints a mystical view of epistemology where universals exist in their own right, prior to and independently of their instantiation by sensible particulars; which is an absurdity! I believe Plato is forwarding a form of mysticism where universals are not either ideas or objects; Plato has a mystical and mysterious interpretation and presentation of epistemology; where, what he calls forms are not either ideas or sensible particulars; they exist beyond our senses accessible only to the “philosophically schooled intellects” If these concepts are not either ideas or sensible particulars; then they are non-entities; to rebuff his concepts of forms we just need to realize that the so called abstract objects like beauty and justice are the representatives of objective reality in our consciousness viz. dimensions, curves, colors, harmony, odor, and locomotion; that, we observe in external reality. They are not some sort of mysterious entities which are not either ideas or sensible particulars in accessible to our senses; how can entities be inaccessible to laymen but to “schooled intellects” notwithstanding similar perceptual organs and capability of apprehension? Any man is capable of cognition if he is given the chance to do so.

Conceptualists reject the existence of universals in objective reality; they assert that universals and abstracts exist only in the mind not in external reality; furthermore, this philosophy states as insane as it sounds; that, there is no reality independent of our conception of it; the mind is not a passive template of experiences but a creator of experiences. Now, let us put this theory into a test, can anyone create a utopian world just by invoking his mind to create a better world? If this is the case why haven’t conceptualist created a better world just by conceptualizing and dreaming a utopian earth free from Darwinian brutalism?
When we come to nominalism; it states that abstract concepts, general terms or particulars have no independent existence but only exist as names. In other words it is a doctrine which states that general or abstract words do not stand for objectively existing entities. Now if this is so where did the general or abstract words to designate objectively existing entities come from? If general terms or abstracts do not represent objective reality then what do they represent? How did they come about in our minds in the first place if they are not representative of objective reality? As it can be noticed nominalism presents the opposite position of conceptualism; where nominalism rejects the existence of universals and abstracts; for individual particulars that alone exist objectively; whereas, conceptualism rejects the existence of universals in objective reality asserting that abstracts and universals only exist in our minds. To clear the confusion created by platonic forms, conceptualism, and nominalism; it must be stated that Universals like “dog” and abstract concepts like” beauty” exist in objective reality as well as representative concepts of objective reality in our minds.
Dualism is a doctrine which states that mental phenomena are non-material; or that the mind and body are not identical. Dualism is related with the French philosopher Rene Descartes who holds that the mind is non-physical and therefore non-spatial; so, according to Descartes the consciousness i.e. the mind is a non-spatial entity which operates in a spatial space-time fabric; which is an absurdity! How can there be a non-spatial consciousness in a spatial universe? If the mental and the physical are distinct entities; why does happiness (mental state) be created by physical objects like money? If the mental was distinct non-spatial, non-material entity; why does then the feeling of disgust (mental state) be created by material objects like gruesome scenes in a movie if the mental and the physical are two different entities? Why does the odor of fine coffee (physical state) create a strong desire (mental state) to have a cappuccino? In short why do physical states create mental states? Unless the mental and the physical have an interaction; and “interaction” could only be possible if the objects are compatible as well as one and of the same kind; Therefore, substance dualism does not make any sense at all; it does not survive rational perlustration.
The concept of idealism; which asserts that reality is fundamentally mental or immaterial; it even goes further in to asserting that all entities are composed of spirits. If ideas or thoughts make fundamental reality then why not create a utopian world through the so called “law of attraction” (which is a branch of idealistic theory) or through biocentrism or through spiritualism by invoking the consciousness/mind/spirit as idealist like to denominate the material mind? Albeit the piles of evidence to suggest that the consciousness came into being after the big bang and creation of our universe; idealists like to place the consciousness before the big bang; as if nothing or (virtual particles) need to be conscious to create a universe. Idealism it does not matter whether; it is Berkley’s subjective idealism or Kant’s transcendental idealism or Plato’s objective idealism; they all do not survive realistic and rational criticism.
Locke’s secondary qualities imply that the mind somehow “imposes” secondary attributes on primary objects independently; first of all the mind is an interpreter of reality not a creator of reality—–an apple’s redness emanates from the apple; because the apple is red; there will not be any redness if there was no red apple in the first place; furthermore, a feeling of hunger is created by the apple or by low blood sugar not by the mind independently; hence, the mental is created by the physical. In other word any attempt to place the mind before matter; concepts before percepts; subjects before objects is dismissed by amystology. Amystology does not reject mental qualities like desire, sweetness, bitterness, happiness, anger, fear, love; but states that they are totally created and are dependent on objective reality. They are either the creation or interpretation of objective reality. For instance, let us consider that some has caught a terrible cold disorienting his tasting capabilities; then, that does not mean that a fruit is not sweet anymore; sweetness exists in the fruit. In short the mind is the interpreter and dependent organ on reality not a creator and independent organ; love cannot exist without something lovely out there; hate cannot exist independently without something abhorable; bitterness cannot exist without something bitter out there; beauty cannot exist without something beautiful out there; possessing dimensions, and colors composed in harmony; fear cannot exist without something fearful out there; justice cannot exist without something just out there; for instance if you buy a book at a fair cost then that is just; thus, mental qualities are not some mysterious concepts imposed by the mind; but representatives of objective reality or the creations of objective reality.
Therefore, we need to be very careful in epistemological outlook not to fall into perplexion; universals and abstract concepts exist both in objective reality as well as representatives of external reality in our minds. It is critical not to follow our passion but our reason; when, it comes to philosophical issues; people who are biased, follow their passion are called dogmatics; whereas, people who follow reason and evidence are people of commonsense. As a reminder to the reader; I would like to state that when I came up with amystology as a philosophy, my main objective was to encourage people to embrace evidence based concepts or theories; whether, it is in epistemology, metaphysics or ethics. Hence, amystology will be amended as time goes on consecutively in upcoming versions if evidence suggests that there are other efficacious forms of acquiring knowledge (epistemology), dimensions (metaphysics) or virtues (ethical values) other than the present eight chapters which make it up. Thus amystology is corrigible; if you think any of its chapters are inconsistent with reason, reality and evidence; then you are more than welcome to point them out for corrigibility.


