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June 2016


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Intelligent design:The need for rectifing and purging human nature from ill designs.

Human nature shapes the world in it’s own image.All that we observe on the ground are manifestations due the natural design possessed by man violence,love,sex,hate,wars,conflicts,humanitarianism,selfishness,mysticism,rationalism and just about all manifestations on the ground are due to the human design.Therefore,inorder to solve all of man’s complaints and challenges we must rectify human nature at it’s source.

The issue that man is untouchable; or it is ‘immoral’ to tamper with human design is a misguided and erroneous position.Man organically is no different from a vegetable. All his behaviours emanate from his nature.He is not remote controlled by some fictional God that he created himself. But situ-controlled by his own nature on the ground.Therefore,it will be sensible to fix what has been abhorably designed by nature into an intelligent design in the laboratory.

Man’s weak intelligence,his pugnacity,salacity,vulgarity,irrationality and other weaknesses must be eradicated and replaced by something better ( i.e either via biological or technological enhancements).Notwithstanding our cognition that all worldly manifestations are natural and occur due to man’s nature and other natural forces,we seem to be reluctant to act upon editing the source of it all.This hesitiation and fear may be due to one of the most powerful reactionary pseudoscience called theism and it’s influence in politics and the society.

Theism has integrated itself in every aspect of social life from antiquity till present time involving itself from the time man is born (baptism) until his demise(funeral).Hence,it possesses a maximum influence and strangle hold on social life.But fortunately this pseudoscience is slowly dieing due to the advancement of naturalism and the human intellect.Hence,social policies seem to shift more liberally where decisions are being made individually based on reason and commonsense.
The issue of rectifing man is not a matter of luxury but a need ! First and foremost people must possess a rectified metaphysical philosophy.They must understand that nature is the real God.It has not been created or will never be destroyed.Once they understand that they are not the work of a force outside nature but nature herself; Once they ditch supernaturalism for intranaturalism; then it will be easier to show to these people that their nature itself is responsible for all their blessings and all their misery.Hence, the logical solution must be intelligent design in order to live in a utopian Universe.

We must be engaged in rectifing and enhancing mankind to alleviate his sufferings and maximize his bliss.The practical experiments must be started at all major Biotech hubs and Universities funded with sufficent capital; backed up by politicians and policy makers inorder to bring about maximum results.Ignoring intelligent design to prolong the agony of man is not a sensible attitude.We will be just waiting to be cremated by the sun when it runs out of fuel despite having the option of being universal supercreatures.What type of idiots want to do that ? We need to enhance ourselves and be universal beings with universal wisdom.

Therefore,let us embrace intranaturalism and smash down the so called ‘super’ naturalism theory of iron age shepards.Once, we clear the smashed rubbles of the inane theory of ‘super’ naturalism; the taboo of tampering with nature will vanish from our consciousness and state laws; then, we can confidently start establishing the foundations of intranaturalism.Once intranaturalism has been erected we can start manipulating our own nature and the environment beyond us to create a comfortable universe for us and our posterity. We are a modern society with numerous Gigabits of modern cosmological data and information.Hence,we should know better and be sapient enough to not be slaves of fictional and speculative litreature.
Intelligent design is not something strange.A dam for example can be considered as intelligent design inorder to redirect and utilize a rogue natural force(i.e rivers) to the benefit of man; a ligthning rod for example can be considered an intelligent design inorder to save ourselves and our assets from the shambolic forces of nature; a medicine to cure ourselves from ailments can also be seen as intelligent design because a penicillin is just a fungus while in nature but when applied to thwart deadly bacterial growth in the human organism then it will be a design of human ingenuity.

When I say that intelligent design is the only solution for human challenges, I mean the manipulation of nature according to our desire but that does not mean anarchy and nihilism to create zombie human beings and what not.The bottom line here is the betterment of humanity and alleviation of human suffering either from a disease or other challenges.The current status quo of global order must be reformed or overthrown if it is not willing or unable to accommodate human engineering and enhancements.

Finally,some people consider nature itself as an ‘intelligent designer’ for creating man.But considering the situation of our world we see nothing but intelligence on the ground; we observe a shambolic force in action; we observe tumult and suffering on pretty much every corner of the globe.About 4 billion years of evolution and what blind nature has to show for, is a belligerent superstitious ape as her masterpiece; now is that intelligent design ? I don’t think so.Therefore ,it is imperative that we correct what nature has messed up and enhance ourselves to be a better and happier superbeings.
Therefore, the overall message is that we are the work of nature ! there is nothing beyond nature ! nature is absolute ! God is a metaphor for nature herself ! Having a hard time believing these statements well observe your own nature shaping your day to day experiences in life and may be you will understand.

Intelligent design must commence now !

Human engineering must be a norm !

