The limitations of the human intelligence has created a dystopiac and miserable world of competing states ,racist societies and nationalistic populus exterminating one tribe after the other as witnessed throughout history.The genocide of the Canaanite people by the Jews; the genocide of Armenians by the Turks; the genocide of the Jews by Nazi Germany; the nihilistic rampage of empirial Japan in the 20th century on China and the rest of Asia.The formation and deformation of states like Babylon,the kingdom of Israel and Yugoslavia and so on indicate to us that we are living in a Darwinian natural order of competition for survival, brutalism,selfishness,and savagery.

Do you want to continue living in this type of natural order ? do you want a different natural order to set in nature ? Now in amystology we believe that self-existence is the ultimate solution to the world.Which means that expanding man’s primiate intelligence and eventually making him a posessor of infinite intelligence so that he can make amends to his misformed nature to be something great.Capitalism,socialism,communism and any other theory will never create a utopia.

The Darwinian world where a cat is not designed to be amicable with a rat or a bourgeois is not designed to be clement toward a proletariate; I wonder whether this savage world could ever be changed.The answer I came up with after long hours of contemplation and cogitation was an absolute yes ! The current natural order of Darwinianism can absolutely change if it is possible and if we can figure out the formulas to change human nature.To change this creature called man who is a hybrid of intelligence and beastiality into a sheer form of infinite or something close to infinite intelligence without any animalistic and belligerent features.The Darwinian natural order set in place by nature can be changed and is not a dogma written on stone.It is a natural process and any natural process must have a solution.Technology is able to alter this design to make it a benign and may be a Utopian natural order.

As an example,if humans are genetically or biologically engineered not to have a need for pabulum and acquire their energy need in different form i.e may be through hydrogen fuel or solar energy or nuclear energy of some sort then, there will not be a single farm or abbattoir on the planet or agitated animal rights protests,famine or from industrial point of view restaurants,chefs,waitresses,food scientists,or a single bathroom for that matter.If humans were made rather than born then,there will not be a gynecology ward on any hospital on the palnet,a gynecologist,birth control pills industry,infant mortality,labour,sex,pornography industry,porn stars,sex crimes,condom factories,venerologists and venerology etc. If humans had a higher rational intelligence then, there will not be a single mystical and superstitious institution on the planet all churches,mosques,vodoo and plamistry shacks will be wiped out; they will not serve any purpose anymore because man has become through augmentation a superintelligence who has no need for supplicating any higher being other than himself.What I am trying to elucidate here is, what consequences will come about on the ground if we alter human nature for the better

The Darwinin natural order if altered this way will entail a very different natural order; as I elaborated above.The dystopic world that we lament and complain about is corrigible by appropriate technology to give us a Utopia.Man can be made into a superintelligence rather than a primate intelligence hence, allowing him to manipulate nature as he sees fit with an agenda of creating a utopia.This will end the competition of individuals to preserve themselves for survival and the competition of states ingeneral as states are nothing but a coalescence of humanbeings.It will be the end of states and society.It will be the begining of self-sufficency and self-existence.Therefore, the ideology which can make our world a utopia is not socialism,capitalism or communism but transhumanism.The only potent tool which can create a mirthful world is technology.

Technology can end ageing forexample; now imagine the consequence of that ? for a second or two….if there is no ageing then gerontology and gerontologists will not exist; age related maladies will not manifest any more;there will not be a single retirement home anywhere on the planet; technology can turn your squishy self into a ghost like holographic existence and you may be able to go through walls; technology can edit the abhorably designed replusive human nature into something better.Imagine transhumans without the emotion of anger and savagery ? imagine self-sustaining transhumans by gathering dissipated energy from the environment ? there will be no hunger or starvation.Imagine transhumans 1,0051 years old but who look 25 years old ? imagine transhumans without a need for the earth’s biosphere ? imagine radiation resistant interplanetary cyborgs ? imagine transhumans who can process 1,000,000 books persecond and memorize it all ? imagine purely rational transhumans with commonsense who do not need to sacrifice themselves or anyone to toys of superstition and fetishism; the world would have been free from terrorism which is inspired by apocalyptic madness ? imagine technology solving interstellar and time travel ? imagine all these possibilities.

Now coming to the nitty-gritty of it all which is developing the actual formulas for all these dreams that we have concieved by our techno-philosophy; we cannot help but feel the weight on our shoulders of research and development but the reward which comes out of R&D is ineffably satisfying.Philosophy can only direct us to the solution it cannot provide us the solution.Only R&D can do the providing part.Therefore,as a reminder first and foremost we must posses a rectified metaphysical point of view as discussed above.This is where philosophy comes in; hence, we choose naturalism,singularitarianism,transhumanism or amystology as our philosophy or any other philosophy which supports radical science.Next,we need to figure out the formulas for making these philosophies a reality.We need to figure out precisely which genes bring about ageing; we need to figure out the temperature problems to make super intelligent machines a reality; we need to figure out the technology to save our universe form heat death; we need to figure out the formula how to turn squishy man into a holographic intelligence who can walk through a wall taking the most adaptable state of existence inorder to be a self-existent being.

Philosophy is one thing but technology is another.Therefore,first philosophy may be super important inorder to posses the right orientation about reality and the cosmos.But we still need to work on developing the formulas and blue prints to make our dream of self-existence a reality.We need to get busy as much as we can trying to bring an end to the savage and miserable world of Darwinianism via research and development of a superintelligence machine to merge with the human organism because frankly I am afraid that all of the above goals mentioned hitherto may not be handled by human intelligence alone.Hence, our goal of amelioration, and eventually immortality are a very tall order to be handled by man but I am an optimist that self-enhancement and ultimately self-existence technologies will be developed by researchers throughout the higher institutions all over the world slowly and step by step.For this, we need to follow the latest research articles and publications from publishers.

Finally,coming to the criticism of short sighted techno-pessimists who think that amelioration and eventually the self-existence of humans is a desipient endeavour; by stating that, how can this fragile creature made out of flesh and bones and a limited intelligence who cannot even predict coming events in his current condition and daily experiences going to manage and determine the future, to be a self-existent supercreature ??? and other similar questions might be raised; but,these people seem to be nescient about the concept of progressive technology; the criticism that the singularity,transhumanism and me myself for amystology on this blog are receiving for promoting radical technologies is the similar negative criticism that the Wright brothers recieved while they experimented with their wooden and fragile aircraft.Which was almost tiny like a Kite.Their critics had no idea that humans will be flying across oceans taking showers and recieving outstanding opulent catering on mid air on epic Boeings and Airbus carriers several decades later.Therefore,to be a critic of progressive science and technology will probably make you a laughing stock of later generations who will benefit from the dreams and insights of scientists of antiquity.Therefore,I have a dream that one day man will be a superintelligent, and self-existent being in nature bringing an end to the darwinian natural world of beastiality.

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