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July 2016

The virtue of designer babies

About 3.8 billion years of evolution and what nature ended up presenting as a masterpiece is a salacious,pugnacious,and irrational beastial ape.Now what is so intelligent about that ? nature is a retarded blind designer.The human design shapes our experiences at every minute and every second of lives.If we observe the current natural order set in place by nature we notice that it is beastial ; we notice societies in conflict among themselves due to nationalism,racism,resources,sexism,and so on.

The most funniest thing that I have trouble understanding is that the world seems to be negligent of the true source of human behaviour and the current natural order.The deluded army of irrationalists deny their beastial nature as if there would a solution by avoiding reality instead of confronting and changing it through technology.
Man as a product of blind nature has turned the world into a corpse museum and sanguine place of misery ever since he evolved from some creatures even lower than himself.Inorder to satisfy his beastial instincts and preserve his selfish gene.His animal instincts have given rise to so much tribulation on planet earth.Inorder to rectify the blind natural design so many political and philosophical ideologies where formulated to set social order to this natural disorder; hopeing that these ideologies will bring about a utopia.
Capitalism,Communism,socialism,collectivism,individualism,Theocracy,democracy,aristocracy,autocracy,monarchy and so on.But non of these systems created a utopia infact they created a hellish dystopia where men groaned in despair and discontent.What these systems forgot to put under consideration is intelligent design through personal selection.They seem to be nescient of the very fact that man is the product of his design which is natural nothing less nothing more.
When the communist manifesto came out in 1848 it created so much euphoria in the mostly monarchist europe in a hope that it will bring about the end of suffering under monarchist absolute, rapacious feudal exploitation. But in reverse what communism created was even worse than capitalism.It created a totalitarian collectivist nightmare and the monrachy of the proletariate.This was not the hope that anti-monarchist movement aspired for when they clamoured for communal intervention; they expected a blissful communist utopia.Unfortunately that was not what manifested.Instead communism ushered in schizophrenia and famine where ever and in what ever society it was experimented on.

Capitalism on the other hand created a society of selfishness and exploitation where workers energy was exploitated to create profit.Which created comfort to the bourgeois but misery to the prolitariate.Socialism on the other hand tried to walk the fine line of mediocrity between capitalism and communism to create a society where everyone became equally miserable.
Theocracy attempted to put a superficial veil of ‘spiritual’ ethics what ever that stands for on the beastial genes of man, which can be analogized as  dressing a wolf in sheep clothing which was futile and failed miserably when the phenotype of man’s genes kicked into action.

Democracy which is by far the most plausible system that man created brought about a better world but not a perfect one; sometimes leading to plutocracy and majority dictatorship.All of these systems never meet the aspirations of man.He was not contented by  these lists of philosopical doctrines because formulators of these systems fail to recognize the metaphysical truth that : man is a natural organism living within nature governed by laws and his behaviour purely natural.They seem to ban what is naturally permitted simply by decreeing social regulas.For instance in communist states they seem to ban selfishness despite man’s selfish gene;in capitalist states they seem to deject selflessness despite man’s social animal status; Theocracy seems to promote the supression of animal instincts  untill these instincts turn into perversions of all kinds; incontrary to the fact that man is a lewd animal where beastial humour flows through his veins i.e testosterone.
Therefore,the consequence of all these social theories was absolute failure.We must focus our attention into natural editing rather than social regulations inorder to be successful and bring about true change.The source of it all is man’s biological make up and his genes that are the ‘head office’ where all his actions and behaviours are proclaimed.Designer babies are not just a gift but a blessing inorder to bring about an order into this chaotic world.Hence,I put forth Intelligent design by personal selection as a soltuion to the human condition not just to cure ailments like autism and fragile X syndorme but also other diseases like irrationality and ignoramity.Curing all these ailments will give us a perfect being which entails a perfect world.Designing babies to cure them from diseases is not a leisure practise but a matter of progress or extinction;suffering or bliss; utopia or dystopia.The objectors of intelligent design should object these diseases not their solutions.They should say no to Autism,fragile X syndrome,ignoramity,irrationality,salacity and pugnacity.Designing the human design itself can never be immoral but is sapient and righteous.Designing your own evolution to be better and happier is a virtue not a vice.Our sensational shallow opponents should do their research and contemplation before they blast us with their shout of scorn.So often ignorance leads to sensationalism and dejection where traditionalists will be obsessed to maintain the status quo of blind natural engineering and the suffering it brings forth.Only a few sage individuals can really think outside the box to propose ideas which sound outlandish and insane to the vulgar but are precisely righteous.Intelligent design sounds scary and intimidating but is definitely the solution that humanity is searching for.
After intelligent design the types of individuals that will be created will give us the next natural order.Hence,it is imperative that we create intelligent,rational and non-beastial beings otherwise if intelligent design is used to amplify the negative traits of humans that we despise and are trying hard to eradicate like salacity and violence then it can never be called intelligent design but zombie design.It will be a misnomer.The natural design has already created many zombies like Hitler and Muhammed which made our world a violent,sadistic,miserable and sanguine place with their madness.Why create a Terminator when you can create a replicator ? Hence,intelligent design is all about amelioration and utopianism as much as technology and the laws of nature allows it to be.It is all about making people’s designs better and their lives brighter and happier.