Correction: This article has been edited on November 18, 2016 to replace the name Aristotle by Democritus because it was the great philosopher and physicist Democritus who said that the soul/mind was made from fire atoms.

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Testing naturalism and supernaturalism in search for the theory of everything

When we observe our world and our challenges which demand solutions; we usually think about turning either to supernaturalism or to naturalism. The supplication of a supernatural entity to bring about remedies has failed terribly in every single attempt in history; prayers, sacrifices, alms, rhapsodies etc. never worked; as an example let us consider the issue of drought and famine and objectively test without a bias the theories of supernaturalism and naturalism.
Can the pope or any ‘spiritually ‘ esteemed figure provide a solution for drought or Ebola? Can he make it rain or heal patients? Unfortunately he cannot; there is no record in history where a drought or famine has been solved by staring into space and crying your eyes out in supplication to a supposedly supernatural entity. Other challenges like epidemics, poverty, environmental challenges, wars, relationship issues etc. cannot be solved by ranting and vagary.
When we come to naturalism among several other issues just drought itself can be solved by a process called cloud seeding; which, is used to create rainfall by dispersing compounds like silver iodide ; humans can basically be like gods and make it rain by spraying substances into the atmosphere; they can create actual rain! Now isn’t this amazing? Naturalism passes the test with flying colors! What does this tell us about the natural world? I do not want to rush into conclusions but doesn’t this tell us that nature itself is a god and humans are the metamorphoses of nature?
Considering the above argument epidemics like Ebola, plague environmental pollutions etc. can only have natural solutions; when supernaturalism is tested to solve this issues the outcome was absolute failure; I challenge anyone to come up with any solution to the above mentioned human challenges brought about by supernaturalism and any spiritual man for our planet in history; did they solve famine? Did they solve epidemics like Ebola? Did they solve environmental pollution? Did they solve wars among states just by invoking a celestial super power? What did supernaturalism contribute to our world, other than schizophrenia the God delusion and numerous wars of blood bath among various mystical sects and tribes? Why do we need super naturalism any way if it does not have any positive contributions to mankind; if it is incapable of solving any natural issues?
Supernaturalism is an absolute bunk which can never pass the litmus test. Materialism in opposition to spiritualism contributed so much to mankind because it is a metaphysical truth. If spiritualism was a metaphysical fact; all our challenges could have been solved by any spiritual man on the planet just by the dint of his wishes; but fortunately god is dead but nature is alive and the universe is made up of atoms not spirits; hence, only materialism can work and be effective in providing solutions for our mundane challenges. Some might state that what about ethical issues? I already did write about this issue in an article entitled ethical engineering and stated that human behavior emanates from the human design and human nature; hence as wild as it may sound ethical solutions can exclusively be provided by biological engineering; by altering and mutating the human nature which is 100% natural; hence, demanding natural alterations not supernatural supplications.
Hence, supernaturalism fails at every test that it is put into; actually supernaturalism gave the world crusades and holy wars in the name of the an unknowable god; they gave people schizophrenic delusions and several other physical diseases, poverty, false hope, and genocides like the Canaanite and the Armenian genocide inspired by mystical zealotry. Once, again the source of human behavior is human nature i.e. nature herself implying the fact that human nature is shaping our world. Therefore, editing and tampering with the human design or human embryos is a must; in order, to cleanse mankind from abhorable and heinous behaviors. Spiritualism can never edit what is in our genes; similarly spiritualism can never create rain or eradicate Ebola just by wishful thinking and sacrificing goats for a mute statue or an invisible super being; who, only exists in the human fancy.