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The cosmic orphan

Sometimes I feel like a misbegotten product of natural forces abandoned by nature to fend for myself; I feel hopeless and perplexed in a universe I did not even ask to be in; I did not vote to be created; I was not consulted whether or not I like to exist on planet earth. Am I the universe metamorphosed ? did the universe acquire consciousness through me ? Am I a God ? or I am a bi-product and work of something higher than myself ? Why am I here ? What is this place ? Why does it exist ? why do I exist ? Why is there a providence and improvidence existing side by side on earth ? Why are we happy and why do we suffer ? Scientists tell us that the sun is dieing and at the end of that moment it will be the end of the solar system and our existence; is that all there is to it ? Does the universe even know it created an intelligent being who is cogitating existence staring into space and the stars with his naked eyes and with telescopes petrified in confusion ?

Why don’t we have superhuman powers if we were Gods and the metamorphoses of the universe itself ? or if we are creations of something higher,then why are we suffering ? Whatever, the case may be we can be certain about one issue which is matter and it’s determining nature.That is the only knowledge we can be certain about; the material world makes us and the universe but why ? Why are we created by atoms which are not conscious but determine our mood,thoughts,feelings,respiration,digestion and pretty much everthing that we are ?

Did the universe existed all along and life on earth just happened to be a perfect accident leading to human evolution and all these questions ‘am asking ? If we observe the universe and the solar systems it creates, we don’t see any order or intelligence.Forexample,if we see planet Uranus within our solar system it is a planet which revolves the sun tilted 98 degrees where it’s equator is almost perpendicular to it’s axis; other systems have binary stars where one star revolves around another in a digression from what we consider a ‘normal’ solar system where planets revolve around a star not stars orbiting eachother; On other areas one star (a red giant) is sucked by another star (white dwarf); planets (dare devil planets) which orbit very close to their stars being blow torched by their parent stars who supposedly according to ‘intelligent design’ are supposed to sustain them; extraterrestrial huge hurricanes in gas giants like jupiter and Saturn roam their surfaces making it unthinkable for human habitation; a blue alien planet called HD189733b where molten glass rains ! side ways with a planetary atmosphere temperature of 1000 degree centrigrade ! which makes it unfit to bear life.

After observing all these facts why do we think we are unique and intelligently designed notwithstanding the chaotic nature of the Universe ? we should have reached a conclusion to the opposite where planet earth happened to be a perfect accident.I see a universe in chaos not so much in order and randomly created a heaven planet flourishing with life and a perfect sanctuary for an intelligent being to evolve.

Did the universe gain consciousness without even knowing it ? Honestly,this is what I think has happened rather than a conscious being of some sort purposely designing the Universe itself.This is the deduction I have reached.Because if the Universe was a master piece of something higher than itself it should have been a flawless perfect environment with absolute order; but evidently it is a very harsh place with abhorably designed solar systems and planets with the minor exception of our home planet.

But even our own planet is not a full exception to the chaotic universe it is filled with so much challenges and hostile conditions.The more I think about existence the more I understand my insignificance and dispensible nature in nature.The Universe seems like it is not made for me.It is in chaos, even our galaxy the milky way is going to collide with another galaxy called Andromeda which stands at 2.5 million light years from our galaxy approaching us at the speed of 100 to 140 km per second to collide with the Milky way in the future creating a new galaxy called Milkomeda.Now,where is the providence in this action ? Where is that God who is supposedly looking after our weal ?

Considering this fact it seems like i have adapted to my current position and milieu in the universe next to my parent star,rather than being purposely designed by something higher than myself or the Universe as a token of providence.What a scary notion ??? What a predicament !? If my being here today is an adaptation, then what have I adapted to ? where did the universe come from ? did it invent itself ? If so by what momentum ? did it exist for all eternity ? If so, again by what momentum ? What lies beyond the Universe ? Or is the Universe all there is ?

After considering and contemplating all these questions we might say: Let’s figure out what we can be certain about first and then we will figure out the rest of the other questions.Thus,what we can be certain about is that Universe is definitely blind and chaotic.It does not even know or care that we are here according to how it is behaving.Which explains all the suffering on the planet.It looks like we are the bi-product of this shambolic force.

I believe that Without solving the mystery of metaphysics (reality) there will be no closure for us; without figuring out our origin completely we can never have serenity and completement.

Unfortunately,it seems like we are some sort of accident of a clumsy natural force.It feels depressing to know that we are not the centre of the Universe.We are not under protege.It feels terribly  terrifying to know that we are on our own to fend for ourselves.The Universe seems like it is not a gift presented to us.Therefore, the truth in accordance with observation must always be embraced notwithstanding it’s comfortable or distressing nature.

Our feelings and interests cannot dictate the truth.Just because we are confounded and terrified all of a sudden the Universe cannot be a beneficient force or our confoundment and terror cannot create a Provident God.We must base our metaphysical theories not on our interests but on observation!.Thus, my observation of reality indicates to me that the Universe itself has accidentally gained consciouness while in it’s tumultuous rampage.Which finally lead me to conclude that I am a Cosmic orphan than a fallen angel.

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