Curiousity rover never hurted anybody because she is just an intelligently designed curious scientist.

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The coming of a superbeing.

If we are to ask the question: where is today’s rapid technological advancement leading to ? If we are witnessing man in a gradual process perfecting his skill at managing nature;then what does these incremental process imply ?

We can not help but notice the rapid technological evolution taking place in our world today before our eyes.In medical and futurstic research institutions we are witnessing the slow merging of human biology and technology.So seemless it might sometimes illude our observation.As seemless as the revolution of our planet on it’s axis or the sprouting of a seed in the natural world.I personally think that all this advancement in technology is signaling the coming of something as well as the making of something and that something is a self-sufficient and self-existent superbeing.

Through out history humans have established societies and invented superstition because they are self-insufficent and dependent beings who need goods and services from other members of the society who are as weak as they are.Similarly, superstition serves as some sort of emotional cajole and emotional stabilizer to compensate for the lack of intelligence and technology.But as time goes on and technology accelerates due to human hard work and cognition; superstition slowly starts to fade and societies start to collapse and vanish because man will eventually become self-sufficient.

I presume that this phenomenon of the making of a superbeing will probably pan out into the future decades,centuries and even millenias before man actually becomes a self-existent superbeing.Again to repeat what I have said in the second paragraph:If it has been already been established by experiment that nature is not created and will never be destroyed.[i.e The law of conservation of mass.]what does the evolution of our planet which gave rise to sapient primates and their advancing technology entail ? what is on the horizon ? where does this process of technological evolution eventually going to lead ? The answer I think is:we are witnessing the making of a God and that God is man.

Inorder for us to get the point of rapid technological evolution let us compare the recent stage of societies at the times of the Great Thomas edison and the current age of Information technology and inchoate space tourism.Compare these two times to observe the differences in technology.The difference is clearly evident.In my personal opinion the biological evolution of humanity seems like it is heading no where considering the fact that today’s children are not that much being interested in the demanding fields of STEM (science,technology,engineering and mathematics) but the technological evolution is exploding.

Some readers might think when I use statements like ‘Masterdom is coming’ or ‘The coming of a superbeing’ etc it sounds mystical and may be construed as some sort of ‘belief’ statement.But when I use these statements I base my argument on pure observation that any rational man can behold.For example, we have this movement called Transhumanism which combats and try’s to provide a cure for ageing and death of humans which is an unthinkable theory and movement in Edison’s time because of the level of technology at his time.


The rapid evolution of technology is the very reason that lead to the birth of these types of great theories.We also have another movement called Singularity like Transhumanism which is a futuristic movement.All these fascinating and visionary movements occur due to the progress of technology and the number of solutions it brought about for all humanity.Therefore,the rapid progress of technology is without a doubt self-evident.Hence,my claims can never be ‘belief’ statements.Claims  like “Masterdom is coming” (i.e total or something close to total understanding of nature) and “The coming of a superbeing” are not mystical at all ! They are conclusions based on simple observation which can be rescinded at any time if observation and evidence contradicts me.But for sake of clarity and understanding place Edisons Kinetograph apparatus and todays high tech video camera side by side and make up your mind yourself.


If some engineer comes up with a formula and tells me that all this technological evolution will eventually lead to nowhere and will be halted some time in the future due this and that problem then I will definetly follow the  evidence and change my claims because I am an amystologist a philosophy which is founded on ebeism.


Hence, I believe that the future is going to be awesome.The future of transhuman civilization is going to be a very different world from the current human civilization and social order.When humans change their design and evolve into some form of technological intelligence; the external world beyond them will also change accordingly.The savage natural order of interspecies cannibalism will give way to the new intelligently designed natural order. When humans slowly master the skills of manipulating nature then I presume the word “immpossible” might not even exist in the lexicon of future transhuman civilizations.I think the  future is going to be a utopian cosmos or something close to it.


In a utopian Cosmos societies and superstition cannot exist but individual superbeings.Here,I do not want to be an idealist and envision utopianism just by caprice; but what I am saying is that if human weaknesses get reduced to a level so miniscule then human suffering will be reduced to that very same level and create an almost utopian cosmos where everyone will be happy and self-sufficient.


Human suffering and intelligence have an inverse relationship.In a state of superintelligence almost all challenges facing mankind will definitely find a resolution.In a state of weak intelligence like in the case of our primate brain almost all challenges facing mankind will not acquire a resolution.Thus,augmenting the level of human suffering and facilitating the invention of superstition and pseudomadness (i.e invention of all forms of pseudosciences.)Therefore,I can never be in contradiction with reality if I say that rapid technology will eventually bring about human self-sufficiency.


