What creates gods ? why do people create gods ? what facilitates their invention ? These questions are sensible questions and the answers are two very important points it is either the inability to understand reality (nonscience) or the incapability to influence reality (impotence).Therefore,the incapability to understand reality entails an inability to influence reality.Hence,ignorance entails desperation,perplexion and hopelessness which give birth to superstition,mysticism and in general to pseudosciences.Which,we can consider as a perpetuating loop of labyrinth which can only be broken by intelgnos (natural understanding).

Another reason might be due to the fact that,humans are obsessed in seeing themselves in nature.When they wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunny day they see a provident sun with a smile on it’s face; when they get melanoma from that very same sun they see an improvident sun with a frown on it’s face.Hence,they end up perceiving a nature operating based on human traits rather than a nature operating based on laws.This erroneous metaphysical vantage point and perspective in addition to what has been mentioned above is what gives birth to Gods and superstition.

Therefore,based on this fact many personified Gods like  Apollo,Gnowee,Malakbel,Nanauatzin,Amun,Ra and others were born to the dismay of mankind and the bloodbath that would ensue among several superstitous factions.It is this erroneous personification of natural forces which has and is creating all this mayhem and bloodbath among races,tribes and states among all religions and pseudosciences.

We are part of a fabric called nature.We are interwoven in the intricate processes of the natural world.It is absolutely impossible for us to escape nature even with our imagination and be supernaturalist of some sort.

Because supernatural entites are unknownable to our natural mind it doesnot matter how hard we labour.Whatever, Gods we create these Gods are going to be made up of natural matter and epithets borrowed from material entites.The God of the christians for example is called ‘The father’ with a craving for sex like an animal to have a son called Jesus.But fatherness and lust are human atributes; Lord Ganesh is made up of elephant and human body parts; if we read the Quran God Allah of the arabs is seen to be angry and vengefull in several of the verses,again getting angry and being vengefull is still a human nature.Satan which is a scarecrow in monotheistic pseudosciences is illustrated as a heinous animal (note: I said animal which is a natural entity) which has a human torso,bat wings,lower limbs,horn and tail from an Ox.These body parts are stolen from natural entities.Therefore,it is absolutely impossible for us to even imagine unnatural entites.

To a mind inundated in pseudononsense what has been written hitherto might sound perplexing and incredible.So let’s go back in history to ancient mysticism inorder to understand the positions of the current state of all mysticisms and pseudosciences.Whether,it is Christianity,Islam or any other mythological establishment.

If we go further back in history to ancient Mesopotamia we discover they had numerous Gods and Godesses due to the profound ignorance of the natural world at that time.For example, to create a comparison they had a God called Anu who is suppose to be a ‘sky father’, king of the Gods similar with the ‘loving father’ of christian mythology today.

As a good example,let us mention ancient texts which come before the Bible and the Quran,like the epics of Ziusudra,Gilgamesh and Atrahasis.In these ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets we find the primordial source of mythology and fiction for the succeding litreatures of fiction like the Bible and the Quran.Flood stories are mentioned in these clay tablets where an angry diety provides retribution (punishment) by floods.Now ask yourself and take a wild guess where today’s mythological institutions got their subject matter and inspiration to write their own fictional stories which is either identical or almost identical to these ancient Mesopotamian mythical stories which precede them ??? Unless otherwise they are plagiary of these litreatures.

If you read about ancient Egyptian mythology and religion the fables about afterlife,the rules laid out for ‘morality’ is very much similar in some cases it is even identical to the fables of afterlife and promises of restitution in Christian mythology and Islamic mythology.You can compare for example the 42 commandments in Egyptian mythology with that of the 10 commandments in Christian mythology; the prosecution of the dead in after life in Egyptian mythology with that of Islamic mythology.

Futhermore, other mythological establishments which came after the ancient Egyptians like the Romans for example, had very much similar systems of mysticism they had Gods and Godesses,a God for agriculture and even had a God for door hinges ! and the Mesopotamians had a God for cattle ! called Lahar which is suppose to be a protector and augmenter of veterinarian ferility.

Fortunately,in some cases eventually these Gods will be discarded to be replaced by intelgnos.God Lahar will be replaced by veterinarian science,God Saturn will be replaced by agricultural science.The cult of God Apollo will be replaced by Solar physics and so forth according to the progress of human intelgnos.

As has been said elsewhere Godcraft and intelgnos have an inverse relationship (see figure below)

God craft graph

That is Godcraft and mythology first and for most are the results of profound ignorance of nature.Hence, the more Gods you create the more ignorant you are about the causes for the natural manifestations you behold.The less God you create the less you are ignorant about the natural world.The progress of man from polytheism to atheism by itself can be forwarded as an evidence for this intellectual progress in discerning the causes of manifestations around him.

Therefore,as I may have discribed elsewhere the root of all evil is man’s lack of ominiscience.This lack of ominiscience forces man to create something higher than himself whether,it is a bogus law or a bogus God and establish a system of mythology.This action does not augment his callow intelligence or relieve his challenges.

Infact,mysticism,superstition and supernaturalism are begotten due to the intelligence deficit of man.These systems exasperate and plunge man into even more misery and tribulation.for example,terrorism,genocide (religious cleansing),deaths due to pseudomedicine,crusades,jihads,mental and physical ailments due to pseudosciences are among just the few societal ills man’s nonscience creates.

Therefore,inorder to solve ALL of humanities challenges,first we need to understand the problem which is as discussed above the lack of man’s omniscience.When man becomes omniscient he WILL become self-sufficent, when man becomes self-sufficent he WILL be self-existent.Hence,without implementing the above mentioned sequences of strategy I believe there will be NO solution to the suffering of mankind.

In a schematic presentation we can present what has been said above as follows:


Finally, to conclude this article,we can use the term ominscience interchangably with masterdom because both have the same meaning.The stage of masterdom which is the ultimate destination of amystology is the same as the stage of omnisicence.Every man on earth has a potential to be a superbeing.If he is liberated from nonscience and possesses an ominiscient mind.It is only here at this stage that man stops godcraft (creating Gods and pseudosciences)and comprehends nature totally to amend his condition as he pleases.


Godcraft and pseudoscience creation are the results of our weak intelligence !