Creating rain and eradicating Ebola is the business of materialism and science; which flawlessly accomplishes these feats with efficacy; because, whether it is water or Ebola virus they are all made up of matter which demand an understanding and skill in materialism; signifying the fact that materialism is an indispensable philosophy in our material world; where, everything including our thought is matter. Supernaturalism supplicates a spirit; one might ask—where is this spirit? What does it look like? What are its dimensions? How can a spirit which is not made up of matter enter the human consciousness? How can my occipital lobe designed to translate photon energy receiving data via the optic chiasma into meaningful images by accepting data from cones and rods in my retina; possibly understand a spirit; which is not matter at all? A spirit is not just untested but untestable. Therefore, supernaturalism does not just fail the test of efficacy but it presents itself to the folly of supernaturalists; unexaminable shrouded in mystery. Mysteriousness or mysticism can never solve droughts, famines, epidemics and wars.


Therefore, for better or for worse we are stuck with materialism; therefore wasting our energy on spiritualism and supernaturalism is futile and not conducive for humanity. Now the question might arise whether nature has a mind and the material world is conscious directing itself on course? This is a very problematic question because I do not know whether nature is conscious or not because I do not see a face when I stare into space at night; I only see a determining force made up of atoms and matter; if this is so, what does this mean; is nature the theory of everything even though we do not have an evidence to suggest that it is conscious? My answer is that I am very much comfortable with an object which works and seems to be incomplete than supernaturalism which is untestable and utterly inefficient on the ground. Thus I am as confused as you are by this dilemma but I am very much happy to stick with what works than a supernatural theory of everything which is untestable and unverifiable; which is absolutely inefficacious!


If there was a God that we all can see and verify as well as designate as the theory of everything; then, I am willing to accept it; but unfortunately it does not exist for man even if it did; because god is not material according to theologians. Hence without wasting much ink I would like to conclude that materialism works effectively; thus, even if we do not see a face on the pillar of creation; when we look into the universe through our telescopes; which is a space dust and the beginning material for the creation of stars and planets as well as human beings; we should be very much comfortable with the fact that materialism and naturalism work on the ground and can be utilized to solve any of our issues including the problem of death itself. It passes the test with flying colors even though it might not seem to be the theory of everything.

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The folly and stratagem of ‘life beyond the grave’

Most often people are afraid of something that they are incapable of seeing rather than what they are capable of seeing right before their eyes. This technique of abusing the human mind has been utilized effectively by mystics and all advocates of suffering and death.We have been bombarder since childhood at the time where our brains were immature to distinguish the difference between sophistry and sincereity as well as impostors and liberators .We have been ordered to absorb the fallacious doctrines and never doubt the sophistry of mystics about the so called ‘after life’ stratagem.