Finally, to conclude this article I sincerely hope the current advancement in natural philosophy will eventually lead into something great; which will make people healthier,happier,stronger and self-sufficent bringing an end to pseudosciences and the so called society.


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Spiritualism never works but Intelligent design does.

Leaders and politicians had always firmly asserted that spiritualism is an indispensible tool in a society to govern and control it’s inhabitants.They firmly believed,vociferated or implied that man as a potentially dangerous and unstable beastial creature must be made sick into a mental patient inorder to be controlled.Spiritualism must act as a leash restraining the human passion for maintaining the integrity of the so called society.
But for any rational observer this definitely sounds incoherent with reality.If we observe spiritualism in action in the most spiritual part of the globe i.e jerusalem which is said to be the so called melting pot of ‘peaceful spiritualism’ ; we fathom that it is the most turbulent and sanguine place on earth ! If spiritualism had any benefit, it would have worked for Jerusalem. If it had any soothing effect on humanity it would have calmed the middle east which is the most spiritually diverse and saturated place on earth.We probably never miss a day on TV news about a violence in Jerusalem or the middle east.
Human behavior emanates from the human design.Hence,if it is necessary to alter human behaviour; to purge it from negative traits, the only and exclusive manner to do it is through human enhancement and modification of his design into a better and higher being free from irrationality,pugnacity,ignoramity,salacity and bestiality.This can only be possible through science and technology.No accomplished philosophy,bill of rights,UN charter on the declaration of human rights and democratic rights etc. can achieve this goal and usher in the era of global peace and bliss ! These plausibly astonishing regulas can never alter what is in our beastial genes ! .Hence, are void of efficacy.Inorder to bring about true change we must employ intelligent design to enhance and modify human nature and the natural order.

Spiritualism rather than restricting spiritualists, places them on trial for heinous crimes like genocide and sexual violence; revered spiritualists falling into gaucheries for the crimes that they proscribe their dube followers from committing.Spiritualism is incapable of altering and modifing human nature.How can a superficial system of regulas alter what has been set in place in the human genome by nature ? It is an inane system void of results enveloped by poetry,sensationalism and promises.What spiritualism is efficient at doing is ; destroying the mental and physical salubrity of precious man.Spiritualism is not just a pseudoscience without substance but has been a proven legalized madness.

Inorder for world peace and serenity first we must assert two important points:

1-Natural absolutism: That nature is the exclusive metaphysical entity in existence ; never created or pending to be destroyed.

2-Intelligent design: Inorder to improve not just the human condition but other natural entities beyond the observer we must employ science and technology as a systematic study and manipulation of exclusive nature.

These above mentioned two points are the two important points which are going to make our world a better place.Now the question might arise that what should be the next human design and natural order ? This I believe is a very contentious issue .Who gets to decide who becomes what ? Who gets to decide what type of cyborg one has to be ? Who gets to decide what type of natural order we should live in ? My answer to these questions is personal selection: people choose what type of design that they want to be and what type of natural order they want to live in.I think it is much better to argue over Science than on fiction.We can have a civil debate,conversation on how to set the next natural order.But what is certain is that the current beastial natural order must be changed.

A better,smarter and civil natural order must be set by humans rectifing what blind nature decreed.Humans must be intergalactic and possibly even inter universal beings with pansophy and omnipotence.Inorder to materialize this goal; people must commence self modification and purging before time runs out and our sun cremates us.The metamorphosis of the universe i.e Man must take his legitimate and higher place in nature.He needs to be an omniscient and omnipotent being that he deserves to be liberating himself from his beastial lower self.
An overwhelming attention and funding must go into science and technology inorder to bring this dream into reality.The current progress of science is rapid and plausible but more work needs to be done inorder to motivate children into the STEM fields of education and keep them far away from pseudosciences.Science is super hard and may be this is the reason that teenagers mostly choose some sort of fine arts over mathematics and engineering.
Our inchoate intelligence is becoming a culprit in our downfall and extinction.But! I have hope that humanity will acquire the fortitude to engage naturalism and emancipate himself from pseudocsciences like spiritualism to realize that he is the rightful heir of the Cosmos and it is up for grabs.The rise of pseudosciences augment human suffering and the rise of eusciences like naturalism and intelligent design augment human bliss.
If we can motivate children by the thrill of science and technology rather than the evils and bane of pseudosciences like spiritualism we can make the world a better place.May be we should build an AI to cogitate over science if humans are to lazy to do it and then feed the outcome to humans to improve their condition.

Politicians rather than being married to baneful spiritualism they should create unbreakable union with science which holds all the solutions to our problems and answers to our questions.They must help in promulgating conducive policies to further research and development which will benefit all of humanity in creating wealth,curing diseases and extending life spans inaddition to enhancing humans.
I have hope that into the future man armed by reason and consulting evidence will have the zest and capability to manipulate nature through science as he pleases and be her master rather than her slave.

Technology makes EVERYTHING possible !



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