Most forms of mysticisms have adopted this concept of life after death; the ancient Egyptian religion,the Romans,the Greeks, eastern religions and other mystics .But ofcourse, the theory of after life is fictive , attempting to scareof humanity into submission to a particular agenda.The fictive tale of afterlife is no different than the fictiveness of Homer simpson or the master scarescrow in Theo-mythology—The devil. Just think of the devil as a fictional character like the Hell boy in the movie Hellboy.The most important idea to notice here is that mystics employ what I call the invisible syndrome; which, means that people are more scared of not just what they do not see; but, what they are incapable of seeing like the after life or the devil or God. Why ? because they do not exist ! non-entities are more frightening than self-evident dangers.

Let me help you in understanding this concept much better; can you disprove the existence of Boggy man or of my invisible girl friend ??? Yes mind twisting stuff; right ? Yes, this is the very game played by mystics about by their entire fictive theory; because, honestly you can never prove the existence of a fictional character that I just invented which exists only in my mind. How can you possibly know what I am dreaming ? Therefore, mystics utilize this snare argument to entrap pseudoscience victims.

The only life in the grave is the life of microbes and worms.No sage rational man is expected to be convinced by the admonishing remarks of impostors.The entire life processes on earth seem like the evolution of God rather than the process of deportation to a God into some unknownable dimension.The reason why this dimension is unknowable is because it only exists in the reveries and fancies of mystics in their thick heads.At this very point I do not want to be misconstrued when I am inscribing very perlustrative arguments about mystics that I have answer for the theory of everything I do not .What I am trying to express is that the theories and concepts promoted by mystics is erroneous and an absolute bunk !

Mysticism is not the theory of everything ! The theory of everything is still unknown.It is not Shiva,Buddha,or Marduk ! The theory of everything is still out there for us to discover and comprehend.As I always state in my articles that over and over again our finite intelligence is our biggest disadvantage which creates the evil triangle which are the society, the state and the church (mysticism) confining the individual in a bastille of great distress.

Amystology strives to bring an end to this finite intelligence by ushering in the stage of masterdom through self-enhancement; bring about, the desinence of the state,society and the church (mysticism).At the stage of masterdom (i.e omnipotence ) man will become self-sufficient and eventually self-existent. Therefore, enemy number one is the limited human intelligence.

Mysticism is established on the foundation of the invisible syndrome.A house erected on the fears of people. A house erected on sabotaging the already weak human intelligence. And nothing paralyzes the human brain than irrationality and terrorism.The horrors of the so called after life are filled with heinous terror of sadism and savagery in Egyptian or Islamic mythology for example.In mysticism nothing more is held in high esteem than a disordered mind without reason and weal.The more terrorised and dysfunctional a mind becomes the more he is considered close to ‘heaven’.Therefore,mysticism is a cult of sufferphilic (misery loving) and death obsessed lunatics.

In oppostion to this madness amystology, promotes eternal life here within eternal nature; which, is SO ! real. A utopia that might be created if man attains masterdom (omnipotence) while self-enhancing.A utopia that man was craving for; ever since, he set his bipedal foot on the ground; down, from the trees .But, which unfortunately all doctrines have failed to achieve.

In addition, to put things into context the lie of after life has never encouraged or restricted anyone from commiting good or committing evil; if you disagree then let’s observe the so called holy men acting like lustful beasts violating young men and women; the promise of a terrifying punishment in the after life did not restrain the ‘holiest of the holy’ and their raging hormones.What restrains and determine man are the laws of the natural world; the laws of physics and chemistry which govern the universe.One cannot wish to be outside nature even in his dreams; let alone, in practise. Therefore, the root of all evils lie in the limitations of human intelligence; which is creating all types of superstitous dogmas, and pseudosciences as well as societies and states.

The fairytale fable of after life which is included in the mysticism manifests due to this very fact.Hence, on my part I will advocate amystology whether or not the technology for creating a superintelligent human exists or not; because I believe that my advocacy will eventually encourage people to get busy into figuring out the formulas and blueprints for making the dream of masterdom and self-existence a reality; because, I believe that self-existence is the only solution to the human condition.


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